New PineCone Research Signup Link (Paid Surveys)

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PineCone Research remains one of the better paying and reliable survey companies, with a payout of $3 for each 15-20 minute survey. The hardest part is signing up – I just ran across a banner ad for a signup link at Pinecone. (It won’t last long.)

I’ve already shared my thoughts on Pinecone and paid surveys in general here. I call them Bored Money. Here’s a quick list of other paid survey sites:

The three that I have been most active with besides Pinecone are NFO MySurvey, e-Rewards, and SurveySavvy. I like it them because they continue to give me the most paid survey opportunities, even if I only pick and choose which ones I want to do. I’ve gotten multiple checks and/or rewards from all of them. However, I see that e-Rewards is currently not accepting new people.

There are several other sites with which others have reported varying levels of success: American Consumer Opinion, Greenfield Online, Harris Poll Online, Lightspeed Panel, or SurveySpot.

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  1. The payout used to be $5/survey. What happened to the good ole’ days? LOL

  2. I still get payed $5 a survey. Maybe I was grandfathered in. My girlfriend makes $3.

    Another survey place in Polling Point. They don’t give payouts, but if you rack up enough points (it takes years) you can get $100.

  3. Yes, I think if you started with $5 payout they grandfathered you in. No need to brag 😉 Blame it on inflation…

  4. Please take a look at the privacy statement where it looks like all the information that you give won’t be very secure.

  5. If you can’t get into e-rewards through the main site, try signing up through If you do this you can only earn money that goes into your upromise account, but in many ways that is better. (I think that it only moves over specific chunks of money at a time, so it won’t, for example, move over the .55 cents you made from a pre-qualifying survey.)

  6. MMB turned me on to PineCone last year and I tried it for a while. I quit them, after taking about 3 paid surveys. Here’s why:

    In addition to the paid surveys, they will send you many “pre qualifier” surveys, to see if you are a candidate for the paid surveys. These “pre-qual” surveys would take about 5 to 10 minutes but they were annoying…always asking the same questions. (One would think that PineCone could just record the answers and use them again.)

    So, for me, it turned out to be a waste of time (and time is money).

  7. If this link expires, try to sign up from slickdeals banner ad. It’s almost there all through the day. at least on the hot deals form.


  8. That privacy policy is so vague about whether they sell your contact info to marketing lists for junk mail. Anyone know if they received more junk mail after joining?

    I just added my name to the DMS mail preference list and don’t want to start the junk mail cycle again. Not worth the $9 an hour payout rate really (unless you make less than $9 at your job)

  9. e-rewards is discontinuing american airlines miles as a redemtion starting in june and seems to have airline rewards limited only to who you signed up through so the program isn’t nearly as good as it was in the past.

  10. I signed up for pinecone several months ago, for $5 😉

    I still get surveys frequently, and although yes the questionnaires are annoying, they really do only take 5 minutes or so. I do get paid more than what I get hourly from pinecone, but when I’m bored at work or home it is an easy way to kill 20 minutes and get paid.

    No, you won’t get rich doing this, but that’s why Jonathan calls it “Bored Money”. It is reliable and easy.

    I can’t say I’ve noticed extra junk mail after signing up.

  11. I love Pinecone. Have been a member for the past year. Here’s a link I just saw a few minutes ago. Hope you get in!! Found it on as i am a member there!

  12. where do you sign up?

  13. You can get to erewards by renting a movie at blockbuster, doing the survey at the top of your reciept to get a coupon for a free rental, and a few weeks later, they’ll invite you.

  14. Anita Becker says

    I signed up on 8/8/14. I can’t find out how to get into my account and see what points I have earned so far. I just took a survey and don’t even know what I was supposed to earn. I have a Paypal account and would like to register it with you but I can’t see how to do it. Help!!!

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