My Dream Future

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Thinking about goals and the future some more, I have this picture in my head of our dream future in 5-10 years:

– I work at a job I enjoy for only 20 hours a week
– My wife also works at a job she enjoys for only 20 hours a week
– We both share responsibility for taking care of our kids with minimal, if any, need for daycare.
– Our combined incomes still make it possible for us to reach our financial goals. However, we’re not really interested in being filthy rich.

We are gonna make this happen. Check back with me on 12/3/2015 😉

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  1. I just put it on my Outlook calendar. 12/3/2015. You better make it happen, because I’m going to check. 🙂


  2. this is pretty much my dream too (sans kids in my version), right now I’m targetting 12 years so you can check with me in 2017 😉

  3. I am sure this would be most people’s dream. Unfortunately, I doubt many actually achieve it.


  4. Yes, but the key is to make conscious choices and to work constantly towards that goal. I’m serious, check back with me in 2015 and this will happen! I’ll be waiting, Hazzard =)

  5. Try to send an e-mail to yourself on that date!

  6. I think it is great to have a goal like that, many people just wander through life not thinking about what they are going to do next week let alone in 10 or 20 years’ time.

    To have a dream or a goal alone isn’t enough however, you need to figure out *how* you are going to get there, it isn’t just going to happen because you want it to (although it is a great start).

    There are plenty of books and audio programs out there that can help you to learn how to set and achieve goals, and believe me — it works; as long as you are committed to put the effort in. It is well worth it, it will pay off, and you will be surprised at the results you can achieve.

    Why will you need 10 years for something you might be able to do in just 5!

    Audaces Fortune Juvat!! (Fortune favours the bold).

    I wish you all the best in achieving your dream goal.

  7. Yeah, that’s a great dream. I’d like to make a goal – but I got depressed last week when I saw a list I made in 2005 that said “work part time by end of year” and I wasn’t able to pull it off (now for 2 years!). I want something similar to what you wrote – 20 hours would be great. I’m going to join you anyway and keep trying for this goal too. I’m really looking into a starting a business that will generate just about 1/2 my current salary. That’s all I really need.

  8. these are sweet goals. i’d love to do the same thing, even though i’m only 24. hopefully the stock market is going to help me achieve this.

  9. I’m trying to move forward. I think its important to always have a series of short term goals and long term goals. So many people it seems, become complacent with just doing what they have to do. But if you chase your goals day in and day out, then after a while and with a little luck there should be some successes.

  10. That’s awesome Jon. It seems to me that our culture is geared the opposite way, but hey that’s okay: different strokes for different people. I’m with you though Jon. Although I don’t mind working 40/wk.

  11. I’m new to your blog but I love it.

    I’m sure that you’ll reach your goal. My wife and I have a similar goal ..not having to work at all (do social work). We’re already ahead of schedule.

    You just need to be focused and stick to it. Be aware of this goal so that you can implement all aspects of it.

    Isn’t it fun making it happen? 🙂

    All the best!!

  12. You’ve got 9 months to go…how are things looking?

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