My Money Blog Thanksgiving Giveaway – Over $400 in Prizes!

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It’s a time for giving thanks, and I am very grateful for all you awesome readers of this blog. Honestly, this blog has helped me keep on track and it was really fun along the way. I started blogging in December 2004, revealing our net worth of $55,750. As you can see on your top right of the screen, two years later we have doubled that! What better way to celebrate this success than to give away a bunch of stuff! πŸ˜‰


Much of this stuff is books I’ve received from publishers for review, and others are books that I feel are top-notch and am buying myself. If you add up the retail values for everything, it’s over $400 in free prizes. Don’t worry, I’m not sending out any 1099s.

Omni Bean Bag Chair (New) from, a $149 value.
Smart Money Magazine, 1-Year Subscription   Car and Driver Magazine, 1-Year Subscription
The Richest Man in Babylon, 1 copy (review) A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 1 copy (review)
The Four Pillars of Investing, 1 copy (review) The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, 1 copy (upcoming review)
The Bogleheads Guide to Investing, 1 copy (partial review, upcoming complete review) The Big Money, 2 copies (review)
Health Care on Less Than You Think: The New York Times Guide, 1 copy (upcoming review) The Money Coach’s Guide to Your First Million, 1 copy (upcoming review)
Index Funds: The 12-Step Program for Active Investors, 1 copy (review) $20 Amazon Gift Certificate to buy the book (or whatever) of your choice!
Possibly more to be added as the contest goes on…

I am going to randomly split all the prizes into two equal buckets for the following two entry methods, both free. So, in order to have a chance at any specific prize, you’ll have to do both.

#1 – Leave A Comment
This one’s easy. Just leave a comment in this post with a guess of between 0 and 99. The winner will be determined by the ending value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on November 22nd. For example, if the value is 10,165.48, the winning number used would be 48. The closest person gets to choose their prize first, with ties being broken by who commented first, and so on until all prizes are gone.

E-mails are required for me to identify winners, but are not published nor are they added to any mailing list of any sort. I wouldn’t worry about duplicates, there will be duplicates no matter what.

#2 – Link To Your Favorite Post
All bloggers love new readers, and I am no exception. If you have any sort of website, be it big or tiny, webpage or blog, MySpace or Xanga, whatever, just add a new link on *your* site to your favorite post on *this* blog (My Money Blog, to be clear ;)).

Maybe it was a frugal tip? or money-making idea? or investing tidbits?

Then just let me know either by sending a trackback ping or by leaving a comment with your link URL. This way, you’ll get a link back to your site as well! Or you can just email me and I’ll take care of it. Each separate site link counts as one entry, so you can gain multiple entries. Winner will be chosen randomly.

Note: All sites that I find linking to me this month will be added, whether or not they read this post or not. I will track you down and shove the prizes into your house! πŸ˜‰ Just kidding – if you want your link removed, just let me know.

But wait! I will also link to you here! (updated at least once a day)

Linking Entries:
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Single Ma

More Details
The contest is scheduled to end at midnight Pacific on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving – November 21st. Spam, adult, gambling, or otherwise inappropriate sites don’t count. Use common sense here πŸ™‚

I don’t know if the foreign-language blogs are outside North America, but I realize that I did not start this contest out with the usual USA addresses-only clause. I am willing to spend a little more money for international postage, but if it gets crazy then I will simply send you the retail value of the prize. I hope that’s fair.

One guessing (method #1) entry per person. Fraudulent entries will result in all related entries thrown out. Your first number sticks if you pick more than one. US mailing addresses only, except for the first day where I didn?t say this and I may make some exceptions and pay out the value of the items. Employees, relatives, pets, and hood ornaments of can’t enter. Okay lawyers, you happy?

Remember, half the prizes are set aside for linkers, and half for commenters. Do both to get the best chance of winning!

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  1. cool idea. My guess is 80.

  2. Looks like I am first to comment. So I will choose 0.
    Good blogging πŸ™‚

  3. MyNewChoice says

    I’ve enjoyed reading your articles and will throw out my number for the first portion of your contest: 23.

  4. I guess I’ll be first.

    My guess is: 15

  5. I love the blog! Thanks!

    My guess: 80

  6. Hi,

    Here is my entry!! 22

  7. I will copy your example with my guess of 48! Thanks for having this giveaway and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I enjoy reading your blog. Im excited for the prizes. My guess is 27. Thanks

  9. Mateen Shaikh says


  10. Nicholas W. says

    I’ll start this off. My guess is 55. Great site and I really value all of the hard work you put in.

  11. 78

  12. hurah! Im going for 22!

  13. I’m going to have to guess 43. The Dow will certainly end with that.

    Love the posts, and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. I shall guess 51. Thanks for the great info (I’m adding your feed to my newsreader).

  15. 0

  16. Jonathan,

    My number is 56.


  17. Kenneth Petr says

    My guess is 57.

  18. 75

    Here’s to winning

  19. Put me down for 51.

  20. My number is 80. ..Sounds good Jonathan. Is it free shipping/handling or are you charging $49.99 for S/H like ebay sellers? ..haha…j/k. Anyways, i signed up for Dreamhost from reading one of your past posts…i found a better promo code …BEST…it was actually $20 less..but i decided to use yours..i figure you could use the extra referral money..hehe. ..the website is in its early stages..hopefully i can meet the bar being set here at mymoneyblog.

  21. 23

  22. i like your posts

  23. 91

  24. Dibs on Car and Driver!

  25. 2 is my guess…

  26. 33

  27. I guess 20.

  28. #1 : 49.
    #2 :, perfect information for black friday sales and this upcoming shopping season!

  29. Jonathan Hui says

    My guess is: 23.

  30. .24

    That beanbag chair will be mine

    Yes, it will!

  31. that .24 means 24 by the way. As in the Dow Jones will end 12,145.24

  32. Daniel Carroll says


  33. My number is 33.

  34. Im shooting of that Omni Bean Bag! So I am going to guess with the number 31.


  35. 16

  36. 17

  37. LordOfTheManor says

    Guess: 14

  38. 15

  39. I will guess 49, my favorite number!

  40. Hi Jon,

    That Omni Bean Bag Chair looks really good. I’m surprised you’re not keeping it for yourself. If I don’t win it, I wonder if you can get me a discount.

    Hmm, as for the two digit guess, I’ll say 48.

  41. Am I the first to comment? Then my lucky number is 0!

  42. Forgot to mention, a link to mymoneyblog is in the list of Interesting sites on my blog. πŸ™‚
    I do read it every day and find very interesting!

  43. I’m in….my guess is 31.

  44. i’ll go with 48 just because:)

    thanks for the great website!

  45. 67

  46. After much though, I guess 51

  47. Hmm, I meant to say thought (obviously I wasn’t πŸ™‚

  48. 69

  49. My guess is 33.

    I’ve linked to my favorite post (this one!).

  50. 82

  51. 37

  52. seems it’s the best way to have all your reader to show up here πŸ™‚
    my guess is 87

  53. Here is my guess: 44
    Its amazing by number of posts within just about 3 hours…i am wonderring what will happen by Nov 22!

  54. It’s gotta be .08

  55. My guess would be 73.

  56. 28, dude!

  57. Lucky 13.

    Great blog.

  58. guess: 45

  59. 42. Like the prizes, but I think it would have been more interesting to pick the actual close amount (i.e. 11,732.42), less overlap.

  60. My guess is 79

  61. 21, good blog, check it everyday

  62. i’ll play, I love free stuff, 30

  63. My guess is 9

  64. Well I guess put me down for 52

  65. My guess is going to be 70.

  66. 76.

  67. 50 here~!

  68. nice one m8,

    i guess 66

  69. 89?

  70. 53 for me.

  71. I choose 53!

    Your site,, and are my 3 most visited sites! Keep up the good work.

  72. 66

  73. 74 is my guess

  74. 76

  75. My guess is 88 πŸ™‚

  76. 18 is mine!

    It’s our first child’s due date. Hopefully, I’ll win a good book so I can start planning for his/her college education. Or the bean bag chair to lounge on while reading!! πŸ™‚

  77. my guess is 39

  78. I’ll take 19 for the win!

  79. Wow I saw some duplicates up there.
    Hope I got this right with no duplicates – 37.

  80. Forty-two!

    Off I go to linkyness.

  81. (…but I shall post the requisite favorite post link to my very own Livejournal, here: Cos that’s where I want to post it but I sure don’t want to advertise my dumb livejournal.)

  82. dadusterdude says

    I’ll guess 72.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful information!!

  83. I’m going to go with 12

  84. Nathan Yarrow says

    In for 95

  85. 58

  86. my guess is 11 cool site by the way very helpful

  87. Austin Wilmot says

    My number: 52

  88. 67 Thanks πŸ™‚

  89. 47. Great website.

  90. Phil Wilmot says

    My number: 1

  91. My number: 12

  92. 86

  93. FreshStart says

    I’m in.


  94. Sierra Wilmot says

    My number: 76

  95. huhu.. 83

  96. Great blog! I’ll go with 35.

  97. I’ll take 14 as my number

  98. I’ll guess 46.

    And because I’m such a nice guy, I did a quick rundown of the numbers that haven’t been selected yet (as of me typing this).

    Alot of numbers have been duplicated, so you may want to check comments that posted before yours!


  99. Nice way to start Monday morning. I guess 63

  100. I’ll go with 05 for Jayme

  101. 58 is a good number

  102. Sweet! Keep up the good work. I’ll guess 77.

  103. My guess is 73

  104. I guess 19.

  105. 06

  106. My guess is 68. Great contest, Thanks!

  107. 34

  108. My guess would be 29!

  109. My guess is 35

  110. I’m betting at 13

  111. Daniel Rah says


  112. Great blog. I just learned about it from MaoXian. My number is 52.

  113. Great prizes, i’m going with 18

  114. JD_McNugent says

    My guess is 56.

  115. How about 43.

    I’ll probably also put a post up on RetiringEarly

  116. Wow this brought them out of the woodwork. Here’s my entry:
    #1 – .03 and if that’s taken .05 and if thats taken .08. That should be enough.
    #2 – my yahoo 360 page. (Hope that worked)

  117. frogbrother says

    Gonna have to say “29”…

  118. My guess is 45

  119. Great idea! My guess is 48

  120. starhusker says

    My guess is 18.

  121. 02

  122. My guess is 53

  123. Sorry for the double post. It looks like 02 has been taken. My new guess is 05.

    If I win the bean bag, Im going to split it open and make some great fake snow on the front lawn.

  124. Johnathan,

    I read this site everyday, first post.
    Since reading this and following some of your adice I have increased my net worth over 4% in the last 6 months.I started at a low point with no savings, and no investments in any market, money coming in was pretty much money going out. Through the birth of my child as inspiration and doing tons of research, I now contribute 6% to my companies 401K (max company match is 6%), i opned a 401K with T Rowe Price, I am building an emergency fund, already have $1,500 with $150 monthly deposits set up with ING, and I also have a sharebuilder account with a few dividend paying blue chip stocks which were purchased with the $50 bonus. I am thinking of getting their Visa card to pay my rent with, they offer a $25 bonus with every 2500 points, 1 point= 1 dollar, this way I can pretty much invest for free. After a few more months of building this foundation I may get into the O% balance transfer game. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and sound advice.

    My guess is 22.

  125. 94

  126. My guess is 63.

  127. John in Carolina says

    I can’t believe no one has picked the most obvious number yet, so I will grab it here. I choose 50, and here is why guys. Since this is truly random, 50 has just as much chance as being correct as 0 or 99, however since there are multiple prizes, and he will give them away in order as to how close you are, 50 is the only logical choice. Yeah, I overanalyzed this, but then again that is what I do. 50 it is.

  128. I am going for 18

  129. My guess is 32.

  130. My guess is 18.

  131. 62 is my guess.

    Great Blog

  132. The price is right at 68 πŸ™‚

  133. My guess is 11

  134. Since nobody picked 11, that will be my bet.

    Great articles.

  135. 12

  136. My guess is 4. Good blog.

  137. 74 – The year of my birth of course!
    I love reading your site everyday!
    One tip! Girls who come here most likely would stop reading your blog if you started doing lipstick comparisons. We girls like it the way it is! No need to “girl-i-fy” the site! Love Ya Jonathan!

  138. 17

  139. my guess is 47

  140. how about an even 50.

  141. My guess is 58!

  142. 5 all the way!!

  143. 62

  144. Found this blog a couple of months ago and think its great. In the name of free stuff I’ll go with 29.

  145. My guess is 88.

  146. Great idea! My number is: 12

  147. enjoyed a lot! thanks! i’ll take 34.

  148. I guess it will be 14.


  149. Love to read, love to play !
    36 !

  150. grandcanuck says

    That’s very neat… the link is coming too.

  151. grandcanuck says

    the number would help now wouldn’t it… 73.

  152. I guess 11.

  153. Lucky number 7

  154. 77

    This site is awesome. I have to visit everyday.

  155. 88

  156. 58

  157. 66

  158. Im in. 17

  159. 1

  160. My guess is 64

  161. my guess is 00.

  162. 46

  163. Great blog! I say 12.

  164. I pick number 02.

  165. 57

  166. Love this site as well, I’ll play number 95

  167. The most common random number is obviuosly 47.

  168. Great site, Ive started checking everyday. Have you ever considered tracking your personal rate of return on the site? I think it would be a great thing for people to track against.

    Here is my blog (finance related) called “Getting Rich Together”:

    My guess is 49

  169. my guess is 13. thanks

  170. littlehorse says

    Good blog, my guess is 68

  171. 26 baby

  172. I pick 88 as my guess.

  173. How about my lucky number 76!

  174. I’ll take 57.

  175. Beginner in Money Management. Learning a lot from this blog.
    Guess: 88

  176. 76!

  177. I’m going to guess 65. Great blog!

  178. My guess: 12

  179. 12

  180. 79

  181. Isaac Harris says

    YAY!!! Free Stuff. Cool Deal. 75.

  182. my guess is 41

  183. I’m guessing number 34…that bean bag does look cool!

  184. My guess is 11.

    Always enjoy checking your blog.

  185. Great Blog. My guess is 09.

  186. I am staking my claim on 77.

    Great blog too!

  187. I guess 38, link

  188. I’m guessing 21. i hope i’m right. I have no website; but you are already linked when i type your blog name at

  189. I’m gonna guess 8

  190. My guess is 03, thanks.

  191. Here is my guess: 27

  192. 34 thanks

  193. Lucky number 25!

  194. I will guess 85

  195. #1: 76
    #2: I have linked to you in the sidebar of my site. Top right under the category “Foodie Links,” title “How I Support My Foodie Habit”
    Interested in bean bag chair, followed by Amazon certificate
    The contest is a great idea, esp the link thing!

  196. my guess is 88

    love your blog, thanks.
    keep it up!

  197. My guess is 32

  198. Best site I have seen. I check it daily!!!
    Guess: 56

  199. My guess is 53

  200. 37 sounds like a winner

  201. My lucky number is 93. πŸ™‚

  202. My guess is 44

  203. My guess is 27

  204. my guess is 97

  205. My guess is 29.

  206. Joshua Jackson says

    hmm playing for free stuff..who would turn that down. I’ll guess 27.

    sites down currently as my router went kaput but I’ll link to you after it as spreading the word about a site that’s helped me find better interest rates that will help me grow the nest egg for a downpayment on a house is always good.

  207. I say 16

  208. Great Website. I’ll guess 65. Thanks

  209. 36

  210. My guess is 59

  211. 77 !

  212. 25

  213. I’m going for 40…

  214. I’ll go with 81, the year I was born!

  215. Last post didn’t go through – trying again: 34

  216. Josh Lindquist says

    Comon, 10!

  217. I’ll go for 87.
    Keep up the good work!

  218. Enjoys your blog! My guess is : 98

  219. I’ve linked you to my myspace blog.
    Here is the link: link

  220. 18

  221. I am going with 98 πŸ™‚

  222. 60.

  223. Colin Miles says

    Let me get my crystal ball going….

    there we go…


    Thanks for the great posts!!!


  224. My guess is 34

  225. Jordan Lyall says

    My guess is 25.

  226. I’ll take number 54. Go Teddy Bruschi!

  227. ~ 71 ~

  228. 78

  229. I guess 71.

  230. 99. I’m amused.

  231. Jesse Williams says

    59! Wahoo!

  232. I’m guessing .01

  233. 70

  234. My guess is 58

  235. I choose 64! Great job jonathan. πŸ™‚

  236. I am in for 26.


  237. After Control-F-ing about ten different numbers only to find out that they were already picked, I’ve decided on 96!

    Thanks again for a great blog, that I’ve been reading religiously over a year now!

  238. My guess is 88

    AWESOME AWESOME SITE!!! Thanks so much! Your site inspires me!! I have also linked to your site thru my blog. I just started a bloig a few weeks ago about paying down my debt and (ugh…getting a divorce soon…)

    Thanks again!!

  239. Probably been guessed, but I’ll go with 14!

  240. 61

  241. 34 is my guess πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  242. My guess is 73.

  243. I’ll guess 38, great blog!!

  244. sorry for the second post, the last number was already taken–I’ll try 97!

  245. I’ll suggest 61.

  246. My guess is 11

  247. thatedeguy says

    Wow. Lots of entries. Way to many and too fast to keep up with what’s taken and what isn’t.

    I’m gonna go with 71

  248. hmm.. 19!

  249. my guess: 20

    the link is on this page:

  250. 51!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Hi Jonathan,

    I guess this entry has the most replies in your blog, haha.
    My guess is 64.


  252. OK – my guess is 76.

  253. 34

  254. I’m going with 23

  255. 03

  256. My guess is 07

  257. Gregory Rey says

    I guess 50


  258. 07

  259. 29

  260. 50 is the winning number

  261. I guess 92

  262. Great blog…

    My guess: 92

  263. Put me down for 71

  264. I guess 99

  265. I guess 10

  266. I love mymoneyblog!

    My guess… 01


  267. This is one of the best blogs…I read it everyday…
    My guess is


  268. My guess is 59

  269. Nice blog

    Guess: 86

  270. Very Cool idea, why didn’t I think of that!!! LOL

    Great site.

    32 is my look into the crystal ball.

  271. 66.

  272. Yurintzi Acevedo says

    Great information…I love this place…my number is 24.

  273. This is one of my favorite blogs!

    Guess: 19

  274. Great Idea first off. After all my calculations and simulations I believe the number will be .50.

    Your blog is already linked on my page. Other good links are:

  275. 39
    great idea!

  276. 33

  277. 27

  278. And, here’s the link to my fav post on your blog, on my blog: link

  279. I will pick 82.

  280. 26

  281. my guess –> 74
    this is interesting

  282. Sheryl Dobbins says


  283. my guess is 95

  284. I go with 35

  285. 84will be the winner

    Dogberry Patch

  286. 48

  287. I will take 96

  288. The answer to the ultimate question…42.

  289. I’m going w/26 for a lucky number.

  290. I’ll go for 90.

  291. Guess i’m late to the party and ALL the digits have been taken. But for the fun of it, I’ll go with my fave no. 33!

  292. Count me in.

    My guess is 08.

  293. Steve Walton says

    I have been enjoying your Blog site for some time. Keep up the good work. And BTW my guess is 83


  294. I choose 8. Thanks!

  295. 84

  296. Great Idea! 82!

  297. 90

  298. 34

  299. My guess is 13.

  300. My Guess is 29

  301. 37

  302. Here is my guess for the number – 19

  303. Let’s go with the price is right and I’m bidding .01
    thanks for all your work

  304. 08

  305. I guess 33

  306. My birth year and favorite number, 71!

  307. 47 !!!

  308. Holy Crap!! 300 entries in 24 hours. I really should have told people to pick more numbers. Doh!

  309. I’ll go with 69 since I only found one dupe.

  310. SavingEverything says

    Actually, the prizes do not appeal to me at all! Magazine subscriptions–well they will just cause more junk mail and more things to recycle. Books–i read books at bookstores and library. Jonathan, maybe you should give the 500th entry a prize if it turns out to be that? Unless there are cheaters in this (cheaters: a person who uses multiple names and email addresses, and blogs,forums,links, etc. to increase their chances of winning a prize of their choice.) SO, you’r willing to pay for shipping on the items? Can you provide a gift receipt along with it so that we can return it for something we may want. Or, can we just have the money (retail value of the items)???

    historically: 1996=76;1999=52;2000=32;2002=84; 2004=42; 2005=09; 2006= ??

    Ok. I’m gonna guess 25.

  311. I would go with 04. The beanbag chair looks good!

  312. I’ll say 63.
    My seldom updated blog

  313. 32 is my guess

  314. 2 πŸ™‚

  315. Entering with a link and chose this post because I’m new to your site and haven’t read anything else…yet!

  316. 23 !!

  317. 89, though it’s a dupe.

    I’ll follow up with my link later.

  318. All the numbers have been taken. I’ll go with 99 as a repeat! Thank you for your well-researched posts!

  319. rajesh rajasekaran says

    I cant guess how Dow will perform but at least i will try to guess the last two digits: 72

  320. 67

  321. since all are taken i’ll go with 02

  322. I’ll go with 44. Thanks!

  323. 1. 45
    2. Link to the Post:


    Thanks for this great show!
    FIRE Finance

  324. William Daniel says

    Love the post, check it every day.

    My number is # 44

  325. I would like to guess 27! Thanks!

  326. Im going with .06

  327. my no is 36

  328. I will go for 73

  329. Why, 42, of course, but what’s the question?

  330. My guess is 12

  331. My guess is 5

  332. SavingEverything says

    Can you please disclose the full Terms and Conditions of this Thanksgiving Giveaway-Over $400 Prizes? What are the eligibility requirements? Who is not allowed? Can families and relatives and workers of MyMoneyBlog participate? (are you telling your wife and your brothers and sons to participate to just keeep the prizes? to me that’s a scam!) I want to read the full terms and conditions of this offer. Are multiple entries allowed? Are multiple email addresses and multiple links allowed? Since the disclosures are not mentioned, we must all think that they are allowed. in which case, i want numbers 1 through 99! What does all our new entries think? or, are you all the same person as above using different name or different email? Jonathan, what’s the policies on this!?!?!?!

  333. Jill Shaffer says

    I am going to say 45, though I am sure it has already been taken!

  334. 98 here

  335. My guess is 22

  336. 28

  337. TrumptheWeb says

    woohoo! 15 if taken, 72, if taken 35, if taken 89

  338. Love the blog. My guess is 97.

  339. I’ll take 10

  340. 34

  341. 39

  342. 14

  343. Sigh. This contest is ruled by common sense. One entry per person. Fraudulent entries will be thrown result in all entries as thrown out. If you don’t like the prizes, then don’t participate. Your first number sticks if you pick more than one. US mailing addresses only, except for the first day where I didn’t say this and I may make some exceptions and pay out the value of the items.

  344. Man, every number is taken. I’m gonna try 52, right up the middle, thanks Jonathan!

  345. 81

  346. Binary Dollar says

    99. My favorite non-taken number.

  347. My guess is 32

    Then my Money Blog can be found at:

    As to a particular post…again from my BLOG on a cell phone service called FRUCALL. Check it out at:

  348. I’ll guess ‘1’, although someone probably already guessed that, but a 1 is a pain to search for on the page with Ctrl-F.

  349. Binary Dollar says

    DANGIT. It was taken. 6 or 06?

  350. Binary Dollar says

    I give up.

  351. There are only 100 possible numbers and 300+ entries. Duplicates are unavoidable!!! πŸ™‚ You can still win, there are plenty of prizes. First guess is the only one that counts.

  352. 57

  353. My guess is 78.

  354. Guessing 14.

  355. SavingEverything says

    The Rules of the Thanksgiving Giveaway-over $ 400 Prizes have conflicting information! 1) it states “One entry per person”; but, it states that you can enter by 2 ways for 2 entries? That means 1 person can have 2 entries.? 2) Your Rules seem to not avoid those people who have multiple email addresses, and would just give multiple entries using their multiple email addresses,; or, people using a no-real-name under “name”,; 3) i’ve been searching through your blog looking for your privacy policies, and it’s not there! it does not say anything about if you share information with third parties or second parties? or, no disclosure about selling. 4) What rules apply to this $400 Prizes Giveaway? Are the rules based on the game show “The Price Is Right”, where people guess the number without going over? For example, if you have 4 people at 52, 2 at 55, 3 people at 57, 1 at 59, 2 at 60, and 4 at 61, 1 at 62; and the Dow Jones Industrial Avg November 22nd closure is 58, and no one guesssed it, who wins?? Will the 1 person at 59 and 2 at 60 and 3 people at 57???

    I forgot what number i picked…. i think it was 25?

  356. 66

  357. my guess is going to 27

  358. My guess is 7

  359. My guess is .92

  360. another for 87

  361. 88

  362. 63

  363. Wow. What a huge number of comments. I’ll take the answer to life, the universe, and everything: 42.

  364. I’m going with 01

  365. I’d like to guess 33.

  366. 33

  367. I guess 33

  368. hey, my guess is: 42

  369. 09

  370. 92

  371. my guess is 10

  372. My guess is 61

  373. My guess is 14

  374. 58

  375. my number is 4

  376. Keep up the awesome work! I’ll go with .92

  377. 53

  378. 3

  379. Fun 74

  380. My guess is 42.

  381. 54

  382. 37

  383. My guess is 29

  384. BOMBAY DREAMS says

    My bet is 60

  385. My guess is 22!

  386. jcarroll1948 says

    You are my first comment to any blog:

    #1: 42

    Great idea to spur participation.

  387. 21

  388. 8

  389. My guess: 94.

  390. guess 23

  391. 73

  392. .32

  393. 97

  394. 47.

    πŸ™‚ i dont think there are any numbers that hasn’t been called out.

  395. Savvy Samurai says

    11 is my guess!

  396. Hmmm. 37

  397. I guess – 12

  398. My guess is the number will be 68

  399. My guess is 81, and here’s my link to my favorite post:

  400. 93. Definately 93.

  401. I am feeling 35.

  402. 62

  403. My guess is the number 48.

  404. My guess is 23!

  405. My guess is 99

  406. I’ll guess 55. πŸ™‚

  407. Guess: 41

  408. 66. I’m going with 66.

  409. My guess is 76

  410. 85

  411. I see 75!!!

  412. I would say 23. Looks like you get some good swag. I love this site.

  413. Jeremy Wilkins says

    It will certainly be 98.

  414. I’ll take 34.

  415. 16

  416. I say 16

  417. 78 – wow! i won a giveaway you had a long time ago for a free cd – it was a lot easier back then to win your giveaways then it is now! the response is insane! nice work!

  418. 9

  419. 63

  420. hejustlaughs says


  421. 56

  422. 51

  423. Guess: 38
    Link :

  424. Personal Finance Blogger says


    and I also added a link to one of your posts over on my site a couple of days ago (before I even read this… πŸ™‚ The post is here: Setting Financial Goals

    Best of luck to all!

  425. 27


  426. Darlene Wright says

    I’d say 25. Thanks

  427. 11


  428. 87

  429. 50 is my guess.

  430. My guess would be 27.

  431. Shirley Younger says

    my guess is 07

  432. Andrew Petro says


  433. my guess is 71

  434. 63

  435. My guess is 26.

  436. sfmoneymusings says


  437. My guess is 71.

  438. 84 – hey it’s the year of my birthday, it has to count for something!

  439. My guess is 58.

  440. 79 cents. yep.

  441. 88 cents is my guess.

  442. …and the contest is over! Let’s see what the markets say.

  443. Looks like the winning number is 95.

    Quickly, the people who picked 95 on the dot are:

    Nathan Yarrow

    I will do the rest later – must spend quality time with family!

  444. Ryan Deschner says


  445. Casandra Ware says

    hell.. my get is 2.64

  446. I will pick number 23.

  447. I love this blog…I will guess….17

  448. My guess…41

  449. I have to go with my favorite number 88……..

    Crossing my fingers!!!

    Thanks for the contest!!

    Happy Holidays!

  450. I am going to guess number 9

  451. 58 hope i win;)

  452. 58

  453. This giveaway was for 2006 and the prizes have already been given out, sorry. Keep your eye out for a 2008 version. Subscribing to the RSS feed might work. πŸ˜‰

  454. Lauralee Hensley says

    For #1 my number is 2.112.
    For #2 I don’t have a website/blog where I can add another persons blog. Sorry.
    Nice prizes, I’d like to send some of these books to my son who is overseas in the Navy.

  455. my guess is 73 …..

  456. My quess is 74

  457. Great! 52

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