Life as a Student, Again

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I’ve been somewhat vague about what I’m doing right now, but after jumping through some hoops, I am enrolled full-time as student again in a new field that I enjoy, working towards a graduate degree. I am still doing some part-time consulting work, but that is dwindling as school is starting to take up more of my time. Money-wise, here are some casual observations I’ve made:

– I need to investigate financial aid next semester. Although I doubt I’ll get any, the first ‘F’ in FAFSA does stand for Free, so why not? Even a subsidized loan may be beneficial, we’ll see.

– I’m much more inclined to eat out at little cheap food stands, as I’m always on the run somewhere, to and from class, office hours, tutoring, study groups, etc. This will probably affect my budget for Dining Out, so I need to keep an eye out for it.

– College students are a very interesting market. Some of them are so wasteful and spend their parents money as if came out of a faucet. But some are paying their own way, and are painfully aware that another expensive book means eating ramen for another week. I need to figure out a good way of making money off of the former.

– As a student, I am eligible for health insurance from the school, which may be a very good deal. Too bad health insurance payout charts are like Egyptian hieroglyphics to me.

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  1. oh man seriously, i still see two drastic different types

    you get the freshmen that has their own apartment.. car, allowances.. and shrugs when they fail class, or buy books.. “hey my parents are paying for it, who cares?”

    make me want to punch their face in. har har!

    and then you get the other freshmen.. that’s working full time or part time while being a full time student.. where their job doesnt even pay for tutition, just for the necessity.. and for whatever reason, they never get enough financial aid, so they have a large debt looming over them all thru school year.

  2. Then you get students like me, the shades of gray. The parents pay for school and subsidize the rent and board if the GPA is good, but spending money only comes from having a summer job.

  3. Do you play poker? There are lots of kids on campus who are itching to gamble away their parents hard earned money.

    If you’re looking for something more ethical, try private tutoring. If you’re good, you can setup quite a good network. And at around $25/hr, the pay isn’t too bad.

  4. how long do you have for grad school and what is the subject? I did the same thing.

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