Have You Noticed How Much Free Online TV There Is?

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I’m probably way behind the times, but I’m impressed by how many full episodes of TV shows are free online now. I had completely missed the first episode of the new season of Beauty and the Geek (a horrible show that I’m ashamed to admit I watch, but I do πŸ˜› ), but then today I just stumbled upon it online. Sure there are commercials, but I can just switch windows and surf websites until they pass. Not all shows are available, but a lot of the ones I hear about most are:

CW – Beauty and the Geek, Gossip Girl
ABC – Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost
CBS – CSI, Survivor
NBC – Heroes, My Name Is Earl
TLC/Discovery/Animal Planet – LA Ink, Dirty Jobs

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  1. Buildandsucceed says:

    LOL I watch beauty and the geek too… Can’t help it. I didn’t know you could watch it online.

    I was really only aware of a lot of news you can watch online which I’m sure everyone knows about. I usually do CNN.com and MSN.com they both have great news videos.

  2. ABC (maybe others) even have HDTV online. It’s really great, almost everything I watch i can watch online at my own convince, and with less commercials than if i watch it on TV
    Now if only my graphics card wasn’t acting up…

  3. Oops, so I can’t spell convenience, and firefox’s spell check fixed it for me incorrectly…

  4. I just realized that myself, yesterday, when I looked up the new CBS show “The Big Bang Theory”, which, ironically, is pretty much beauty and the geek in sitcom form. and they had it, along with a bunch of other shows. I’m impressed!

  5. There are TONS of shows online–the channels you mentioned broadcast almost every one of their primetime shows online. But also you can watch these shows on other internet sites (legally). I watched the premeir of the office, which I’d missed, on sidereel.com, a site with lots of other popular shows (lost, simpsons, 24, gossip girl, journeyman, heroes, southpark, cane, weeds…) I might just cancel my cable subscription!

  6. SavingEverything says:

    But, you cant portably watch these shows on you video iPod without paying for it!?!

  7. Kevin Spring says:

    Now HBO and Showtime need to get into the act and I will be happy.

  8. Ariel Hoffman says:


    How come these sires don’t work if you’re outside the US?
    πŸ™ unfair!

    Trying to see these shows via proxy server is way too slow.

  9. http://www.tv-links.co.uk

    The site posts links for various tv shows, movies, anime, cartoons, documentaries, and music videos which have been uploaded to various websites including stage6, veoh, 56.com, and a bunch of asian upload sites. Note: Watching from these sources is not completely legal, although it is obviously not as bad as the people who actually upload the media.

  10. http://www.cbs.com/innertube

    has a lot more shows than just CSI and Survivor. I use it to watch “How I Met Your Mother” every week because my Tivo records “Prison Break” on FOX.

    It opens in its own window and you only watch a couple of commercials for the whole 22 minute show.

  11. tsk tsk, Jonathan, don’t tell me you’ve never seen this link? =)


  12. I was just talking to some friends the other day about this. I just cancelled my DirecTV and it seems a little wierd without tv but a lot of those channels were wasted. Why pay for shows I’m not going to watch when I can get them on demand for free online?

  13. Grad Student says:

    Here’s another one – I watch the Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central’s website. Here’s a link

  14. Jonathan,

    I had no idea that CW posted their TV shows online. Up till now I was only aware of FOX, ABC, and NBC posting full episodes. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Ted Valentine says:

    Dude, Beauty and the Geek is one of the better reality shows out there. I enjoyed the previous seasons of that show.

    PS – The funniest thing about that show is the host. He has to be the biggest geek on there and he doesn’t even know it.

  16. sfordinarygirl says:

    I haven’t watched beauty and the geek in over a year but it’s not a bad show. It’s one of the few shows that welcomes and accepts nerdy people and transforms them so they’re less socially awkward around women. I think that one couple from the first season Cheryl and Josh are still together! They’re one of my favorite happy endings on the show.

    There are also full episodes on MTV.com! You can watch The Hills online which I’ve just started getting addicted to especially the drama between Heidi and LC. It’s really trashy lame OC girls shopping all the time, arguing about who betrayed who and guys.

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