I Tried Harry’s Free Razor Trial and This Is What Happened…

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…that’s the ad text that they used to target me, apparently someone who may be interested in bright-orange, modern-looking razor blades. I couldn’t find the exact ad again, but a similar one is to the right. (Alternate title: Harry’s Free Trial Review: Bendy Razor Blades, Easy Cancel)

Well, they were right. I decided to try the Harry’s “Free” Trial which includes a razor and some gel for $3 including shipping. If you don’t like it, just remove the subscription plan in your online account and you get to keep everything else.

Okay, so what happened? The primary reason that I will not be buying any more Harry’s Razors doesn’t involve cost at all. I simply don’t like their design. The blades are proprietary and have a unique “bendy” hinge that I describe as like having a tongue lick you. A tongue that makes it impossible to get the firm shave that I prefer.

I created an animated gif to help illustrate:


After doing this trial, I found that the Wirecutter review site had a similar opinion:

Rather than clipping to a pivoting axis, the way most modern razors do, Harry’s cartridge attaches with a flexy rubber pseudo-hinge that bends when you press it into your skin. Harry’s claims that this design yields an effect that, like “a paintbrush on a wet canvas … flexes to the contours of your face for precise control.” In fact, the opposite is true: The cartridge yields too much, resulting in a sloppy shave.

I don’t consider myself a picky razor user, for a while I’ve been using a basic Gillette Mach 3 bought from Costco for $1 or under each. (I was surprised to see The Wirecutter also chose a Mach3 blade cousin as its winner.) As I can last more than a month with each razor (dry after each use), I am already spending less than a dollar month on razors. I have not tried the Dollar Shave Club. For me, buying a bulk pack of razors once every two years requires less mental bandwidth than having to manage an online subscription.

I’ll keep the rest of this review short and simple:

  • Ordering was easy, site design is nice, and the trial shipped promptly.
  • Canceling the trial was also easy with no hard sell.
  • I did not like the razor design, and for that reason will not be ordering any more Harry’s razors.

Shaving preferences are very subjective. I would still recommend the Harry’s trial itself.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. MyMoneyBlog.com does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I had been wondering about these razors. One thing though, you mention Mach 3 razors at Costco but the link takes you to these Gillette Custom Plus 3 Disposable Razors. Is that what you use because they get really poor reviews on the site?

    • Save your money, Save your face and PASS on Harry’s!
      I bought mine at Target, it was $1 less than the Mach 3 I usually use but I wanted to see what the hype was about. I have very light facial hair and only shave 2 times a week. Harry’s blades made it through 2 good shaves and a 3rd painful shave. Even the good shaves were patchy and by shave 3 the blade was pulling and nicking my face. Harry’s blades are just disposable blades with a nicer handle and should not be compared to anything above a disposable blade. I know its old school but I’m going back to my Mach 3 because it works. Save you face and PASS on Harry’s

      • Interesting. I have used mach 3 blades since they came out. I didn’t have to shave at all even in USMC basic training. However I seldom was ever able to use one mach 3 blades for an entire week let alone three months.
        Marveling at this first blade set at the beginning of the fourth month of use I disassemble it and found a total of 6 blades.
        A final point you are going to have to explain is why I just sent Harry’s corporate a request to be removed from their mailing list as at my current rate of discarded used razors exceeds 3 years.
        Based off my usage of mach 3 razors. I purchased like quantity on a monthly basis. I now have 5 complete unused packages of new razors. I am still using the second one from the first pack. Oh I shave everything above the bottom edge of my collar bone except eyebrows and eyelashes.

  2. Thank you for this as I am looking to switch out of Dollar Shave Club after a year. In case anyone cares, their basic 2 blade model, while gives a decent shave, is hard to connect & very flimsy as to how the blade attaches to the handle. A few taps and the blade goes flying off and down the drain. I switched to their massive 5 or 6 blade model, a huge improvement and great for wide areas of your face but way too clumsy for more sensitive areas around the lips & nose. I used the Bic Good News Plus or years until they changed their manufacturing process or I got stuck with a counterfeit batch on Amazon. Any other suggestions? Please clarify above too. Thanks

  3. I use Harry’s, and while they do have some drawbacks [hard to get into certain spots by the nose and around sideburns] overall, they provide a great shave, IMHO.

  4. Dave Lewis says

    Yes, shaving is subjective…. I tried the trial last month (had been using Gillette Power Fusion) noticing shaving costs have kept rising! I was, and have been happy with “Harry’s” product, and am now on a subscription plan that can easily be adjusted, free shipping, and no hassle! I like simple, and besides the razor comes in three colors, not just orange. I too recommend this free offer be tried, you may find it good as I have!

  5. I pretty much agree 100% with everything you said. Totally unimpressed with the razers. And I too have been using mach3’s since they came out in 98 or 99. Tried a few newer ones, but none that really offered any significant improvement to justify a higher price.

  6. Have you given Dollar Shave Club a shot?

  7. I often sport a beard but gave up on cartridge razors some time ago. They keep adding blades and ‘features’ to justify what seems like an absurd mark-up. I just don’t buy that razor technology has changed/improved that much in the last century.

    I bought a double edged razor, spent a week to learn to use it and never looked back. Buy one of the many combo packs on Amazon for about $20 (for 100 blades), figure out which one you like and replacement blades will average something like $0.10-$0.50 (depending on the blade you like).

  8. have you tried using Double Edge Razors? the initial set up is expensive but once you buy the razor the blades are 10-15 cents each and last weeks

  9. I’ve been using DE razor for a couple of years now and very happy my shaves. Several month ago I decided to do the same $3 trial on Harry’s products and was pretty disappointed with the results. Flexibility of the cartridge wasn’t working for my face at all.

  10. Where can Mach 3’s be bought for under $1 per blade? I haven’t looked in a while, but they used to be at least $2-$3. I used to use Mach 3’s, but switched to the 4 nlade Dollar Shave Club razors since they are cheaper. I find them to be decent although I think the Mach 3’s had a longer lifespan. But the price is such that I can replace the DSC razors twice as often and be at about the same price.

  11. Go with a nice safety razor. Drops your cost down and gets a professional shave each time. There is wisdom in what your grandfather used. The multiple blade, ball roller, fancy pants razor is just marketing gimmicks.

  12. I am Harry’s customer for over two years already and I love how these razors work. Before that I used Gillette and Schick – they both work, but it tool an extra effort on my side to get clean shave. With Harry, I am able to get a clean shave faster and it is effortless – the blade just “flies”. I am shaving in the shower, and using Harry’s shave cream as well.
    Just putting it out there for you fellow shavers to compare!

  13. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Dorco USA. That’s who makes the Dollar Shave Club razors, and you can order from Dorco direct at lower prices (especially if you snag a coupon). I picked up enough cartridges to last me 2-3 years for around $20.

  14. I’m surprised no one mentioned old fashioned safety razors. While there’s an upfront cost to the handle, maybe $25 for a nice one, you can then use blades that cost literally pennies if purchased in sufficient quantity. Each blade has four surfaces. For someone who shaves every other day, this comes to less than 2 cents a week to shave with a new edge every time. It’s a little different technique than the Mach 3, but you get used to it very quickly. Much closer shave and less irritation too.

    I’m not a religious man, but if there were a church of the safety razor, I’d consider attending services.

    • I realized in my excitement to post that a misplaced a decimal point. Blades purchased 100 at a time are generally around $20, so 20 cents per blade. Still good, if you ask me.

    • I must be missing something, You mention “each blade has 4 surfaces” –are these the double edge blades? I get the edge on each side; do you turn the blade over to get 2 more edges? jim

  15. I bought the wirecutter’s top pic. Was surprised how much I liked the vibrating handle as I figured it was just a gimmick.

  16. Have to say I was skeptical, but I love both the razor and aftershave balm. I will stick with them.

  17. Jonathan Foell says

    Jonathan’s review was dead-on. I was so stoked when I read that Target would carry Harry’s. Tried the same combo that Jonathan reviewed. After my first shave, I was underwhelmed. The shave is spongy – a lot is missed unless you go over the same surface again and again. Will go back to my tried and true Rite-Aid razor for about the same price for blades.

  18. I tried it, and was not disappointed. Like most on here, I find the five blade head to big for easy, under-the-nose shaving. The head does flex and is very weird at first, but it gave me a decent shave.

    I use a DE safety razor for daily shaving, and Harry’s is used as my travel blade.

    I recommend the free trial to see if it’s right for me.

  19. The original Harry’s razor cartridge wasn’t as flexible as the newer cartridge, and it worked much better. I wish Harry’s would have kept their original design, and just added the trimming edge blade at the top of the razor. I can’t use the newer cartridges, they just don’t work as well as the old blades.

  20. I have been subscribed to Dollar Shave club for the last 2 years but wanted to try something different to see if I would switch. So I ordered Harry’s trial pack to try out, I was disappointed after the first shave.. The blue handle is very nice, good quality and feels nice in the hand, however the quality of the razor is disappointing.. It really just felt a little better than a disposable cheap razor.. It is not close to being a competitor to the execute razor from the Dollar Shave club.. When I received the first razor from DSC I was really happy because the shaving just felt good and razors last long even after shaving every day.. I’m keeping my DSC subscription.. Hope my review helps someone trying to decide.

  21. I bought Harry’s after hearing their constant ads on WABC-AM radio.I was happy with the quick delivery, but that’s where my happiness ends. These are some of the worst blades I have ever used in over 50 years of shaving.
    I’ve had a better and closer shave from a single blade Bic throwaway razor. I shave every 2-3 days so a Bic glides easily through a well scrubbed, softened beard. But not Harry’s machetes.
    Additionally, the edging blade on Harry’s is practically useless. It easily cuts your flesh and while moving the regular blades across my chin this blade somehow managed to seriously gouge the corner of the chin.
    I get a closer and easier shave from my Schick Hydro 5 or Gillette Fusion razor after four months of use of the same blade. I going back to these blades and save my face.
    On the positive side, the company was good about canceling my bill and did not require me to return them.

  22. My wife gave me the Harry’s sample pk. For the same shave that I was paying almost 4:00$ a blade . So I was only getting 2 to 3 shave I tried Harry’s I don’t know the cost yet but just got 5 clean shaved from one Harry’s blades. If some one can do better at a lower price I’ll try it but now I’m going to order more from Harry’s.

  23. “Well, they were right. I decided to try the Harry’s “Free” Trial which includes a razor and some gel for $3 including shipping.
    When i clicked on this offer, it comes up as $13.00 but then a discount code pops up with $5.00 off so then the total is $8.00. Please send link for the $3.00 offer..

  24. Peter Bellville says

    Shaving is a subjective experience and options will vary. Men have different facial texture, tone and different facial hair. I need to shave once per day. My beard is coarse and tough. Shaving with cheap blades left me bloody. I recently tried Harry’s and discovered that I had to learn to apply the right pressure. Too light and the blade dragged, pulled and hurt, but, surprise, it didn’t cut my skin. I think the bendy or flexible head helps me get the right pressure as well as bending to my contours. With a firmer hand the blade gave me a perfect shave without any blood. I am very happy with it.

  25. Joe Kovar Jr says

    I tried shaving with the blades that came with the shaver but since I have a heavy beard I did not get the shave I wanted Talked to Andy and he stated that I may have gotten a defective shaver He said he would send me a replacement shaver to try but as of now I have not received it This has been going on since December I am not happy with this attempt to derail my complaint Not very good customer service

  26. I will probably sound like an advertisement or marketing person, but I assure you that I am not.
    I don’t belong to Costco, so my review will not involve artificially low prices on giant size packs of name brand Gillette products.
    (Many of us in the world don’t deal with Costco and we have to deal with Gillette’s products online at Amazon or in stores around the world and we know they are ridiculously over-priced).

    My experience is that Harry’s blades are BY FAR the best I’ve ever used. They shave more comfortably and close and smooth than any blade I’ve ever tried. I shave only about 3 times a week(because I don’t like shaving and can deal with that rough-stubble look every other day.)

    I usually buy a 4 pack of Harry’s. A single Harry’s blade lasts me for months. I continue to be amazed at how these blade cartridges continue to shave so soft and smooth after repeated use.

    The only negative thing I have to say is that Harry’s 4 blade setup makes it very difficult to handle detailed shaving for sideburns or a goatee. For this reason, I always keep an old-school classic 2-blade Gillette Sensor Excel on hand to do the detail trim. And the Sensor Excels last for several years because I only use them for those detail swipes.

    I’ve tried Dorco, Gillette, Schick, and others, but Harry’s was the best for my face. And because they last so long, they also end up being the best value for my $$$.

  27. Dennis Leonard says

    I have tried them all and Harry’s is the very best, But being in my 70’s I don’t shave very often. So to get a regular shipment is not for me.(Great shaver though).

  28. Shaving is a different experience for everyone. The only wet shave which didn’t give me razor burn was King Of Shaves Azor 4. The one with the bendy hinge. That was discontinued to upset of many after years. Manufacturing and corporate issues. So have been electric.

    This brings back the bendy hinge and I am very grateful for that and have been using it without rash due to that. Thanks Harry’s good product. Great design.

  29. Tyrone Harrington says

    I like the razor except for one thing. After not using it for a day or two the blades start to get rust spots on them. This isn’t the first time this has happened. it cuts close but, my concern is that if I get a bad cut on my face or head I may get a staff infection. If these are suppose to be stainless or precision steel blades what’s the problem? As I stated before this isn’t the first this has happened. I would buy more but, I don’t want to take a chance on an infection. Please explain.

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