Free 2-Year Subscription to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

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Here’s a link for a free 2-year subscription to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine from RewardsCountry. There is a short survey on the second page, mine was something about watches. There is no credit card required so they can’t auto-renew or charge you later, and I’ve had good luck with many of these free magazines, so it may be worth the 2-3 minutes of your time.

SmartMoney magazine is already gone (at least in print, will still have articles online), so perhaps you’ll have an antique to show your grandkids. I’m actually looking forward to my WSJ weekend subscription substitution.

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  1. I just tried this so we’ll see if the magazines come in the mail. Thanks!

  2. I had to type enough words in the last two boxes, LOL.

  3. Just took a few minutes. If this does work out, seems like a very fair deal.

  4. Hmm, I just renewed this magazine too, but the deal was too good to pass up, even though it made me wonder if they’ll be in business for the long term. The deal was $12 for two years. Now it’s free for two years. Last time I had a deal that great, that magazine went out of business.

    Speaking of, I was also a subscribe to SmartMoney, which just folded. Those who are current subscribers will either get Barrons or WSJ Weekend as a replacement.

  5. In small print, I found it says you can actually get a refund for the remaining portion of your SmartMoney subscription by calling 1-800-444-4204.

  6. Thanks Jonathan. Signed up for this too. Looking forward to getting my WSJ also.

  7. Just did my survey. Thanks Jonathan!

  8. I actually opted for Baron to replace my Smart Money, since I dislike WSJ opinion page & editorials. Besides I’ve read average household income of those reading Baron is $3 million plus, so I am interested to see what the top 1% is reading.

  9. Thanks Jonathan! Been reading Bloomberg businessweek, Forbes, smart money (now wsj) all thanks to you!

  10. thank you, how come you chose WSJ over Baron’s? I thought Barons is better?

  11. Actually, I ended up choosing Barron’s. I initially called for a refund, but I think I got the sub for free from various offers (good until 2016!) and they told me I’d have to call the provider directly blah blah blah. I was hoping for a refund of the standard subscription price, but no go.

    I don’t think I’ll read Barron’s very much though, I already read Businessweek all the way through each week and I don’t think I have time for another weekly financial mag.

  12. Of all the financial periodicals, Kiplinger’s has been my personal favorite for a while now, and I’ll likely remain a subscriber as long as they have a print edition.

    I did have SmartMoney, which I’ll convert to Barron’s. If you do not choose between WSJ Weekend and Barron’s, you’ll be converted to a Barron’s subscriber by default.

    I also subscribe to Money– which I also follow online, and did subscribe to Bloomberg Businessweek. I let my Businessweek subscription expire recently, as I was enjoying it less and less, with only a subset of content appealing to me. In retrospect, I preferred the pre-Bloomberg version.

    Basically between print and online, I do try to follow as much as I can though.

  13. @Jonathan

    So how are you liking Barron’s? I just got my first delivery of WSJ weekend today (Saturday of course) and so far so good. Covers a variety of news and comes in that old fashioned newspaper format 😉

  14. @Eric – Even though they said no refund, I ended up getting a check in the mail for $20 or thereabouts. So no Barron’s or WSJ Weekend for me, which is fine because I have no time to read any of that stuff nowadays with this crying baby! 🙂

  15. Still waiting on the Kiplingers… did this when you posted it, and just came back to check on how long they said it would take – 4 to 6 weeks. Ah, well, hopefully will come soon. Anyone else get theirs yet?

  16. Finally got my first issue this week – 11 weeks after I signed up. But hey, I can’t argue with free. 🙂

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