Bored Money: e-Rewards is my NetFlix Alternative

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Next up in the Bored Money arena is e-Rewards. It’s similar to MyPoints in that the make you fill out a big long profile and then pay you to receive e-mails, sign-up for offers, and fill out online surveys. They differ in that instead of Points and gift cards, e-Rewards uses e-Rewards dollars (not actual cash) and gives out some pretty random stuff. It’s pretty easy to earn money though, sometimes I get $5-$10 in one day.

For $25 in e-Rewards dollars, examples of what you can get include: 500 American or Northwest Airline Miles, $25 off any purchase at, or 1,000 Hilton Honors points. However, my favorite reward is $25 for 6 free Blockbuster rentals – you get one movie free each month for six consecutive months. Here’s how I use it instead of NetFlix:

There are a couple of catches. The first is that you need an invitation to join, although it seems like if you just fill out the form they’ll send you one. I think I joined through Hilton Honors (which anyone can join for free). So try that too for another way in.

The other hitch is that you can only redeem each prize once every year. So you technically you can get only one Blockbuster prize a year. Me, I just join with another e-mail address after I get my Blockbuster prize. The rentals certificates print out online, so no need to give them your real address. You need to give them a somewhat real name since it prints out on the certificate (Jonathan Smith, John Smith, Jon Smith, Johnny Smith,…). Voila! 2 certificates a month = No need for Netflix.

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  1. With the gas price dropping like a rock recently, I bet the upcoming inflation will be tame. Even if the fixed rate of I-bond does go up to 1.3%, buying it this month sounds like a better deal…

  2. This is just a forecast but I think the inflation will be flat until the beginning of 2006:

  3. “No need for Netflix”? Bite your tongue 😉

    Seriously though that’s quite a handy little system

  4. I recently signed up with e-rewards. Today was great. I earned $8 from one survey, which was actually interesting to take. At the same time, I clicked on the Earn More button and got an extra buck. Not a bad deal. Unfortunately, I think their rewards kind of stink, except for Blockbuster, which I don’t really want. It’s too far away for me to want the six rentals.

  5. I just logged into e-rewards today after doing a survey and discovered that you can now redeem for free magazine subscriptions! Not bad!

  6. E-Rewards is not accepting new membership……

  7. I have not received any e-rewards surveys for a few months now. I wonder if they are going out of business.

  8. Really? I’ve been getting 2 or even 3 a day, I’ve just been deleting them since I don’t have the time to fill them out. I’m sure it depends on your occupation, based on the surveys that get.

  9. Even though it’s a bit time consuming to fill out those surveys but so far I have redeemed over 24000 Hilton HHonor points which should be good for 2 stays at Hampton Inn.

  10. I just combined the $25 FTD gift certificate from E-Rewards with the Free Shipping & 10% cash back from UPromise.

    Retail $39.99 plant + 13.99 shipping = 53.98
    actually paid $14.99
    but I get $4 back because UPromise dollars are calculated off the gross cost, pre-shipping.

    So, net, $11 for me to send a sympathy gift to a friend.

  11. The Macys Giftcard option at $45 e-rewards gets you a $25 gift card but you can only redeem one per quarter. I have used this towards goodies at Macys.

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