Taking Advantage Of Comcast New Customer Deals

I hate moving. But one perk is that I get to become a ‘new’ customer again for Comcast. You may recall that I bargained myself down to $19.99/mo for six months for Comcast High-Speed Internet last year (saving $138). Now that those six months are over, I need a new deal! Well, right now the Comcast offer for new customers is:

» 6 months at $19.99/month
» Free cable modem after $80 mail-in rebate ($9 shipping)
» Free wireless modem
» $75 cash back rebate. (now maybe $100?)

Well, new address + wife’s name = new customer. =) Not counting the modem, that’s a savings of ($43-$20)x 6 months + $75 = $213! I usually don’t like rebates, but I’ll do these. If you are a current Comcast customer and can live without internet for 60 days, you can also get in on this deal.


  1. Get verizon 750kbps for $15/mo (plus whatever cashback you can negotiate). Perfect for people that don’t leech a lot.

  2. Marvin Ogg says:

    Went to Circuit City today and ordered comcast cable and internet.

    6 months $19.99
    Free cable modem after rebate
    $50 circuit city gift card (as opposed to $75 above. I feel I got ripped off πŸ™‚
    $100 credit for cable TV after 1st cable bill w/ mail-in rebate

    Friendly salesperson also mentioned to come back to circuit city after getting first $100 credit to order HDTV for $5/month to get a second $100 credit.

  3. why not go for $105 at Staples? OR/AND $100 at Dell. You actually can place the order THREE times at different stores and get triple rebates for Comcast. That works well for me so far(I have been doing it twice during the last year). In the end of a whole year, I MADE about a hundred dollars from Comcast and watched TV and surf online for FREE.

    Some people may ask why this is working. It is because Comcast are paying agent fees to those websites for selling their service. Those websites use part of the fees to make the offer more attractive. You can get it for sure since nobody is losing money. You don’t go for it, someone else(like me) would get it. πŸ™‚

  4. So you just place the order for new service at each store? Do they not require any payment upfront? I had to pay for my modem upfront for my deal.

  5. When your 6 months is up, call Comcast back and tell them you are switching to Verizon or someone else. I’ve done this and they will extend the deal another 6 months. They won’t extend it a third 6 months, even after I called back to try another csr, so I have switched to another providor for a few months and will go back to Comcast in 3 months to get my rebate/gift card, price again. You’d think they would just extend it I have done this many times. But I guess I understand , most people just let inertia set in and don’t switch like I do. Acutally works out better that they refuse, so I can get mycash or gift card and sell the extra modems I get for free.

  6. Also, you can switch back and forth between roommates if you don’t mind the hassle and the down time of a few weeks. I had my roommate cancel our Comcast (TV and internet) over Christmas vacation, and then I signed us up right when we got back. There was actually significant downtime because I did an online deal (hence they need to process you, ship you stuff, etc), but the deal is still good…

  7. If you do your consulting/computer work then that high speed internet is business related expense or at least a percerntage of it is or if you download tax tables from QB or Peachtree this would also be tax deductable (or partially) And if it is deductable you are saving another 20-30% depending on your tax rate.

  8. discodill says:

    Marvin Ogg, can you be more specific? I’d like to try it out.

  9. sillycat says:

    For Staples and Dell, you pay NOTHING if you have your own modem. For Staples, you don’t even need a credit card to place your order! For Dell, you need to get them your credit card but if you don’t purchase a modem, they charge you nothing. There are a lot of websites doing this. Here is another one…. http://www.comcastspecial.com
    They offer $50 and FREE modem and FREE router.

  10. sillycat says:

    I have to mention that this is definitely YMMV, somebody got no rebate back (after multiple orders) but some got 7 or 8 rebates back. You need to think about it more. There used to be a nice post on fatwallet, but it is gone now.

  11. I got AT&T DSL fro $13/month for 1 year. πŸ™‚

  12. jon, you can sign up online too with a whole bunch of places.

  13. Don’t forget to call to cancel after the 6 months when they jack up the rates to $42 ($54 without cable tv) and retention will probably cut your bill to at least $35/mo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What if you are already a Comcast customer? Can you get in on the Best Buy deal at the same address by going to sign up at BB and canceling your old service?

  15. My concern with applying for multiple rebates for the same thing is, what if they wise up and I don’t get ANY of the rebates?

  16. Anyone have luck with simply getting your cable bill lowered through retention or someting like that? thanks.

  17. Fatwallet link for Comcast multiple dip rebate discussion

  18. Dude, big thread. Anyone want to summarize what is still live and what’s not? πŸ™‚

  19. If any one is in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend dslextreme.com. 12.95 a month for high speed internet for 12 months; they provide you with a modem. I just moved from LA and had a $14.95 a month deal with them,but just before I moved, they dropped their rates to $12.95. I never had any problems with dropped connections, and their customer service was excellent.

  20. Susannah says:

    This is a great deal. Our good deal for DSL is up, but we have our house up for sale. Does anyone know if you can move and keep the Comcast service and have it not count as breaking your contract? I can just ask the company, but thought maybe someone knew already. We really would rather have VoIP again, but I just can’t justify getting it while we are forced to have AT&T (used to be SBC) landline w/ the AT&T DSL. Employer is paying for it, we can charge up to $50/month to them for it, so with this deal that would cover internet and VoIP.

  21. Marvin Ogg says:


    Here is more elaboration as requested by Greg. More or less, I think that Sillycat is correct and you can get the same rebate from multiple vendors. Here is my situation:

    1. Went to Circuit City for cable tv and cable internet
    2. Salesperson gave me a modem and printed out several rebate forms. 2 forms for the modem, 1 form for the $50 gift card, and 1 for the $100 credit.
    3. IMPORTANT POINT: I wasn’t charged anything for the cable tv. The salesperson just put my name into the Comcast system so that Circuit City would get the referral fee. Therefore, theoretically I could have also signed up at Best Buy, Dell, Staples, CompUSA, etc for multiple $100 credits. I’m sure the fatwallet thread discusses this in more detail. I noticed that the salesperson went to the web site http://www.getconnected.com to see the current deals.
    4. Salesperson said come back after you get the credit so that Circuit City could refer me to Comcast for HD TV for a second $100 credit.
    5. I later called comcast to order tv service, mentioning that I was referred in from a retailer. Apparently going through a retailer gives you better prices than going directly through Comcast.

  22. Hope you do better record keeping. πŸ™‚ You got Jonathan’s and my post mixed up.

  23. I’m definately going to try to talk down Comcast now that you’ve done it successfully!

  24. Does anyone know a way around paying for the DVR? Comcast is telling me $10-15 per month, which seems awfully high to me.

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