PlasticJungle Promotion: Sell $200 in Gift Cards, Get $20 in Credit

Have some unused or unwanted gift cards left over? Gift card exchange site is having a promotion where if you sell them $200 in gift cards by midnight Friday, you’ll get $20 credit towards a future gift card purchase. When you go to the Sell gift card section, you should see this message:

The offer text:

Sell us $200 and get $20 off your next Purchase!
Sell us $200 or more worth of Gift Cards in a single transaction this week and we will give you a $20 credit off of your next Gift Card Purchase from Plastic Jungle! This promotion will run from now until 12:00am PST Saturday morning (1/19/13).

Remember, you can sell multiple different cards, but it has to be in one single transaction. A 10% rebate may get you back close to face value, given that you generally lose about 5-20% when selling your gift cards to these types of places. You can get paid via gift card, check, or deposit into a PayPal account. Many cards can be sold electronically with their unique numbers, while some of them you have to mail in.

You shouldn’t have too much of a problem finding a gift card to buy with your $20 credit, assuming you shop at any chain store (Wal-mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, CVS, Walgreens). I’ve mentioned before that I often buy Home Depot gift cards from PlasticJungle, at times via smartphone while still standing in the store. I just buy the “eCode” electronic gift card, have the cashier type it in, and I save another 7% on top of my other coupons or discounts.


  1. I guess you can only do this once per account? I have $500 in Walmart gift cards sitting her from the Southwest credit card deal. Guess I can do $200 for me and $200 for the wife. Kudos to you, now I don’t have to visit Walmart for gas to use my cards up. “For Walmart we pay up to 95.025%” Should come out making money converting $400 Walmart gift cards to cash. Thank!

  2. Ended up being offered $47.50 for Amazon credit or $45 for Cash/Paypal on a $50 gift card. So I only break even, which is fine.

  3. I enjoy using this site. Many people don’t realize that they can sell their gift cards, but it is slowly becoming a big business!

  4. I sold my gift cards this morning at 7:24:20 AM EST. I still haven’t gotten my PayPal funds. Says up to 2 days for payment, most often same day. This is my first time selling to them, have bought in the past, it was a hassle though.

  5. They missed the mark again. 2 days is now up. Had similar problem when purchasing Best Buy gift cards, had to contact them because they were not timely.

    Here is a discussion I started last time they were a failure:

    I guess they are not for the impatient.

  6. Emailed customer service at 10am on Saturday. Received a response in less than hour that they would check into my payout. Still haven’t received my funds.

  7. They repsonded that my PayPal account wasn’t accepting funds. I changed my settings per this thread:

  8. Got my PayPal payment today, still no bonus. They have another promo right now until tomorrow for $25 on $250 but I no willing to risk it since they haven’t paid me for the first promo. I have not had a positive experience with this company yet.

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