Free TurboTax Online Federal and State From State Farm

State Farm is quietly offering free TurboTax Deluxe Online for all customers for your 2006 taxes. It’s a very generous offer, complete with E-file and up to 3 state tax returns as well (a $56 total retail value)

Free TurboTax Screenshot

To get in on this, just go to and log into your account. You should see this page:

Free TurboTax Screenshot

Click on the “FREE tax filing” link and you’ll get a popup with a link to a special TurboTax page with the free pricing. You can also upgrade to TurboTax Premier, which does Schedule C filing and handles rental properties, for an extra $20.

Not a State Farm customer? Here are some other options:

  1. If you are patient and tolerate rebates, you can usually get some form of tax software for free after rebate at a store like OfficeMax or Staples. You still get stuck with postage and sales tax though.
  2. You can get a federal return + E-file for free at TaxACT, with state filing being an extra $15 $12.95. No rebates.
  3. If your adjusted gross income is under $52,000, then you can get free filing from the IRS when they update their page on January 16th.
  4. Finally, you could become a State Farm customer by opening up a savings or checking account for $100 at State Farm Bank. The interest rates are bad, but there are no maintenance fees if you keep $100 in there. Close the account when you’re done, or keep it in there for next year in case they offer it again. Lost interest of 5% on $100 is only $5.


  1. has 12.95 for state tax. Not $15. Have been using them for past three years. I just hate having to send in all the rebates involved in turbo tax or taxcut. I think including federal, state, efile and some extra software, number of rebates hits 4 or 5 in total.

  2. I have my homeowners with State farm, I just logged in but I don’t have any offers on the side bar. Guess this is only for selected individuals.

  3. I saw the TaxCut Deluxe + State as $15.95 on the front page, but yep, the State is just $12.95. Yeah the rebates can be a pain. Postage for 5 rebates is $2 and sales tax could be another ~$5 too .

    Hmm… that’s a bummer. Maybe give them a call? I didn’t see anything about only being for specific customers.

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  5. Showed up on my account (have homeowners and auto). Might be the first time I e-file since it’s free for my tax situation finally. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I use E-file both for $9.95 (one-time fee). Or you can print it off and just mail it in for free. Last year I got federal free, but I had to mail in my Kentucky state one (but my Michigan state one was free). Nice site, and easy to use.

  7. Same for me as Jimbo…Homeowners policy but no offer links on the account page.

  8. This might only be for their banking customers. I don’t see a link on my home page for either the free tax filing or the free antivirus / antispyware programs. I only have multi line insurance with them.

  9. I logged in as well, no Free stuff links viewable.

  10. I have homeowners, two auto, and a life policy with State Farm as well as a bank account, but I don’t see the offers either.

  11. I have auto and renters, no bank products. The left side of the screen is bank products (as you can see, none are listed) and the right side is for insurance. Do you guys not see any links at all on the left, or just not the tax one?

  12. I signed up today (I have auto and renters) but it didn’t show the link. Then I also signed up to display my Insurance accounts. A few hours later (once it synced up my policies) the link showed up.

    I already bought taxcut deluxe :( But it looks like I will get the free filing for state and fed if I go through this link so I am going to give this a try. Thanks a lot for the info!

  13. Thanks for the info, Gecko1. I’ve had my policies linked up online so I could pay with credit cards (to get rewards) for a while now. For those that don’t see the links, maybe adding your accounts online will help?

  14. I just registered on the State Farm site this morning and could not see the tax link (I have homeowners and auto). After I added my policy under the insurance section, the link for free tax filing showed up under the Additional Links. It says it takes between 2 hours and 2 days to update your account with your policy information, but I saw it after about 30 minutes. I hope that helps. Jonathan, thanks for letting us know about this offer.

  15. Thanks this was great info!!! I just logged in and saw it – what a steal! Also got my 100 from citi credit protector last week. This site is the best.

  16. Like a few others have mentioned, I just added the policies to the site and now the link is showing up. Thanks for the heads-up!

  17. Since adding policies is required, I guess opening a bank or credit card account isn’t enough to see the link.

  18. Like others, added one policy after creating account and rest of policies and the free tax software showed up a short time later. Too bad. Already bought Tax cut with fed & state & e-file for both. No problem. I’ll just use it for my son’s returns. Hope they don’t edit for who the return is for.

    Good tip on paying with credit card. With what I spend on insurance with State Farm it will be nice to get something back. Thanks Jonathan.

  19. link

    Free or low cost tax softwares recommended by IRS

  20. Perhaps, but you may need to just add online access to your bank account as well, as that is what people are doing with their insurance policy.

  21. Hrmm… I wonder if you will be able to use the link for more than 1 one person (or tax payer id)? Worth a try. :)

  22. I’m a bit skeptical of using any product recommended by the IRS.

  23. Cheap Guy says:

    Can anyone confirm if opening a checking account with $100 gives you access to free Deluxe (incl State) and Premium for only $20 (incl State)? Do not want to go through the hassle of opening an account (not even electronic with StateFarm – need to mail stuff in including a $10 check) and then closing it after using the tax software….

    If some one can verify that will be great!!

  24. Here’s the latest I’ve seen. I had to manually add my accounts, then after the two days, the offer showed up. Click on the more information button though and the offer is “Free to Try (Pay when you’re done.) Might not be as great a deal afterall. Just FYI.

  25. Cheap Guy says:

    Yes, this is just the regular Turbo Tax deal and nothing special.

  26. Mine is definitely free for everything, not sure if the offer is the same for everyone though. Does your screen look like my screenshot above?

  27. I just went to sign up for a savings account. The online sign-up process ends with printing out all the information to be mailed back to SF with a $100 check. They say it’s 5 bus days after they receive everything until acct is ready. Will post then if it worked for free TurboTax,

  28. I did see that link, followed all steps, however when it came time to file my return I was greeted with a friendly little message about PAYING for the software. Not only that, they wanted me to pay for the company to process the efile. If you want my advice, use It is 100% free, with no hidden costs.

  29. Just finished filing my taxes with TurboTax via StateFarm, and as promised it was absolutely free. You do need to go through the StateFarm web site every time you log in to TurboTax. The program works well, although I thought the boxed version of TaxCut worked better last year.

  30. Are you sure Premier includes Schedule C? Looks like only the Home & Business version includes the Schedule C. I couldn’t find a Home & Business version discount via my Statefarm account page.

  31. You’re right, I could have sworn Premier used to to Schedule C, but I guess not anymore. H&R Block TaxCut Premium does Schedule C, which is about the same price point.


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