Ally Checking Drops International ATM Fee Rebates

A couple of readers have informed me that Ally Bank recently changed their policy on fee rebates on international ATMs for their Interest Checking account. I finally verified that this policy was indeed changed over the summer. I suppose it was too expensive a perk to give out (which is why you rarely see it) but it was a rather nice feature to have since ATMs provide rather good currency exchange rates. (Ally won’t charge an additional foreign transaction fee, but Visa will charge their standard 1%.)

I usually try to take all the cash I’ll need for an entire trip in one ATM visit and just take the ~$3-$5 hit once. You can still get foreign ATM fee rebates from a the brokerage checking accounts at Schwab and Fidelity (ATM with Visa/Plus/Star logo), although the interest rates they pay are pretty low (.10-.25%).

I have updated my Ally Checking review and 3-month Follow-up posts.


  1. In all my travel in Europe, I’ve never encountered an ATM that charges a fee, so the only fee I’ve paid is the 1% to visa.

  2. unlike the U.S., many foreign ATMs do not charge a fee. I remember one time I was using an ATM in Canada, and I was furious that the ATM did not disclose what their fee was (either on the machine or on the receipt). Later when I got my bank statement, I realized that the ATM didn’t even charge an ATM fee at all!

  3. Anyone else having login issues with Ally? I keep having to enter my login info everytime I click a button. I’m using Firefox 3.6. I have several other bank accounts, this does not occur on the other ones. It’s frustrating enough to make it nearly unusable.

  4. It’s a good thing my online checking accounts still reimburses me for my ATM fees anywhere in the world!

  5. @Becky sounds like a problem with how your cookies are set – Tools > Options > Privacy tab.

  6. Bummer, man! That is one of the reasons I switched to Ally. Hopefully they keep up their rebates on domestic ATMs!

  7. Yes, the fact that Ally doesn’t charge their own fee for foreign ATM withdrawals is still a benefit over my Bank of America checking account.

  8. @Cody: “sounds like a problem with how your cookies are set – Tools > Options > Privacy tab.”

    I checked that, the cookies settings are fine (set to allow cookies). I figured out that it has something to do with the proxy at work. When I log in from work, the login is really messed up. When I log in from home, no problems.

    I’ll submit this issue with Ally. Because I have no issues with other banks logins using the work proxy.

  9. I’ve have been out of the country and on purpose don’t use the ATM. I’m very interested to learn that they don’t charge a fee in Europe.

  10. Does anyone know if Capital One continues to rebate ATM fees incurred abroad for their Interest Checking account customers? They definitely did earlier this year.

    Also, does Capital One checking charge 1% Visa/mastercard fee like Ally does if I use Capital One check card abroad? I know Capital One Credit Card doesn’t even charge 1% visa/MC fee.

  11. I know I never encountered an ATM with a fee during my month’s stay in London… the ATMs there pretty prominently announce no fees. Whether your own bank hits you with a fee though is another question entirely…

    For some reason though, I do recall encountering ATM fees when I was in Germany, but I’d have to go back and double-check my bank statement

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