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If you find the content here useful, I cordially invite you to subscribe to my content feed and get new entries sent directly to your e-mail address or RSS reader. (It’s free!) Click here for all the subscription options or simply enter your e-mail address below. Thanks goes out to everyone is already a subscriber!

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I am switching back to using Feedblitz as my e-mail subscription provider, because if I only have one post that day, it will include the title of the post in the subject of the once-a-day e-mail. I know several of you have asked about this. If you know of a better provider, or if you have any tips or post suggestions please feel welcome to contact me.

p.s. I am also trying to figure out how to run a giveaway specifically for feed subscribers, perhaps by sneaking in a secret message into the feed. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this?


  1. The Feed Footer plugin for WordPress will let you add a custom footer to the bottom of RSS posts.

  2. I visit your site via book mark everyday and from your post it makes it sound like it is better for you for people to subscribe. “I am also trying to figure out how to run a giveaway specifically for feed subscribers”. Is it better for you for people to subscribe to your site vs visiting? if so why?

    Just wonder a long time loyal reader.


  3. From my perspective, I know a lot of people visit via bookmarks. This is great, but also it requires more effort on your part. Getting a “subscriber” means that my stuff is automatically sent to them automatically every day, so it makes it more likely that they will remain a reader.

    It’s kind of the same reason why companies like NetFlix want you to sign up for a auto-billed month-to-month contract, rather than have depend on you to send in payment every single month.

    From the contest perspective, I want to reward regular readers, not just someone who might have surfed with via Google or something. Also when a website runs a contest sometimes lots of people just sign up for the contest, never to return again. Of course, this way might leave out the regular bookmarkers, so I’ll have to balance that as well.

    But please don’t feel obligated to sign up, I don’t really mind all that much either way. I just like to post up these reminders once every few months to make sure everyone knows the option is available.

  4. Kristen says:

    I’m already subscribed to your email feed…. will you be transferring over existing subscribers to your new email subscription provider, or should we re-subscribe to your new service?

    By the way, I love the content, and I recommend your site to anyone with the slightest tinges of interest in money. Thank you for your contributions.

  5. Kristen – I won’t be transferring existing subscribers, as I can’t see all your e-mail with Feedburner when you signed up, therefore I have no way of doing so.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  6. Jonathan,

    There are lot of plugins available for sending message via feed and blog posts…I use feed footer, where you can insert a message…whatever, you want, it may be a ad, or a message to your subscribers…or just a plain simple announcements. it is also good if some one is using your content in splogs…what happens is when they use your feed they also see the message that you have sent through the feed…which may be a link to your blog…
    Another advantage is that you can choose upto 10 different messages to be shown at intervals….
    Here are 2 links, one of which you should get installed right away…
    My favorite:
    Feed Footer
    This is kind of a signature to your blog…every post will have a signature that you want… (on blog)
    Add Sig

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