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Platinum Delta Skymiles American Express Companion Certificate

The Delta American Express card line-up has some limited-time bonus bumps going on right now. Offer ends 11/9/16. In particular, I noticed that the Platinum Delta American Express is offering: 70,000 bonus miles after you spend $3,000 in … [Read the rest]

Amazon Problems: Fake Product Reviews

Update: As of 10/3/16, Amazon has changed their policy and now prohibits reviews in exchange for discounted products. From the Amazon Blog: Our community guidelines have always prohibited compensation for reviews, with an exception – reviewers … [Read the rest]

Podcast Recommendation: The Distance

Many of the podcasts I listen to aren't financially-related, but I've recently been catching up The Distance Podcast which profiles the owners of private businesses that have been around for at least 25 years. Here's their own … [Read the rest]

Is There Really a Huge Loophole in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program?

The Brookings Institution came out with an interesting report titled The coming Public Service Loan Forgiveness bonanza. Here are the highlights of the paper: The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program limits your payments to 10% of … [Read the rest]

Robinhood Gold Review: $10 a Month For Extended Trading and Interest-Free Margin

The Robinhood app (my full review) became well-known for their free stock trades and sleek app-only interface. People wondered, how will they make money? Well, they just announced one way - Robinhood Gold, a premium plan starting at $10 per month … [Read the rest]

Don’t Have Prime But Shop at Amazon? Read Those Prices Carefully

ProPublica has a new article Amazon Says It Puts Customers First. But Its Pricing Algorithm Doesn’t, which outlines how Amazon does not always list the lowest price including shipping as the first available option. Here's an example they provide of … [Read the rest]

10-Minute Digital Privacy Tuneup from Consumer Reports

Following the news of the Yahoo hack of half a billion users (noted as the biggest data breach in history), you may be interested in some more tips regarding online security. In their latest issue, Consumer Reports has a 10-minute digital privacy … [Read the rest]

Marriott / Starwood Hotels Merger: Status Match, New Points Transfer Options

Marriott completed its acquisition of Starwood Hotels last week, and has already started the merging process for their loyalty rewards programs. Both programs will essentially be run separately for a while, but you can now match status and exchange … [Read the rest]

Vanguard Advice on Dynamic Retirement Spending Rules

There is a lot of focus on how to accumulate a big nest egg, but possibly even more complicated is how to spend it down. Vanguard Research has released a new whitepaper called From assets to income: A goals-based approach to retirement spending … [Read the rest]

Access from AT&T Review: Affordable Home Internet For Low-Income Households

Access from AT&T is an affordable internet access plan for low-income households offered in certain areas with AT&T service. The cost is either $5 a month at 3 Mbps or $10 a month for 5-10 Mbps, depending on your area. According to their FAQ and … [Read the rest]

Ooma Hub Upgrade Offer: Discounted Telo + No Monthly Taxes and Fees

I replaced my landline with Ooma VoIP home phone service over 6 years ago and and haven't had a monthly bill since. This ended up being one of those deals where early adoption was rewarded. First there was no monthly fees, then it was about $1 a … [Read the rest]

Join Fairmont Hotels President’s Club, Get 1,000 Free Aeroplan Miles

Here's an offer for 1,000 free Air Canada Aeroplan miles if you sign up for the Fairmont Hotels President's Club loyalty program and use the enrollment code FED16 (embedded in link). Be sure to enter your Aeroplan number (join free here) under the … [Read the rest]