My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings for selected credit cards, and may receive a commission from card issuers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. Thank you for your support. Dropping Membership Fee, Will Volume Pricing Be Low Enough?

Update October 2015. CEO Marc Lore just announced that Jet is dropping its membership fee for everyone. They've only been live for a few months, so most customers are still on a free trial anyway. This was surprising for many because Jet was … [Read the rest]

Simple Portfolio Rebalancing: Year-End vs. Random Day

I'm catching up on some reading. James Picerno of The Capital Spectator did some backtesting of simple portfolio rebalancing where once a year you go back to your target asset allocation. Does it matter if you rebalance at the end of every year, … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates for Savings Accounts and CDs – Updated October 2015

Rates checked as of October 3rd, 2015. Our family keeps a year's worth of expenses (not income) put aside in cash reserves; it provides financial insurance with the side benefits of lower stress and less concern about stock market gyrations. In my … [Read the rest]

Manage Your Cell Data? Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9

I usually don't upgrade my iPhone to the latest OS right away, as you know there is going to be 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 and so on in the upcoming weeks. But since the Discover Apple Pay promo required it, I upgraded immediately this time. One of the new … [Read the rest]

Case-Shiller Home Prices Index, Adjusted For Inflation 2015

Here's an update on residential real estate prices via the July 2015 update of the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. Included is this chart of their 20-City Composite Home Price Index, which tracks the value of residential real estate in 20 … [Read the rest]

Finametrica Risk Tolerance Assessment Review + Discounts

Spend any time researching investments, you'll eventually run across the concept of "risk tolerance". If you don't hold an investment through both the ups and downs, then you won't enjoy its average returns, either. So how can you predict your … [Read the rest]

Chase Ink Plus Business Card Review: 60,000 Rewards Points Bonus

One of Chase's small biz credit cards is called the Ink Plus® Business Card. It turns out to be very similar to the Chase Ink Bold Business card, but with the important difference that the Ink Plus is a credit card where you can carry a balance and … [Read the rest] Build Your Own College Scholarship with Small Achievements

Here's some news for anyone who's in high school and applying to college. By way of this CNN Money article, a new startup called lets you automatically earn small "micro-scholarships" from many different participating colleges … [Read the rest]

Tennessee Offers Free 2-Year College Tuition for All High School Graduates

Update 2015. The Tennessee Promise program has welcomed 15,000 students in their first year of offering free community college tuition. The number of students attending community college full-time straight from high school grew 14%. This … [Read the rest]

Citi Thank You Points Now Transfer to Virgin America + Limited-Time 25% Bonus

Citi has gradually been improving the flexibility of their ThankYou (TY) Points rewards program. In the last couple years, they have added several internationally-based airline partners on a 1:1 basis including Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Etihad, … [Read the rest]

BullionDirect Bankruptcy: Buyer Beware With Gold Storage Companies sold gold and silver bullion and even offered to store it in a vault for you for free. How nice of them. Unfortunately, they lied. From a Austin American-Statesman article with lots of customer interviews: By the time … [Read the rest]

American Express Gift Card Class Action Settlement

I've written about American Express gift cards several times in the past, mostly when they had a promotion waiving both their purchase fees and shipping fees. In such cases, they were a cheap and efficient way to "time-shift" your purchases if you … [Read the rest]