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BzzAgent Review –

I recently joined this interesting site called BzzAgent. Basically, you sign up to try new products, and you spread the "Bzz" to others and let them know the reactions that you get. It's better than simply taking surveys, as you actually get the … [Read the rest]

VirtualBank Promotion: $20 Referral Bonus for New Accounts

VirtualBank is currently running a promotion that gives new clients a $20 bonus if you are referred by an existing member, and open with a minimum of $100. The referrer also gets $20. I've referred my entire family and many others, amazingly still … [Read the rest]

It’s a Small World after all, It’s a Small World after all…

Whew, my plane landed late last night, and I'm still digging out from under work e-mails. Along with various awful Disney songs, I've also got lots of post ideas in my head and some written in Notepad on my laptop, so hopefully I'll be able to start … [Read the rest]

Most Popular Posts of MyMoneyBlog

I'm going to be busy decreasing my net worth and increasing Disney revenues this week, so here's some popular past posts. The criteria was pretty simple, any post prior to April with more than 6 comments so far is listed here: Emigrant Direct … [Read the rest]

Reprint of Wall Street Journal Article on Financial Blogs

In case anyone didn't see or want a more permanent link to the Wall Street Journal article on financial blogs written a while ago, I ran across this reprint at - Bloggers let anyone become a financial voyeur. … [Read the rest]

Book Review: Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

I wasn't the biggest fan of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, but I still decided to read this book, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki, for a couple of reasons. First, I have some friends that are real Rich Dad proponents and have bought their … [Read the rest]

I’m goin’ to DisneyWorld!

Really. I'm visiting my parents for the next week in Florida, and we are stopping by DisneyWorld as well. Not my dream way to spend a week of my vacation time, but it'll be good to see the parents again. Apparently there is an entire underground … [Read the rest]

Introducing my new blog… MyHealthBlog.Net

I would like to announce the start of my new blog - MyHealthBlog.Net! Putting my life online, setting goals, and having y'all keep me accountable has been great. And now I want to extend that to my physical health as well as my financial … [Read the rest]

Watch this video, and starting saving… NOW

Check out this nifty flash video from Vanguard about the power of compounding. I've talked about this a bit and the Rule of 72 before in this previous post, but there's nothing like a bit of nifty Flash and graphics to drive a point home. Compound … [Read the rest]

Series EE Savings Bonds To Earn Fixed Rates

It looks like my post on EE Savings Bonds a few weeks ago is already obsolete, as the U.S Treasury Department announced yesterday that Series EE Savings Bonds issued on and after May 1, 2005, will earn fixed rates of interest for the lifetime of the … [Read the rest]

April 2005 Financial Status Update

[Read the rest]

More Finance-Related Blogs

There seems to be an explosion of finance-related blogs out there now, from frugal living to personal finance to stock trading to real estate investing. I've either run across these myself or had people recommend them to me. Today I'm resolved to … [Read the rest]