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Inadequate Jury Duty Compensation

So I'm now finished with Day 2 of jury duty and still going, and as of right now I have a 40% chance of getting picked on a jury for a four week trial! My company does pay me while serving on jury duty, which makes me happy after hearing all the … [Read the rest]

Budgeting, Part 2: Variable Expenses: Gas

Ok, I've gotten off track from my close examination of my family budget. In Part 1, I went over monthly fixed expenses. I'm glad to say I cut $6/month in fixed expenses already. Now I'd like to move on to variable expenses. First, gas. Although … [Read the rest]

Pop Quiz: Test Your Investment Knowledge

I know, it's too early for a quiz. But it'll be fun! =) Vanguard has a quiz on investment knowledge with 20 questions. The questions are pretty good overall, some good questions that probe common misconceptions. I scored 95%. I know, I'm hot … [Read the rest]

Net Worth vs. Time: My Total Portfolio Historical Performance

One thing I really like about personal finance software is the ability to see performance over time. So I decided to plot my net worth over the time I have been tracking it. I only started this blog in December 2004, but I also remembered that I … [Read the rest]

Links Links Links!

Ok, so my project this Saturday morning was supposed to go through my mmb e-mails (I have been have problems with my spam filter), and also to update my links list. I totally get that everyone wants others to link to their site (I do too), because, … [Read the rest]

Green with Envy: Bimmer Lust

So I just saw a new purchase of a co-worker: a Metallic Black 2005 BMW 330Ci with Performance Package (basically the M3 minus the 333HP motor). We're talking a $45,000 MSRP car here. And this is no GM $3k-below-invoice vehicle, this car commands … [Read the rest]

Online Personal Finance Software: GBI Home Finance Manager

I've taken a break from playing with Money and Quicken for awhile, to see if I can get away with just downloading files once a month, versus inputting every transaction every day (latte, $3... latte, $3...). In the meantime, I've been trying out GBI … [Read the rest]

MyMoneyBlog Giveaway Final Results

The good news is that everyone got their 1st choice! Here are the psychicly-enhanced winners of the MyMoneyBlog Giveaway and their prizes: 1. Joshua K - Featured Link: check out his new site, Wealth Today - "Financial Advice On How To Be Rich and … [Read the rest]

Private Equity Funding: Good Investment Opportunity?

I ran across this website recently, Pac Equities, Inc. It seems like they do private equity funding - that is, lend money to real estate developers who cannot get funding via conventional means (aka a bank?). I know nothing more about this than … [Read the rest]

E-Trade is interested in buying Ameritrade Brokerage

This is not good. According to various sources, including this article at ABC News and one in the SF Chronicle, E-Trade is looking to buy Ameritrade. Boo. I especially like the quote "Every one of these brokers has customers because of a negative … [Read the rest]

Book Review: The Informed Investor

Ok, so The Informed Investor by Frank Armstrong III has been sitting on my nightstand, often being overlooked for my Car & Driver magazine for a couple months now. Not because it is a bad book, but mostly because all the money I plan on … [Read the rest]

Stupid Investment of the Week

Every Friday, Chuck Jaffe at CBS Marketwatch posts an article about a shady investment opportunity, aptly named the Stupid Investment of the Week (this week's article). I first ran across this column while researching an ad I saw in the local … [Read the rest]