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Ten Myths of IRA Investing

Fidelity Investor's Weekly is a weekly personal finance online newsletter, much like what is available on CNN Money or MSN MoneyCentral. It's supposed to be for Fidelity members (I am one) but it looks publicly accessible to me! Although many of … [Read the rest]

Credit Cards: What’s the point of signing?

Ever notice that very few cashiers ever check to see if the signature on your receipts really matches the signature on the back of your credit card? At the grocery store I go to, you just take out your card, swipe it yourself, and put it away. They … [Read the rest]

A Tale of Two Brokerages: Ameritrade and E-Trade Thoughts

I closed my accounts with both Ameritrade and E-Trade recently, as I was moving all my stock trading to When I cancelled my E-Trade account, there was a long hold time, and then the person who cancelled my account was rather rude - … [Read the rest]

Americans have the least vacation in the developed world.

Ugh. What a long Monday. Worked on Saturday too. And it's not just me. the average middle income family now works four months more in total hours than they did in 1979. Some 80% of men and 62% of women work more than 40 hours a week, and almost … [Read the rest]

U.S. Savings Bonds: I-Bonds and EE-Bonds – Good investment? (Part 2)

(This post is continued from Part 1) Okay, so we went over I-Bonds for a little bit, now let?s see what EE Bonds have to offer. Again, EE-Bonds share many characteristics with I-Bonds, which were outlined in my previous post. However, EE-Bonds … [Read the rest]

Tipping guidelines: How much do you give? (Part 2)

(Note: This post is a continuation of Part 1) First, I just want to make it clear that these are what *I* think is reasonable. Tipping is inherently a fuzzy thing - I've been working and travelling for business for about 2 years, and this is what … [Read the rest]

U.S. Savings Bonds: I-Bonds and EE-Bonds – Good investment? (Part 1)

Right now, my portfolio is very cash heavy (almost 50k), as I saving for up a house in crazy-prices land. Accordingly, I am always on the looking for liquid investments that are safe and pay competitive interest rates. So I'm taking another look at … [Read the rest]

Free Real-Time Streaming Stock Quotes

One drawback of using FreeTrade for my brokerage is that I don't get free real-time quotes. I'm not a very active trader, but when I do make a trade it's nice to have the best information possible, especially if I can still find it for free. Most … [Read the rest]

Tipping guidelines: How much do you give? (Part 1)

I wasn't sure where to file this, but I guess "Frugal Living" will do. That's mainly because I do not equate frugal with cheap or stingy. Frugal to me means living simply and doing smart things with your money, not stealing or stiffing people … [Read the rest]

Free haircut.

The wife cut my hair again tonight, it's something we've been trying to avoid the now $15-20 places are charging for a guy's haircut these days. I mean, usually they can be done with me in 5 minutes, but then there's always another 5 minutes of … [Read the rest]

Are warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club worth it?

Back in college, since I had no car and ate cheap take-out 5 days a week, I never went to warehouse clubs. But since getting married, my wife's family extended their "business" membership to us, and we now go to Costco once every 2-3 weeks. These … [Read the rest]

Tax Day… or not.

So I had all my W-2s, 1099s, stock trades and dates, etc. ready to do my taxes. I sit down at the computer and... where did my tax software go? I know I took it out of the boxes, cut out the UPCs, and sent off the rebates. I already threw away the … [Read the rest]