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Quick Guide to Black Friday Sales

Since it's November, it's time to talk about Black Friday AKA the day after Thanksgiving. Somehow, this has turned into the #1 shopping day of the year with stores offer deep discounts like $200 laptops to get people in the door. In turn, these … [Read the rest]

Is 0% APR On Purchases Better Than Cashback?

Back in my post Why You Shouldn?t Settle For a 1% Cashback Credit Card, commenter TW raised a good question: Isn?t the best ?return? on credit card use found using a 0% on purchases card and put the money you would use to pay it off in an interest … [Read the rest]

First Feedback Survey Results – Part 1

I've tallied up the answers to the multiple choice portion of my feedback survey, and here are results complete with pretty pie charts! … [Read the rest]

Wal-Mart: Generic Prescription Drugs For $4

Wal-mart has a new program that offers certain generic prescription drugs for only $4, with or without insurance. Available in-store only, no mail orders. I don't know much about drugs, but that sounds pretty cheap to me. From their press … [Read the rest]

Updated Online Savings Accounts Comparison Page

As suggested in my survey, I am continuing to freshen up the parts of this site that are getting a bit dated. My old online savings account comparison just wasn't cutting it, as a lot of new competitive accounts have entered the scene recently. I … [Read the rest]

Free Trade Magazine Subscriptions

TradePub is a site with a big list of free subscriptions to trade magazines in various industries, from finance to IT/engineering to healthcare. It's all advertiser-supported, so just pick out what you want. Here are a few financial mags that … [Read the rest]

Free 250 Delta Skymiles For One Question Survey

Free 250 Delta miles for telling them what you like to do while in-flight. Easy-Peasy. I can't wait for free WiFi to hit airplanes. … [Read the rest]

3 Quick Tips For Dealing With Customer Service Reps

Whether trying to get a fee waived, or calling in to check up a signup bonus, here are 3 quick tips for dealing with phone reps: 1) If you can't get to a human within 30 seconds, try finding a better number at 2) If you ask nicely … [Read the rest]

MBNA Credit Card Site Goes Bye-Bye

If you have an MBNA credit card, you may have noticed that the credit card site is no more. When you try to log in, it says that your cards should be at But if you have certain co-branded cards like Fidelity ones, you can only … [Read the rest]

How To Get An Instant Credit Limit Increase With Citibank

There are a variety of reasons to get higher credit card limits, including improving your credit score by using a lower percentage of your available credit, and also the ability to get more free money from credit cards, and thus make more interest. … [Read the rest]

Should I Outsource Myself?

I'm looking at a few online hire-a-freelancer sites, including eLance and, and comparing the project descriptions and the winning bids. Most of the bidders are from foreign countries and the prices are amazingly low. Some of the finished … [Read the rest]

Tune Out All That Financial Noise

In geek speak, the term "noise" is any disturbance that interferes with or prevents reception of a signal, like the static on your cell phone. In the financial world, the intended signal is trying to tell us how to best accumulate wealth, and the … [Read the rest]