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Another survey company that I’ve gotten paid out for and that I have heard other positive experiences about is Like other programs, they offer you rewards points for taking surveys. They let you redeem the points for cash, which is nice. 1000 points = $10, so think of it as $0.01/point. The payouts tend to be smaller per survey (from 10-300 points), but the surveys are also shorter. Occasionally I have been offered to receive test products and then provide feedback on them for points as well. I also like that they seem to have a steady stream of paying surveys every month.

MySurvey joins Pinecone Research, E-Rewards (both currently not taking new members), and SurveySavvy as the paid survey programs that I’ve used and liked so far.

You can also try Greenfield Online, but they offer less good-paying surveys.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and Credit-Land for selected credit cards, and may receive a commission from card issuers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. I like MySurvey and Pinecone, Pinecone is a lot better though. I tried Greenfield, but they give you too many surveys that don’t pay any money.

    I also like American Consumer Opinion:
    and Lightspeed Panel:

  2. Noble Drusus says

    I joined Pinecone when you said it wasn’t open to new participants. I think it is still open to certain people. Perhaps I had the proper demographic to be added. I think it’s worth a try to attempt joining as I have already received $50 worth of checks for surveys. Not bad.

  3. A better point-to-cash survey site may be GlobalTestMarket, which pays 5 cents per points. Usually each survey has 50 to 75 points and even if you don’t qualify for the full survey, you still get 5 points. I used it for a while and just received a check of $64.20 last week. The minimum redeem limit is 1000 points. Also I feel SurveySpot is better than Greenfield Online. SurveySpot has more cash reward opportunities than Greenfield, which in recent months only sent me surveys with sweepstake rewards.

  4. I wonder how much you guys can get from the survey every year and how much effort you have to put on it.

  5. I’m tempted to try this but I fear that I’ll get bombarded with SPAM in email and snail mail form!

    Have any of you experienced this?

  6. I haven’t received any spam in the email address I use for Pinecone Research, and my snail-mail junk hasn’t increased as far as I can tell… though I still haven’t decided if it’s really worth the $5 per survey, especially considering I have to answer unpaid “household questions” more often than they send me surveys to complete.

  7. I think Pinecone has a good return. I can do a survey in about 20 minutes for the $5 and I earn about 4 of those a month. I have done MySurveys and have gotten $20 so far. I don’t like the time that it takes to do their surveys for the return. Few opportunities to earn a lot of points. I like ERewards because they send a lot of surveys and if you don’t qualify you usually get 25 or 50 cents for the few questions you end up answering. You can earn a better return on your time using them. The best options to “cash in” your earnings is through free Blockbuster rentals or airline miles. I have only completed two surveys from American Consumer Opinion in the last few months. They are comparable to Pinecone, but the surveys are hard to qualify for.

  8. Sounds like an easy way to get a few extra dollars. Are the surveys time consuming?

  9. I like MySurvey, too. Pinecone is good but the number of surveys they’ve sent me has fallen off pretty dramatically in the last several months. I do well with Livewire also. Lightspeed is good but I don’t qualify for a lot of surveys. I stopped participating in Erewards because the options for cash-out suck so badly. The airline mile ones are okay, but you can only redeem for each airline once a year, so it forces you to spread your miles over a lot of different airlines. Hard to actually get a free ticket that way. I also am a member of Survey Savvy but I hardly ever qualify for the surveys.

    Is it worth it? Not if you have anything better to do. I do them at work when it’s slow. One of my jobs has a lot of down time. I wouldn’t do it on my own time, or on the clock at my primary job where I actually have work to do all the time. But I do make several hundred dollars a year from it, which goes straight into savings. 🙂

  10. How does this compare to eRewards?

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