Mint Mobile: Unlimited Talk, Text, and 3 GB LTE Data For $15/Month + Free SIM

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A few readers pointed out Mint Mobile (formerly MintSIM) as another T-Mobile MVNO with cheap plans. Their unique proposition is that they offer discounts if you prepay in advance for 3, 6, or 12 months. Buy in bulk, save money. Right now, they are also offering a new customer promotion: their lowest pricing with initial 3-month purchase plus a free SIM card (free shipping). It’s not a free trial, but you might be paying $45 for a single month of service right now. The plan options:

  • Unlimited Talk/Text and 3 GB LTE Data for $15/month for 3 months + Free SIM card ($45 total paid upfront).
  • Unlimited Talk/Text and 8 GB LTE Data for $20/month for 3 months + Free SIM card ($60 total paid upfront).
  • Unlimited Talk/Text and 12 GB LTE Data for $25/month for 3 months + Free SIM card ($75 total paid upfront).

After you run out of LTE high-speed data, you still get included “unlimited” slow data at 2G speeds (128kbps). All plans also include free international calls to Mexico and Canada.

You can bring your own unlocked GSM phone including both Android and Apple iPhones. You can check BYOP compatibility here. Here are their full plan options:

Update May 2020: A couple years after writing this initial review, I am now on my second year of Mint service. It has been a great value and I am very happy for the data service at the price that I paid. There are a few times at a crowded concert or something where I suspect that my data is being throttled (hard to know for sure), but otherwise the coverage has been great and reliable.

Bottom line. MintSIM is a T-Mobile MVNO that provides deeply-discounted cellular service if you prepay for up to 12 months upfront. Right now, you can get the lowest pricing but only commit to 3 months, plus get a free SIM card.

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  1. I’ve been using Mintsim for 6 months now and it works quite well. As with all MVNOs, no roaming so if there’s no Tmobile coverage you’re SOL. One nice thing they added is ability to use internationally at a very modest rate. I’m a fan!

  2. I’ve heard of Mint – but like you, am not sure about the prepaying so far ahead. Been using an MVNO for almost 2 years now and won’t ever go back. There is too much savings there to go back to the big guys.

  3. I tried Mint last summer, and found extremely slow speeds at times, when I was no where near my data cap. I checked the forums, and other people had similar issues. It looked very likely some kind of throttling or prioritization was going on. Not sure if it is any better now.

  4. Troy Brown says

    I’ve been using MS since last November and am satisfied with the service overall. It’s T-Mobile which is not great here but the price is about as good as it gets. I sometimes get text messages a day or two late but it’s hard to say if that’s an issue with the service or with Android-iPhone. It’s definitely worth a short trial to see how service is in your area.

  5. if you use uber and Lyft, getting this itself will become free. Self referral 😉

  6. I have been on MintSIM for the past 6 months or so. Got in on their last black Friday deal for buy 3 mos, get 3 mos. So my monthly fee is only $7.50+taxes for now. I moved over from Ting, which had horrible Sprint coverage. T-Mobile coverage/speed is much better in the LA area and I haven’t had any issues with data speed or call quality. Nothing to really complain about, but I have read online that MintSIM’s customer service is basically nonexistent, something to keep in mind. They also just rolled out international roaming with talk, txt and data, so that is convenient. Though check the rates as they may be high depending on the country you are visiting and how much you use. Overall, it’s a good deal for light data users.

  7. I too have been on Mint Sim since around the holidays when they had the “buy 3mos, get 3 mos” plan. At least here in Honolulu and the surrounding area I find the 4G LTE coverage to be robust in most spots. I of course have better coverage with Sprint and Verizon in buildings and in parking garages. But, for the most part the coverage has been good. However, I’ve read multiple articles and forum posts on the Mint Sim Reddit, that Mint Sim is deprioritized. My experiences corroborate this when I run speed tests in various highly populated places – with good coverage. At some points I’ll end up with a fraction of a Mbps (e.g. .66 Mpbs, .93 Mbps, etc.). Sometimes I can run the test at home and get in the 20’s Mbps at one time of the day and at others I’ll get just 2 Mbps. All in all, I think the service is reliable for an affordable price, but you can’t always count on adequate speeds for streaming – at least not in Honolulu and the surrounding areas.

  8. I attempted to try Mint. I’ve switched mobile operators on my own (with a SIM kit) before without a problem. Mint was the exception. In addition, their customer service was abysmal and gave me the run-around by saying it was my current operators fault or that I’d need to wait 24, 48, and then 72 hours before “it would finish transferring.” After dealing with their garbage for far too long I gave up. Then they refused to refund me for the prepaid plan and SIM.

    I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and you really only get what you pay for if that. I learned there are many MANY other MVNOs and a little bit more a month for a service that works is much better than ever having to spend time waiting for awful service that might not ever come.

  9. I’ve was a Verizon customer for years. I then moved to Ting on Sprint with no issues with service quality or support. I was careful with my data and talk usage so I didn’t creep over to the next bucket since the point of the move was to save money. MintSIM was a deal too good to pass up. Since I used Google Voice as my real number it was easy to try it out while keeping Ting active, but also no need to port any numbers. 611 works to talk to human support. My only complaint is that you can’t disable voicemail so I had to enable Google Voice call screening to prevent people from leaving messages on the MintSIM voicemail. I also had to block the Android VM notifications so I don’t have to clean up a bunch of Google Voice screening announcements. Not perfect, but no more bucket anxiety!

  10. I’ve had MintSIM for 8 months now, switched from Republic on Sprint and very happy. I was worried because years ago I had T-Mobile and it had horrible coverage and would constantly drop calls but now it is completely fixed. I have a work phone on Verizon and very rare to I experience a difference between the two. Speeds are good, can’t remember the last time something buffered. So nice to have 2 GB instead of paying per MB like I was on Republic

  11. My experience matches others. Prepaid for a year after trying for 3 months. Price is great. If you need customer service, you’re screwed.

  12. If I have no smartphone devise, could anyone suggest if I can buy from Walmart the cheapest and repurpose it for another network? Or where can one get a cheap device?

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