Free Credit Scores From ALL 3 Major Credit Bureaus + Free Credit Monitoring + $50k in Free ID Theft Insurance (No Credit Card Required)

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Updated 2019. The government requires the credit bureaus to provide you a free credit report once every 12 months. However, the services listed below provide you a free credit score updated throughout the year either daily, weekly, or monthly. The best ones also offer free daily credit monitoring and/or free identity protection services. As of 2019, all three major credit bureaus are covered: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

None of the services below require a trial or credit card number to sign up, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise charges. These are either ad-supported (they will pitch you stuff) and/or they are “freemium” services with a paid upgrade option (but you can stay on the free tier forever). Each of them offers something unique, and together form a comprehensive daily monitoring of your credit.

Credit Sesame offers a free credit score every month, based on your TransUnion credit report (VantageScore 3.0). Score range is 300-850. They only require the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. No trial or credit card required. The best parts about Credit Sesame in my experience are that they have the most reliable credit alerts and the free $50,000 in ID theft insurance.

  • Free daily credit monitoring. Credit Sesame also offers free daily credit monitoring of your TransUnion data, with alerts coming via e-mail, text, or smartphone app. This service tracks more than 40 different credit activities such as a balance change, address change or when a new account is opened.
  • Free identity protection and restoration services. Credit Sesame also includes $50,000 in identity theft insurance and access to identity restoration support in their free membership level.

Credit Karma offers you two free credit scores, based on your TransUnion and Equifax credit reports and updated weekly (VantageScore). Score range is 300-850. They only require the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. No trial or credit card required. The best part about Credit Karma in my experience is that you get two credit bureaus covered in one service.

  • Free credit monitoring. Credit Karma also offers free e-mail credit monitoring alerts of your TransUnion data.
  • Free identity theft monitoring. Credit Karma uses your email address to search and notify you of breached accounts and threats to your identity. offers a free credit score every month, based on your Experian credit report (FICO 08). Score range is 300-850. They require your full Social Security Number. No trial or credit card required. They don’t have ads, but instead ask you at every opportunity to upgrade. The best part about in my experience is that they are a rare free option to track changes to your Experian report, which rounds out the two above.

  • Free credit monitoring. They also offer free e-mail credit monitoring alerts of your Experian data.

WalletHub offers a free credit score based on your TransUnion credit report (VantageScore), updated daily. Score range is 300-850. They only require the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. No trial or credit card required. The best part about WalletHub in my experience is that they offer daily access to your full TransUnion credit report, if for some reason you want to check your full report that often.

Note that some of the scores above are not FICO scores because Fair Isaac charges more money in licensing fees and these companies may not be able to cover those costs with their advertising. However, these services are still be very useful for tracking changes in your credit history. I enjoy getting alerts if a credit card balance is paid in full, if there is a new credit inquiry, or if my credit utilization ratio gets too high on a specific credit line. This is also a great way to get early warning of any fraudulent activity.

Bottom line. Used in combination, I use the services above to keep track of any daily changes to my credit reports across all three credit bureaus for free. None of them require my credit card number, and they alert me to things like new accounts, new credit check inquiries, and high credit line usage.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and Credit-Land for selected credit cards, and may receive a commission from card issuers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. dogatemyfinances says

    I have the WaMu credit card. My FICO results have huge gaps, like months on end without a score. When I emailed customer service, they emailed me back the generic disclaimer that you don’t always have a FICO score, and it isn’t always available, which makes no sense

    Even when it is available, it isn’t your full credit report. The only number that I can see is the amount of revolving debt I have, and I don’t even have that sometimes. It’s just a floating, magical FICO number.

  2. It’s important to note these are all for Fako scores, not Fico. Fico scores are the same scores a potential lender sees. Fako scores are that company’s own formula. I’ve had as much as an 88 point difference between the two which tell me Fako scores are meaningless.

    • Jon,

      I am responding to your comment six years after you posted but it is still true in 2014. These scores from these free places other the TransUnion based ones are bogus. I too have had huge differences between Fako and actual Fico.

  3. CFA Level 1 says

    Nice list of tips and insights. Thanks for this as most of these i didn’t even know about.

  4. I will agree that WAMU’s score does not accurately reflect my true FICO. It is consistently 40 to 80 points higher. My understanding is their weighting is reflective of credit card worthiness (which makes sense as that is where they do business). It’s still a useful tool as you can track ups and downs, just don’t take it is gospel.

    While not hassle free, you can signup for the free trial at and get a free report from one of the big three (I think it was Experian for me the last time around). You can then cancel w/o a fee. Fat Wallet references that you can sign up for a free trial again after a few months, but I haven’t had the need.

    Having gone through a refinance last October as well as being currently involved in another large loan process, I’ve had recent copies from all three reporting agencies that have allowed for comparison to the other “FAKO” scores available to me. As a rule I just lop 50 points off the numbers presented. WAMU’s score as of right now is 48 points higher than my mid-score for January.

  5. Thanks for the tidbit…credit reports are easy to get…it’s usually the frequently more valuable credit score that’s more elusive to obtain for free!

  6. Someone sent me an email pitching, I checked it out, and it was a surprisingly a valuable resource.. It shows a credit score (not sure how accurate, but it was +/- 10 points of my equifax score watch), but the kicker is it shows you all your positive and all your negative factors, and the weight they used to get them.. Plus it gives you short and long term tips on how to improve each one.

    • Barbara Faye says

      My TU score is usually higher (my bank officer says they’re the fairest).
      EQ next
      EX almost always the lowest.
      Please share your personal experience. Thanks

      • I agree with Barbara that for me, TU scores are consistently highest. I’m can’t say with any certainty whether my EX or EQ scores are consistently higher. I have also seen that largest number of hard credit pulls in the past two years (only my own experience) have been to TU, followed by EX and EQ. American Express and Chase Bank pulled EX and Discover pulled EQ (all credit applications originated in Michigan). All other hard pulls went to TU.

      • I just ran the first three options in this article and had a 100 point difference between the scores. Trans Union was highest, then Experian, then Equifax. Credit Sesame seemed the most useful in terms of information specifically about my accounts. One thing they all did was estimate the equity in my home based on a “Current estimated value”. That number varied by nearly $175,000 and all were lower than a recent real estate broker (not bank loan) appraisal. Overall, though, the information was as useful or more useful than the stuff you get when you pay for credit reports. Many thanks to the authors for providing this information.

    • I just went to, click on free experian credit repot and got all the info I needed, EXCEPT CREDIT SCORE. Theu said I had to pay $1.00 & monthly membership. Rules must have changed.

  7. Wamu actually says the score they give is a FICO score (with the trademark symbol and all). What’s strange though is that I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a free FICO or FAKO score and then you put up the tips…thanks. I just applied for the Wamu credit card and got the approval instantly.

  8. The WaMu FICO score is a very valid score because is is credit-enhanced. That is, if you are applying for a credit card, this is the type of score they will be looking at.

  9. Here’s a comparison of WAMU’s scores and scores reported by the big three for December 2007.
    My WAMU score was 829, Experian 755, TransUnion 785, Equifax 792.

    When I went through a refinance last October WAMU was 844 and my mid was 802.

    I had looked into this at one point and recall a reference to WAMU being classified as a PFICO. (FAKO, as in PFIZER? – not really but cute)

    Thanks Mike who posted while I was composing this, valid yes, but enhanced with regard to their market and line of business is my take.

  10. WaMu gives a FICO score, not a FAKO score, they even say its a FICO score from TransUnion right on there website.

    • There are, literally, hundreds of FICO scores. Some bend the score more to credit cards, other towards car loans and still others are toward mortgages. Which the loan company uses is up to that particular loan company. Some companies are now using Vantage, which also has several models. The best you can do is stay current, always checking your credit and knowing what you have, adjust the best you can and constantly monitor your big three areas (Balance, on time and usage). It’s a very important balancing act that is required to be successful in life these days.

  11. I’m pretty sure you can’t use the “FICO” name unless you are pulling a true FICO score, unless you want a team of lawyers knocking on your door.

    The problem is that there are even multiple flavors of FICO scores, even on the same credit report data. One might be more focused on mortgage-related defaults, while the other might be focused on auto-loan default rates.

  12. You should only compare the WaMu score with your myFICO score based specifically on your Transunion data, not necessarily your mid-score or average score.

  13. Johnathan:
    First, thanks for all the awesome info. Question on the LendingClub credit score check, though: how do you do it? Do you actually have to request a loan for it to happen? Thanks!

  14. Actually, I think I just answered my own question: yes, but you don’t have to complete the request to actually get the score. (I came out with an A3, a marked improvement on my score from last year, which was 680. The price for being a “ghost” in the system…)

  15. There’s one more way to get a free credit report and score absolutely free, and with NO trial.

    Go to and click on the main banner on the homepage, or you can go to the interior page here:

    This is the first no strings attached credit score that I’ve seen online. Obviously, you have to provide your personal information and social security # so they can pull your score.

    They’re hoping that by providing you your credit score, you’ll take advantage of the products provided on their site.

  16. Thanks for the information. I just wanted to add that the Clear from American Express credit card offers cardholders a free credit report with your credit score once every year, and there’s no annual fee for the card, so that’s another option. Thanks again.

    • Don’t bother with American Express credit report offer. I tried cancelling the day or two before the the trial period expired but I couldn’t get through their phone system so the company that handles this charged me anyway after I explained the situation. I wouldn’t trust them. Unfortunately, AMEX couldn’t do anything for me–ridiculous.

  17. Thanks for the tip on LendingClub. I didn’t much care about the FICO info, but I did sign up to lend and just now received the $25 referral fee. w00t!

  18. The Wamu score isn’t real-time. It is updated monthly. It matches my TransUnion score, which is typically the highest. Equifax is mid, and experian is always the lowest score

  19. I had come across sites like They are not free, but I had once taken their trial and liked it. They provide one a month update from ALL three credit bureaus with details of transactions that may be mismatching among the three.
    Has anyone used them? Are there any OTHER sites like them? All help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Barbara Faye says

      They get good ratings as as a monitoring & what their name says but as far as scores, they’re known as a FACO site. But their main goal IS in their name.

  20. I’m thinking of opening a WAMU platinum mastercard (credit card).

    How good is it?
    Is the FICO score worth to get this card?
    Can we do the payments online?

    Please give me your feedback so that i can decide about opening this credit card.


  21. Drew Miller says

    Credit Karma turned goofy – it doesn’t really give you your score anymore.

    • Barbara Faye says

      What do you mean? Then what is that 3 digit number they give on a weekly basis, that usually starts with a 7 or a 6?

    • Credit Karma is giving out scores again, but they’re not even close to a real FICO score. I’m an 835 on FICO and every CK score update I get I’m like a 740. Big difference.

  22. FICO tailors scores according to the type of business … a real estate lender may get XXX from FICO, a car dealer will see YYY, a credit card app will see ZZZ, etc. WAMU FICO is off the ZZZ variety – it won’t be the same score the car dealer sees. The ZZZ is the only one consumers can get, as far as I know. I would not make a deal on a house or car, if the lender refused to share the score s/he sees.

  23. If you want the score because you’re in the market to buy a home, visit HUD’s website and click the link for housing counselors. While the quality of the counseling will vary, many of these agencies have access to some great systems. The agency that I run uses a Freddie Mac system that allows us to pull Transunion and Experian at no cost, with scores, and it’s a soft pull, so there’s no impact on the credit score. It also provides us with a report on steps that will improve your ability to qualify for a mortgage and even let’s us know if you are ready to go apply with a lender. We run it for everyone who comes into our office wanting to buy a home. We have access to another system that allows us to pull all three as a soft pull with scores. That system may come with a charge depending on what we are using it for (foreclosure prevention clients get it free).

    • Hud charges $65 for a credit report, the housing office will NOT give a free report. I even called one of the “approved offices” and talked to a housing counselor directly.

      They recommended I go to to get a free report.
      But, they do NOT provide Credit Scores.

      I when to the site, registered, saw that they identified me based on info they had in their questionnaire (like phone number, zipcode, prior address), they asked me for MORE info on myself as well to add to their database.

      Finally, after competing all questions, the page produced a request to print the form and SEND in by SNAIL MAIL a copy of my ID and utility bill for them to send me a printed copy. What?????? I only wanted an online version.

      Looks like they have a gap somewhere in their data and want me to send in a copy of my picture ID/drivers license ……?….?

      So… even if you confirm everything…. you may not get what you were looking for.

  24. I know this post is old, but in case anyone stumbles on it, I want to definitely recommend CreditKarma. Their first version turned a lot of people on this blog off (myself included) but it now seems to be very reliable and from what I’ve read elsewhere is, or will soon be, based on the scores from all three companies.

  25. real estate says

    This is a huge help for those of us who do not know where to start when it comes to improving our credit score. I want to purchase a home on the distant horizon, so I was thinking I should start doing stuff now to boost my score.

    Anyone know what the dif. is between experian, trans, and equifax credit scores and a FICO score?

  26. Beginning March 9, 2009, you’ll access your WaMu credit card information on Chase Online.

    As of March 1, however, your free FICO score won’t be displayed. Please consider accessing your credit score details for a *** FEE **** through Chase Credit Builder.

  27. I have a Wamu card and love checking my credit score but Wamu is now Chase and as of March the credit score will no longer be available.

  28. i can’t believe chase.

    getting rid of that feature. i’ve had this card forever, originally it was through providian bank, which got bought out by wamu, and now has been absorbed into the giant chase, who treats its customers like trash.

    looks like i’ll be cancelling this guy. too bad.

  29. Richard Bronosky says

    Chase just lost me and my wife as customers. We’ve had Providian/WaMu cards for 6+ years because of their free credit score. We also had Chase Platinum cards because of the free double MFG warranty benefit. I’m canceling those out of principle as well. They can afford to make stupid business decisions because they know that the government will mortgage my future income to bail them out if they need it. Someone deserves a multi-million dollar bonus!

    BTW, if anyone knows of another credit card that offers a free credit score, please reply.

  30. How can chase do that to WaMu Customers. I will cancell it ASAP.

  31. I can’t believe it CHASE take away the free credit score. My wife & I, both have WaMu with free monthly credit score. Now, Chase sucks so bad that they take that feature away. I thought at least they have to give WaMu CC holders a year free credit score or so…. We just keep the card, but won’t use it. Chase sux.

  32. I agree Chase is taking over the Wamu card. Part of the reason Wamu Card is the best because they offer a montly update on your credit score. Chase is a well known company and I can’t believe they can’t even afford to offer this or continue the service free credit score to their customer as they make a lot of money. Talk about Customer Service. I might have to result on closing my Wamu which will be Chase after March 4. Very disappointed.

  33. i am so dissappointed i will be losing the monthly benifit of knowing what my fico was with wamu. I was so lucky to know if something happened to my credit score! CHASE should be offering us what we had before/now becuase WE DIDNT SCREW UP AND CAUSE THEM TO BUY WAMU!

    possibly if we complain enough we will be able to make some waves with chase

  34. I’m so glad that I just refinance my house and took out a bit extra to pay off WaMu!!!! I’ve also been looking for another card that offers the free FICO Score updates. I haven’t found one yet. I wish WaMu would have asked their customers before selling to Chase.

    Since we’re on the subject of Credit Cards, watch for letters in the mail regarding your other cards. I have had 3 Credit Card Companies jump up interest rates in the last 2 months. One company (Capital One) even jumped my interest rate up by 4% even though I haven’t been late on payments!

    • Barbara Faye Kennel says

      Barclay Ring & Discover give free monthly FICO scores. Unfortunately, they’re both from TO. After Amex accepted me, they sent me my EX score along with my new card.
      That’s all the information I have.

  35. Also… If you are trying to raise your credit score… don’t close your account! Your credit score is greatly affected by the length of time you’ve had credit. So, just having the account open helps to raise your score even if you don’t use it! (Suze Orman said this on one of her shows and she is correct!)

    • Barbara Faye Kennel says

      Also effects your utilization credit used to credit available, which is a bigger percentage of your score than history.
      1)Late payments,High(35%)
      2)or3)Negative Reports(20%)?
      4)Credit History, Low(10%)
      5)Inquiries, Low(10%)

  36. Stephen Weinstein says

    The Washington Mutual (WaMu) scores are being discontinued by Chase (which now owns Washington Mutual). Effective March 2009, they will not be available.

  37. Thanks for mentioning the interest rate increases Jean D. Also, credit card companies are reducing the credit lines on accounts will also adversely impact FICO scores. On cards where I’ve had thousands of dollars of credit, now that they’ve been reduced down to their balances it gives the appearance that I’m maxed out my credit on these cards. I had been working hard to pay on these accounts which was slowly improving my FICO score so I could buy a home. Now I don’t know if it will ever happen.

  38. Just cancelled my providian/wamu/chase card (19 years) because no compromise was offered to continu the fico service.

  39. cancelling that card lowers your FICO score because it decreases not only your over all available credit, but also the credit history associated with that card…..nice work arie……just leave the no annual fee cards open and use them once or twice a year for small amounts is the best thing to do

  40. WAMU used to be free. Since they switched to Chase it is $7.95 a month. I hate Chase!

  41. I think we should start an “I Hate Chase” website. A couple weeks ago I called them since I never received a new credit card when they switched over from Washington Mutual. Unbeknownst to me, I was told my account was closed! What the ??? I have a $3K balance and had available credit of $13K. I have not charged on this card for at least seven years as the balance was much higher and I have been consistently paying at least the minimum due, sometimes more, on time, every month for the past 7 – 10 years. I can’t even remember the last time I used my card. The reason – the same as the other credit card companies. “A recent review was done and due to your credit history…blah, blah, blah”. I told him my credit history was right in front of him which showed I’ve consistently paid on my account since the beginning of time and haven’t even used my card for several years. I asked when I was going to be notified and was told a letter would be sent in the next 5 days which was more like 15. I think it’s criminal for them to just close out an account or lower credit limits to your account balance amount so by appearances you looked like you’re maxed out. Now my FICO, that I had been working hard to improve, looks worse than it ever has. I don’t only hate Chase, I hate Citibank and B of A as well! Thank you for allowing me to release all that frustration. 🙂

    • Barbara Faye says

      I don’t hate Chase. They just approved me for their Freedom card with a $11000 CL which will help my utilization. Especially combined with Amex, after day 61 of having my new Amex card I can call for a 3xs CLI!

  42. Jeanette,
    I feel your pain…I too just had my card cancelled without my knowledge. Called to “activate” the new card they sent me, and found out my account was CLOSED!! But it was BofA!! I had a $20,000 limit. Rarely used the card. I did however use it to transfer balances getting a “deal” rate for 6+ months to get principal down. Now with the caps removed on almost all cards and the % for transferring money up…its really not worth it. It costs you in the long run now. The reason – the same as the other credit card companies. “A recent review was done and due to your credit history…blah, blah, blah”. So, basically they didnt want my business….too bad for them….

  43. Ok… I logged in to CK a few months ago for the first time but would like to get rid of my profile. -Is there a way I can take myself off the CK record? -I’d appreciate your help.
    –CK founder, maybe you can answer that?!

  44. the whole problem with this country is that NOTHING is done the smae accross the board. there should not be 3 credit reporting agencies, there should only be one, and these ppl should be accountable for the information the publish, perhaps then things would be much better for the avg person who does not have much money or credit, yet pays on time, all the time. it’s all about money, the more you have the more credit you will be given, the higher your score. BIG FLIPPIN DEAL about the score. it is nothing but someones so called formula to determine your worthiness, they dont know you. infact, if they give you a lower score, and then you get denied credit, guess what, your score just got lowered again, every time you apply for credit, your score gets lowered. I will stick with my emergency credit card all else cash.

  45. Its completely nuts just trying to get your credit score and bureau. They play so many “games” with you that they are actually “worse” than the “car dealers” themselves. I would love for someone to simply offer all 3 bureaus and scores…ONE TIME PRICE…get it and go!

    Does anyone know how I can simply get my 3 fico scores (not something “like” the fico…but the actual score itself? Then get the bureaus…all for a ONE TIME PRICE…no games.

  46. I recently (last week) recieved a letter from Chase saying” We have reveiwed your credit report and have decded to cancel your card” I have been with them for years and was holding on to them as my only credit card. I have never been late in paying off this balance. I have a small balance on it approx. 3k with a credit line of 12k. I have not used it in about 3years so I could work on improving my credit score. I guess I will continue to pay with cash and M.O.
    Thanks for being here, at least I now know therre are others who have been “Chased Off!”

  47. Jeanette says

    My recent victimization (this could be my online journal) – I received a letter from a credit card company saying they were again lowering my credit limit (which they had lowered last year by about $4K) due to “a recent review of my credit history, blah, blah, blah”. Which is a bunch of bull and was last year because I never missed a payment and paid more when I could. These days you can’t afford to be late anyway because they charge $29.99 – $39.99 as a late fee! I believe they said they relied on info they received from Experian. A couple months ago I paid off a credit card that I had and another credit card said they were increasing my credit limit because of my credit history! Inconsistency at it’s finest. I can not wait until I am out of debt so I can send out a few insulting letters of my own – just as I’ve been receiving from them. It is beyond frustrating. I don’t even have the energy to speak of the outrageous interest rates. We are really being screwed.

  48. Thanks to webnba for suggesting I just looked there, and although they don’t give you exact scores, they do give you a range. It’s free, too.

  49. Random Webvisitor says

    3 years OLD. Please update. WAMU does not exist.

  50. Three comments:
    1. WaMu was bought out and taken over by Chase Bank several years ago.
    2. I use, however, this only provides my TransUnion score, which hasn’t been updated ( information that is) since June 2010.
    3. Every site I looked at that advertises “free” credit reports and scores is hooked into a trial. I used one of them and after I started my “trial”, I found it very difficult to log back on to the site to request cancellation. Why must I pay for information, which is a matter of public record (practically) that affects my financial future, and how would I know which credit score/report is used by a particular lender/creditor?

    • Barbara Faye says

      Sometimes if you ask them before applying, they’ll they’ll tell you.
      There’s a forum(not my Fico)you can put in the CC bank, where you live & it will show you members in your area who applied,what agency was pulled, their score if they were approved, what CL they got,if they were denied & why.
      It’s very imformative & kind of fun!

  51. I found out my credit score by applying for a business credit card through American Express, registered as a sole proprietorship, not sure if this works for personal credit cards. Either way they sent me a very nice formatted letter denying the card, but were nice enough to include the credit score among other explanations as to why I could not obtain the card 🙂

  52. Celine Bowdwick says

    I hated washington mutual as a bank, it just really didn’t work out for me.

  53. Updated!

  54. Digital Credit Union (DCU) sends monthly free FICO report. This is one of the best credit unions that i have known.For example they are currently offering 2.0% apr for new car loans.

  55. Don’t forget Quizzle. They give you a free Experian credit score/report twice a year.

  56. Weird how much the numbers vary from site to site. Credit Sesame lists my score as 793 while Quizzle (both from Experian supposedly), lists it at 752. With Credit Karma I’m 770, so I guess it’s somewhere in the upper 700s

    • Barbara Faye says

      Credit Sesame is EQ. is the other free EX site.
      My bank officer says TU is the fairest. It will usely be the highest, followed by EQ, with EX coming in last.
      I only have that 1 explanation about TU but that is generally the way they go. Your EQ(Credit Sesame )score being highest isn’t typical.
      Suze Orman says Excellent is currently 760 & up; but I’m pretty sure (if everything else is OK )720 & up is enough for credit cards.
      I’ve never been turned down & I don’t think my EX has ever been as high as yours,my Tu-777, you have NOTHING to worry about!
      Even with never being turned down I have, too many inquiries, not enough mix & my history needs to be longer.

  57. I like the Equifax one… Everybody should know their credit score. Thanks for the great tips! 😕

  58. Jeff Crews says

    CreditKarma recently added another feature that grabbed over 100,00 users in one day. What are your thoughts on

  59. @Jeff – Freecreditscore dot com offers a 7-day trial after which they auto-bill you for $14.95 a month until you cancel. The whole idea of this post is to avoid limited-time trials and giving out your credit card info.

  60. Jeff Crews says

    Thanks for the information. I understood the reason for the post. Just was wondering what your thoughts were on such a site as FreeCreditScore. I am all about free and keeping my credit card info! 🙂

  61. Travel Money Broker says

    People with the same credit score can have very different credit profiles : more or fewer accounts, a different mix of accounts, a longer or shorter credit history, use of more or less of their available credit, etc.

  62. So Glad I stumbled on your Blog! Thanks for the helpful direction!

  63. can anyone comment on the accuracy of credit sesame? do they use a FICO score or some other type of score? thanks!

  64. Great Website! I was wondering, if I receive my credit reports from, can I still get my actual scores for free on the sites you listed? Or will the second set of inquiries for my scores impact me negatively? In other words, is it free to check your reports and scores separately?

  65. @Ricky – Yes, you can always check your own report or scores as many times as you want with no effect on your credit score.

  66. Wanted to let you know we’re in the midst of a refi and the faco scores were almost 100% dead-on for my rela fico scores. we’re talking a difference of 1-2 points.

  67. @andrew, Credit Sesame do not use FICO score from what I know; However, their score number is really close to your actual FICO score, so they are worth a try, atleast (they’re free).

  68. I find this issue infuriating, and deserving of Federal regulatory invention as is often proposed (and shot down by Republicans). Elizabeth Warren had great ideas, but somehow her visibility shifted toward the anomalous mention of her native American heritage, but I digress…

    Basically, CreditSesame is supposed to be based upon my Experian credit report, which lately has one disputed delinquency concerning a $25 co-pay, and it literally shot down my score by 100 points. (Seriously.) That enough makes a case for broad reform in this stupid system, but more to the point, CreditSesame says there’s no problem, and that my credit is supreme. CreditSesame bases its data on Experian.

    Here’s my question: how do you actually get your real FICO score from Experian? I will pay! And this process is ridiculous. I tried myFICO, and the numbers are still wrong. (The only way I discovered the adverse impact of that $25 delinquency is through a refinancing, that fell apart. My true score had always hovered around 780 before that.)

  69. Not a fan of Quizzle anymore?

  70. Interestingly my Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and Quizzle Scores were all well into the excellent range, however my Equifax was only “Above Average”. It mentioned that this was due to a lack of different types of credit (I don’t have an car loans or mortgage) as well as a high ratio of retail store credit vs. credit cards.

    Being that I don’t have a single retail store credit card I immediately checked my Equifax report, which did not show any Retail Credit Card. It did show that one of my business Credit Cards on my credit report, however the other business card was not there.


  71. I like this idea, I’m always looking for great things to put on my blog. I will link to this from my site. I don’t have tons of visitors, but it’s a good idea. Thanks

  72. The Equifax link isn’t working anymore, takes me to a $16 thing…

    What kills me is that I just bought a car, got a 20k loan, paid 15k over the first week of it, and my credit on Experian went from 799 to 755. Gosh, guess I don’t pay my bills timely enough!

    Any other sources for Equifax? It’s the only one I’ve not been able to get free.

    • Barbara Faye says

      That’s weird. I took out a $3000 loan to help install a “Walk in Tub”(I’m in a wheelchair. All my scores dropped but have gone back up as I’ve contiued to pay on Tim plus some extra. I thought once the amount paid was larger than the amount owed my scores would be higher than when I origanally took it out. My cars were either paid with cash or too long ago, I don’t pay for my homes. I’M hoping this will help my mix(which I forgot to put on my score distribution rundown ).
      Please share any helpful expriences;re borrowing money;what your scores did from your borrow to paying it back in total. Thanks!

  73. It does look like Equifax has quietly gotten rid of the Credit Score Card feature. I’ll keep the link up for a little while in case they bring it back.

  74. I want thank you for the information about the free credit scores
    I had no problem with credit karama and credit sesame but with equifax they want me to offer me a free trial for $19.95 and then I will get my free credit score from them. They told that no credit score is free just a credit report . I spoke to a man named Kennedy on the site . so please if you know something different I like to know. With them it seems like its all about the money not the service

  75. Equifax has discontinued the free Credit Score Card product at the time of this writing, it is unknown if they will bring it back in the future.

  76. Thanks for this information. You have helped us a ton!

  77. I just used the Lending Club application, and it gave me an exact score from Transunion (along with a rejection of my application, lol). Thanks for the tip!!!

  78. Prosper Lending also gave me an exact score along with my rejection… perhaps they only give you exact information when your score is low enough not to qualify. That said, I’m only 11 points away from their minimum threshold of 640.

  79. Jay Coventry says

    Credit Sesame is an excellent site. Its estimate of my current debt accurate to the cent! It also showed my (alleged) credit score, based on Experian. The site charges $G9.00 for the actual report, though. Thanks for this incredible site!

  80. I have tried most of the websites to check my credit scores. The best TRUE FREE site is CREDITKARMA.COM, you can update your score daily and it shows a ALMOST EXACT credit score as TransUnion. It is free with no credit card required. You can try it to confirm. Although, there are others sites that are free, this website shows the most accurate results. The other sites vary by ALOT (up to 80 points) The only downfall to CreditKarma, is that it does not show all the details (collections or details on accounts). However it does show your open accounts and a near exact score to TRU. This is by far the best free site and information is compiled from TransUnion. TransUnion is the best PAID site by far. I have tried all the other legitimate sites but they are expensive and charge the same as TRU’s 3 Bureau option for THEIR single credit score. Most legit free sites do not reflect the up to date picture of your score. The other top bureaus nickel and dime you for the information. Make sure you select the 3 bureau option with TRU . Make sure you select the 3 bureau option, otherwise you will pay for the single (TRU) report by default. Neither of these sites will bombard you with annoying pop up offers…I love this free site ( and TRU is the best paid site. Check them out for yourself.

  81. Equifax Credit Score Card is no longer free, make that 4 ways!

  82. Have u tried creditkarma lately?
    After logging with user/passw a word beta is automatically added on the search bar taking u on to an encrypted page.
    Is this a virus?

  83. I just signed into, simple,clear sign in. I got my TU score and a score called Vantage which came with this description: “The VantageScore, which ranges from 501 to 990, is a credit scoring model created collaboratively by the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This score aims to make credit scoring more consistent and accurate across all the bureaus. In order to make it more understandable for consumers, the VantageScore grades consumers’ creditworthiness on an easy A to F letter scale. Learn more about different credit scores.”
    Maybe someone noticed that the three bureau system is cumbersome.
    Thanks for this site, very helpful.


  85. this is very helpfull just used with transunion and experian and got my score with no trails and issues it was easy thanks for the information

  86. Therese J says

    I have literally read your entire stran. Because I’m very naive when it comes to your credit scores, I am assuming and summarizing from all the above the best website to check is credit karma?
    I read some comments that the score on credit karma was a FICO score?
    Also read thatbitbcan be off some 80 points?
    ps: thanks for your blog it was very helpful!

  87. @everyone who read this and say that “this site isn’t accurate because I got a different score”, all credit bureaus have a different score for you.

  88. John Burgesson says

    Credit card companies will usually close your account if it hasn’t been used in years. They’re in the business to make money, so that should be no surprise to anyone. In addition, if you had read your disclosure information thoroughly you would know that they have the right to close your account, lower your limit, and increase your APR as they deem necessary.

    For those angry with Chase, you should feel lucky that you were getting a free credit score every month. I know of no other credit card company that does that, and you will be hard-pressed to find one. Frankly, I don’t see why getting your credit score every month would be viewed as such an important feature. Unless you plan on applying for credit every month, receiving your score each month is useless. You don’t need to keep tabs on your score that frequently. Just manage your finances responsibly and check your scores once a year.

  89. Just wanted to let people know that if you get the Walmart credit card they also give you your free FICO score each month.

  90. CreditKarma is no longer daily; it’s weekly now.

  91. Nice write up that will be helpful to a lot of people. I use and they seem to meet all my needs in regards to credit score monitoring.

  92. takes the cake. Excellent site for monitoring your credit – I signed up for them some time ago and haven’t looked back since.

  93. Hi,

    Just wondering if the Lending Club thing is still accurate? They’ve removed any mention of it from their website (you can still see the credit grades and how they apply to APR’s, but they no longer have the information that matches the loan grades up with FICO scores).

  94. Perhaps you can help me. I have tried, UNSUCCESSFULLY, to register with both Credit Sesame and Quizzle, only to be told they can”t find my credit file. WTH??? I have had the same address for 40 yeara, same job for the last 3 years, same telephone number for 14 years AND I routinely get my credit reports frrom all 3 (rip off) aagencies. I use Credit Karma almost every day and their articles and information are very helpful. I would like to try the other two, but I am annoyed I keep putting my personal info into websites only to be told they cannot find my information. Any suggestions?

    • Barbara Faye says

      You could send them a copy of your report. You could take a picture of your Credit Karma information with your phone & send it that way •••

  95. Sheldon Swartz says

    Contact Credit Sesame and Quizzle, and be VERY SPECIFIC as to what your issue is. I might use the words you used above to complain to this group, except I would use Credit Karma and Quizzle ONLY for their particular inquiries. In other words, when contacting Credit Karma, do not mention Quizzle.

    As I have never heard of your problem before, I cannot help you beyond this, unfortunately, yet I have been a credit specialist for years. Sorry – but plese be successful!a

  96. Barclayscard also offers free scores like the walmart card. It’s part of their open FICO program, going to be rolled out among a lot more credit card companies shortly.

  97. I agree with one of the commenters above…monitoring your “credit” on a simulated site is pointless. You get these monthly reports but they are not as accurate as your true FICO scores. The differences between the two are major. So as for a person like me trying to rebuild my credit, these sites were extremely misleading. I thought I was on the right track but I was still far away from my goal.

  98. Checking the dates…

  99. Barbara Faye says

    Calling can’t hurt & who knows. I called a card about a CLI, since every other card I had was giving me one with no HP. They said no, I hadn’t been with them long enough, next thing I knew,they had given me one. Same with one of my Capital 1 cards, which they also switched to a Quicksilver MC!
    You’re also right about the cards you’re just keeping open to add to your available credit. Suze O. says, unless you’re paying a fee. I say it depends on how much you need the history &/or credit at the time.

  100. Digital Federal Credit Union ( offers accountholders the option of getting free monthly FICO scores. Shows up in your messages from them on the last Friday of each month.

  101. Nostradamuz says

    Several free Non-FICO scores named FAKO scores by some people can be got in websites as credit sesame, credit karma,, quizzle and others, but the lenders use FICO scores only. Those are “educational scores” only. Some types of generic or classic FICO scores can be got by consumers from, and some credit cards ( Discover It card, Walmart credit card, credit cards from Barclays Bank and others ) offer a free classic FICO score monthly.

  102. Robo Credo says

    You can get true Equifax FICO score from Capital One bi-monthly. If you have a Capital One credit card and an online account, simply request a credit limit increase and if rejected you’ll get a rejection document with your Equifax credit score. If not, rejoice with the thought that it is safe to assume your Equifax credit score is higher than 2 months ago.

    • Nostradamuz says

      Capital One offers a FAKO score from Equifax. It is not a FICO score. I’m sorry.

      • Robo Credo says

        I’m not talking about the Credit Tracker score. I am referring to the score reflected on the document Capital One sends when they refuse the credit limit increase request. AFAIK, by law, they must send the score on which they based the refusal. Also, to correct my first post, I have requested a credit limit increase 3 straight months now, all refused, and everytime they sent a document explaining the refusal with the Equifax score. No hard pull on any of my credit reports.

        • Nostradamuz says

          There will be hard inquires in your credit report for it, and your 49 FICO scores will decrease.

          • Robo Credo says

            That is not true. This is what is on their credit line increase FAQ – Q: Will a request for a credit line increase affect my credit score? A: When you request a credit line increase online or in our automated phone system, our review to determine your eligibility will not impact your credit score. To check your eligibility for an increase, we use the information that we normally receive from the credit bureaus each month. This does not generate an additional inquiry.

            I have been doing this since Dec 2013, and i have not seen any hard inquiry related to Capital One since. Have you ever tried? If you have a Capital One credit card, try it. But do read their FAQ first before you click the submit button.

  103. Great list, helped alot thanks

  104. Jonathan – thank you for this updated article! I found credit karma and credit sesame through your blog and now again I found Quizzle through you! You are awesome!

  105. Quizzle even says it will not give you a real Equifax FICO score on their website from the link in this article: “Quizzle® is the only place on the web where you can get a free VantageScore® credit score and an Equifax® credit report – every six months. You won’t find this combination anywhere else on the web. Also, when we pull your credit report it’s considered a soft inquiry, which means it will not hurt your score.” Nowhere does it read Equifax Credit SCORE.

    • After going through CreditSesame – I realized none of these are listing anything labeled “FICO credit score” just a benign listing of “My credit score” or Credit Score’ but that means nothing. As if any of this really matters; an arbitrary score based on a secret method from private companies which is then manipulated by lenders is like saying , trust me, we’re all rich since the world is gold platted – but keep your eyes close and again, just trust me. I have always detested this system.

  106. Looks like mint now gives a free equifax (FAKO) score:

  107. Thank you John, your advice really saved me some time, energy and $$. Thanks for paying it forward and wish the very best for you and your family. May you see the miracles you’re believing in.

  108. One of the reasons why I like Discover is the free access to my credit score.

  109. You can also get your Transunion score from Capital One as well as weekly updates to any changes such as Inquiries, changes to your CC balances, and so on. It seemed to be pretty accurate with what I already knew but still it would be better if it pulled all 3.

  110. I’m very keen on hearing from the readers who have tried LendingTree free credit score site. Is it like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame? Or would I be bombarded with spam if I register?

  111. Barclay Arrival card offers free FICO credit score as well.

  112. Happy 2015 New Year!
    ALL Discover, Barclay, and Capital One branded credit cards, and First Bankcard (First National Bank of Omaha) and Pentagon Federal Credit Union credit cards provide FREE credit scores. Plus, this January, Citibank citi-branded credit cards offer FREE scores. Chase, Bank of America, American Express, and other bank issuers may or may not consider it. Wells Fargo had offered promo for free vantage credit score.

  113. I just checked my credit scores at all three, Credit Sesame (Experian), Credit Concierge (TransUnion), and Quizzle (Equifax) in about 15 minutes. My scores are 803/781/811. For the first two it was really easy to delete my account on the website; for Quizzle you have to email them to delete your account.

  114. Sandeep Kumar says


    I just created an account on Credit Sesame today and the website says “Your credit score, total loans and debt info are provided by TransUnion” and not Experian as pointed out in the blog.


  115. I love Credit Karma, I’ve been using it for some time now. It’s gone through some serious upgrades and now nearly resembles a full credit report!

  116. Its OUR credit, and yet we are the ones that know the least about our own FICO SCORE?
    We have to pay for it or hope a credit card will tell us ONCE A YEAR?
    I know my credit is “squeaky”, but since HOME DEPOT offered NOTHING after their HACK,
    I have no idea what it could be now. (getting spammed like crazy)

    Good for ANTHEM, but HOME DEPT gets an F- in fixing the problem on their end.
    They emailed me to inform me about the “hack,” and then gave me a phone number, with TOO MANY DIGITS, and the actual HOME DEPOT store, just re-routed my call to VOICE MAILS.
    Gee thanks HOME DEPOT. You lost OUR business only for FOREVER!

  117. We are all prisoners of the banks … fico scores now rule our lives.. along with the crooks that run the federal reserve

  118. Have you tried Credit Concierge? They claim to offer a free credit score. I’m not sure if it’s worth signing up for.

    • Credit Concierge pulls from TransUnion and offers a proprietary score that is neither FICO nor VantageScore. Given than now Credit Sesame and Credit Karma now pull from TransUnion for new customers, and are both more well established with a longer history, I personally don’t plan on giving my SSN to another website that doesn’t offer anything additional to what I already have.

  119. Carl Tuesday says

    FYI – the myfico thing is showing as $14.95 following your link…

  120. From Calif says

    1. A few years ago I signed up for Quizzle ~±2010 while I was in grad school on the East coast. I always rcvd a free *full* EQ CR at least once a year. Now, after a couple yrs of California residency, I’ve run into an odd error message on the site: when I click the menu bar link to See My Credit Report, a Quizzle popup apologizes that my full credit report is not available to users in [my] state”. State is clearly defined as residential location, actually I think it was more specific in the message– but never actually cites a state name like California nor mentions specific legislation/regulations that may have recently caused this CR to become unavailable.
    Anyone else in Calif have this problem?

  121. I’ve been using Credit Sesame and Credit Karma for a few years and i’ve kept screenshots of my scores since the beginning for progress comparisons. Since 2014, I’ve also been keeping track of every score offered by my various(~6) active credit cards. In 2013 and 2014, ALL of these scores including CK and CS were within 10 to 30 points of each other, until 2015, when Karma and Sesame dropped about 50 points lower than the credit card scores which have maintained a ~2 to 10 point difference.

    …I’ve read the fine print and I know which cards use Experian, which cards use Transunion, and the cards that use Equifax. So, for there to be a recent significant drop on the part of Karma and Sesame(which are now practically identical scores), and not the banks, makes me question the marketing strategy of the CK and CS scores going forward.

    Even the past 1 year score timeline on CS and CK doesnt reflect/agree with my past years screenshots.
    So now I’m looking for the best 1-price for all 3 TRUE FICOs that I can find, to see who is as close to accurate as possible. That would be a GREAT article.

  122. NewDataViewer says

    Is it really useful to have seven year old comments on this article? Surely, they are germane. I have also noticed this on other posts, after having been very confused by the out of date comments. I’d recommend either starting updates as an entirely new post, or simply deleting comments that predate any given significant update.

  123. First off, I wish to say very useful information because I hate the idea of paying for stuff. However, when it comes to Equifax, I only see offers to view the score for free, but not a report. Therefore, I’d like to ask if there’s any website offering Equifax reports for free or for a very low charge? I’d appreciate it.

  124. If you need yet another way to check your score you can also use myBankrate (updated monthly for free).

  125. If I am already using Credit Karma, is there any value in using any of these other services? Also, what is the best way to occasionally look at my FICO score (not fako) without paying the FICO price tag?

    • Dan – each of the services should use a different Credit Bureau, so that will give you an idea of your score based on the information that particular credit bureau has on you. Also, you may get access to parts or all of your credit report from each service. As for an actual FICO score, many credit cards are now offering them – Discover card gives you your FICO-8 score every month. Check online for more credit cards to offer a real FICO score as the year rolls along.

      • Thanks anthony. ok, since creditkarma uses transunion and equifax, I decided to add to get the experian based “score” from them. All 3 of these scores use the Vantage score formula. I also had a recent Fico (Fico 98) for comparison. They are pretty close and will be helpful for me to track as I continue rebuilding after BK (2 year discharge date was last week). Here are scores for peoples reference: Fico = 684, Transunion = 709, Equifax = 686 and Experian = 671

        Goal/hope is to get above 720 in next year. I don’t have a credit score need for years when I may purchase another home in 5 years so by then I will have an exceptional score again. But will be nice to be in a solid credit/score position 3 years post BK.

  126. Here is what I use:
    TransUnion [No Cards Requred]: Credit Karma, Credit Sesame,
    TransUnion [Requires Credit Card]: Discover Card, Barclays Card, Amex Card, Citi Card

    Experian [No Cards Required]:, Discover’s

    Equifax [No Cards Required]:,

    CreditKarma updates weekly
    CreditSesame updates monthly
    Quizzle updates once a month
    CreditScoreCard updates at random frequency, usually about monthly

  127. well wisher says

    Can you make comments reverse chronological order so most recent is at too? Tired of scrolling

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