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brkpodcastFully updated for 2018 with new sources. Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholder Meetings are held in Omaha, Nebraska every May. Although most of my portfolio is in a diversified mix of index funds, I also own individual shares of Berkshire Hathaway and respect the rational and clear advice given out by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. I’ve been reading through transcripts from past meetings, but in 2018 Buffett gave CNBC a bunch of complete tapes from old meetings.

I’ve wanted to physically attend a meeting for several years now, but things haven’t worked out. (Time is running out, I know…) In the meantime, here is a big list of ways you can watch, read, or listen to past shareholder meetings. Please let me know if you have something to add.

Full Videos

  • Yahoo Finance Livestream. Yahoo Finance is the exclusive online host of the Berkshire Hathaway 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting that occurred May 5th, 2018. View the entire Q&A session in its entirety on demand.
  • CNBC Warren Buffett Archive. Footage of shareholder meetings from 1994-2017 (VHS tapes!) were converted to digital videos, which you can view in their entirety for free. Additional material from CNBC including interviews, highlights, and short-form videos is also available.




  • Yahoo Finance also makes the BRK meeting available as a podcast, so you can listen in parts during your commute or chores. Right now, the 2017 meeting podcast is still available. 2018 should be up shortly. iTunes.


Reminder: This post is about the live shareholder meeting, and is separate from the annual shareholder letters (which are also great).

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  1. Michael says:

    Personally have gone twice, 2010 and 2012. This thing is unreal and it’s just a shareholder meeting with a very interesting Q&A session beforehand. Unfortunately it gets bigger and bigger every year, so it feels like a stampede to get a seat anywhere (hence why they are now live-streaming it too).

    Quite a unique, American experience. Alas, not one single member of my family understands the obsession with visiting Omaha and Warren Buffett’s meeting.

    Don’t regret going for a minute or dollar! Just do it.

  2. I’ve been wanting to go for years, too. Haven’t put my mind to making it happen either but there’s a reason I refuse to sell my few BRKBs 🙂

    I’m sure it’s more sensible to just livestream it but there’s something about the experience of seeing it live that’s appealing. Maybe it’ll be worth it to go once, just for the memories.

  3. I live in Omaha and will be attending tomorrow. If you want any info, pics or anything, just e-mail me. Also, I have plenty of bedrooms in my house if you’d want a place to stay next year.

  4. simplesimon says:

    I attended in 2009 and booked everything about one month before the event because I wasn’t a shareholder and I was waiting for Buffett to give away tickets on eBay. Flights were okay but the only hotel I could get was at the Econo Lodge Downtown. I enjoyed the experience, but it was not the zoo that it’s described today.

  5. I have thought about attending for a while as well. I think a lot of people do it for the experience of “seeing” Buffett and Munger, as well as the networking potential.

    However, the cost in terms of money and time is just too high for me. The amount of time and inconvenience of fighting with crowds for seats is not worth it for me. I do not think that the time is spent efficiently, if you just go for the meeting. If you want to network, perhaps it may be worth it ( though it may be cheaper to meet these people elsewhere)

    The transcripts of past meetings have been available online for several years, and you can learn from those from the comfort of your own seat. Now that you can see it live-streamed on Yahoo, there is even a lower incentive to just go to Omaha. And that is without the hassle of travel and fighting with crowds.

    On the other hand, as the meeting has increased in size, we also get a lot of repetitive questions as well.

    • Watching the livestream is an interesting middle ground for me. Some of the questions are, how do I put it… stupid 🙂 I can’t help but be amused by the consumerism of this festival celebrating the billionaire with no stuff. I’m frugal, but I still kind of want a Warren Buffett jello mold. So weird.

  6. The third time in Omaha. Booked everything in January. Direct flight to Kansas City – $250; Car – $50 for two days. 2-star hotel – $110 in Omaha Friday, $50 in Kansas City Saturday. Most money spent in shopping before was $40 for a book, also bought some Fruit of Looms underwear with Warren/Charlie print ? Amazing experience listening to those two fellows. Hope it will be good today, too

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