Yodlee, Bank Of America MyPortfolio Updates

While getting the numbers for my monthly net worth update, I noticed that Yodlee has added a number of new accounts to their aggregation list. Specifically, I use the licensed version at Bank of America called MyPortfolio. So if you haven’t checked in a while, you might be pleasantly surprised – I think they actually cover all my accounts now. Here are a few sites that I just added, along with some info on why I have an account with them:

Zecco Broker Review, free stock trades!
TradeKing Broker Review, award-winning broker, $4.95 trades
FNBO Direct Review, new online bank with 0.65% APY Promo
Bridgeway Mutual Funds Info, I hold the BRSIX micro-cap mutual fund

See here for more on Yodlee and why I use it.


  1. Thanks a lot for this blog. It is very interesting and informative. Just a quick question about this service, how secure is it? I would like to know further experiences of another users from this blog if possible.

  2. I used Wachovia Yodlee addin called One-Stop the last few years and Wachovia just pulled this access to all checking account customers. They told me that I have to pay for a brokerage account through Wachovia to gain access to One Stop again. I wish there was a way to use One Stop again because it was a great service.

  3. MONEY BLUE BOOK says:

    I use Yodlee powered Fidelity Full View – it’s a great tool !


  4. Wachovia refugees and others can always try using the free version of Yodlee Oncenter. It’s essentially their final testbed, so be prepared for constant changes in features and setup, but it’s still free.

  5. I just wanted to add that Fidelity’s 401k.com also offers this. After reading this article, and digging around their site just out of curiosity last night, I found it. Granted it is buried, but it was easy to set up and found all of my accounts.

    If anyone is looking, and they don’t have a BofA, Wachovia, or don’t want to use the free site, then this is another option.

    I was surprised that it worked with Treasury Direct; really cool stuff.

  6. Jonathon,

    Thanks for the information that Yodlee is available via BoA. I was setting up My Portfolio but ran into issue of not able to find “Oakmark Funds”, though it is available via Yodlee Oncenter. I was wondering if you were able to find Oakmark on My Portfolio.


  7. It is very good, i have been using since 2002.

  8. Jonathan,
    I have a Yodlee at their official site, but I don’t feel too safe and they lag a lot. I tried to open the “My Portfolio” at BofA but everytime I tried to they just make me log in and I couldn’t sign up for it. Will you tell me exactly how to open one (My Portfolio) in BoA?

  9. I have been using free version of yodlee since 2001 and its a great tool for aggregating accounts.

    I can also say firsthand that if you need a new feature, we can send them an email and they will consider it and add the feature if it fits their model.

  10. Jonathan,
    I added my account at the BofA My portfolio site. However it show only limited transaction history and not even for the full year for all my accounts. Also it does not pull up any transaction for Chase cards. Have you encountered any such issues and any resolution tips?

  11. Can someone tell me how to itemize a paycheck deposit in Bank of America My Portfolio? The category is Paycheck but I want to see just how much is going to taxes and not just the income.

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