XKCD Remix: The Secret Life of Personal Finance Bloggers

XKCD is a popular online comic strip, and recently there was a funny one about what really goes on behind time management and productivity blogs. I decided to take advantage of their creative commons license and adapt the original comic to personal finance blogs.

Sometimes it just seems like we just compete on how frugal we are. Sometimes I like to imagine in reality we’re squatting in McMansions and driving our leased luxury SUVs to buy shiny toys with our Kardashian-themed credit cards. Hey, somebody has to do it.


  1. I’ve learned as a teacher and a blogger that the first step to achieving something is often telling everyone how you’ve already done so. Unless, I’m still doing that now… I can’t turn it off!

  2. Now, *that* is legitimate use of Comic Sans. On a related note, from McSweeny:


  3. all of the XKCD comics have a hidden “tool tip” if you hover over the comic for a moment. This comic’s tool tip is:

    “I never trust anyone who’s more excited about success than about doing the thing they want to be successful at.”

    I think this may be contrary to Jonathan’s point, but its still funny.

  4. Ha! I like the schedule. A good adaptation of the comic.

  5. I am with Chris. social proof is key. people like to follow those who have been there done that

  6. @Jon M – Haha, I haven’t seen that yet. That and Papyrus font on restaurant websites and signs.


    @Nuri – I forgot about that! I kind of don’t get it, in other words is he just saying that people aren’t defining success properly. I would agree with that.

  7. See it only applies to you..I dont blog so we are already ahead of you! 😀

  8. @Jonathan:

    I think the comic is saying, that if you are so concerned with success that you set the bar so low that you will be guaranteed to pass it and that passing it isnt really an accomplishment, you have your priorities messed up.

    side note
    the regular site has a new version of the “schedule” listed now. I dont know when it was changed

  9. Yours is definitely as funny as the original! Well adapted!

  10. ummmm….. The Repo Man now knows the schedule…

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