Xbox 360 Flipping

xbox360.jpgI don’t even play video games, but I am going to try and buy an Xbox 360 early on my way to the airport before my parents’ flight lands since it coincides with the official release date. I used to flip gadgets in college, so why not start doing it again? If they don’t have it when I stop by, I’m just going to give up, no camping out here. Some of the prices on eBay are mind-boggling.

And it isn’t even out yet! People are bidding on vapor-xboxes.


  1. what’s the retail price on them?

  2. I think the basic system costs $300, with various bundles costing more. It doesn’t really matter, I’ll pay whatever retail is, and do the analysis later. If it’s not profitable, I’ll just return it. This is mostly for amusement at the crazy consumers of America (being one of them, of course).

  3. Making a profit off it (hmm… that rhymes) should be easy since Microsoft has intentially made the intial supply very low.

    The trick will be getting one on the 22nd.

  4. Make sure to protect yourself if your going to sell on ebay. Otherwise, it’s a nice way to lose few hundred bucks to scammers.

  5. What would you need to do to ensure you don’t get scammed on eBay (as a seller)?

  6. This is the must have gift this year if one wants to be a good parent. Supplies seem to be limited to 10-20 a store, and some online places have limits on pre-orders.

    If you can get one, there might be a change to mark it up on EBAY for sure!

  7. Jason, check out fatwallet’s online auctions forum. In particular, you should read this thread which deals with selling with paypal:

    Don’t try to save money on confirmation delivery(if USPS), signiture(if USPS), and insurance since the cost of the item is high, you could lose quite a lot.

  8. That’s a good link, I learned a couple things. Here are some (but not all) things I do:

    – Don’t take Cashier’s Checks. There are some really good fake ones out there, and just because it clears initially at your bank doesn’t mean it’s legit. It could take weeks for your bank to notice. I don’t bother with personal checks either.

    – Only take USPS Money Orders for paper payments. You can bring these to the post office for CASH at the same time you send your item. That way you know it’s not fake.

    – With PayPal, only ship to confirmed addresses.

    – Ship with Fedex or UPS Ground instead of USPS for higher priced items. Their tracking is better and so is their insurance claim process.

  9. Really really angry. After standing in line at Best Buy for 3+ hours, they come and tell us all that they made a list the previous night before. Only those on the list can make the purchase — these people end up showing up 30 minutes before the store opens and get into their ‘VIP’ line and make their purchase. Ridiculous.

    The xboxes are now going for sale for $1600+ on EBAY.

  10. That sounds lame, should’ve made them camp out. I failed in my attempt as well, but I only got there 15 minutes before opening. Shrug.

  11. I see the xbox 360’s “selling” on ebay but many of the sellers and buyers have very little feedback.

    I doubt many of the highest priced xbox 360’s selling on ebay are actually paid for.

    I can’t imagine anyone buying this for $1000. I think the $400 price tag is too expensive, but I’ll still own one sometime in 06.

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