XBOX 360 Flipping: Failure

xbox360fail.jpgI failed in my Xbox 360 flipping mission. Apparently people are just crazy over this Xbox thing. I went at 6:45am (store opened at 7), and the people who camped out had already gotten the vouchers and wanted to sell me one for $1,000. Madness. Prices are still mega-inflated on eBay, but you can find the occassional auction for $500 or so if you are lucky. Although I wouldn’t get this thing for my kid anyways.

Microsoft is wicked. Wicked smart! Dec 26th and these things will be on every shelf.


  1. It seems like it would be much smarter of them to flood the shelves on, say, December 22nd. That way they’ll still have created an unbelievable amount of hype, and the fact that it’s available shortly before Christmas will make parents thankful that they’ve been given the opportunity to by it. With an appropriate ad blitz, these things would fly off the shelves at the last minute.

  2. Never-Limp says:

    Microsoft is totally crushing Sony with the Xbox 360. They are now the 500 pound gorilla of the video gaming market. The stock looks interesting here.

  3. My mission failed as well. got there at 6am store opened at 8. I was #25 in line…14 in stock. At least they handed out vouchers at 6:30 so i didn’t waste any more time standing there.

  4. I went to 2 Walmarts last night, Target and Best Buy this morning – forget it. Walmart only had 14 systems to a store, the Target only had 16. The Best Buy had more but I only think it was around 42 systems. Wow! A co-worked of mine got lucky and found one left over at another Target – its already on ebay. Got to hand it to Microsoft – this was a pretty well orchestrated move to generate a lot of hype.

  5. I have to disagree w/ Never-Limp. MS LOST 4 BILLION on the first XBOX. It remains to be seen how well they will do with this second generation game console. Remember, these companies make their money on the games (and generally sell the box at a substantial loss to get you to buy the games). If people come back for 5-10 games in a year’s time, then yes, MS will do well. If not, then they could take a bath in it.

  6. I thought about doing that this morning then tossing it on ebay. Living in Southern Maryland out in the boondocks it probably would not of been to hard to get one. I was just to tired after getting home from work at midnight and then up again at 6am.

  7. My coworker got one, but he doesn’t want to flip it. I told him he could pick up as many as he liked in a month or so. But he’s just so psyched up about this thing.

    I’m sure the playstation 3 will be an awesome machine, too. But something about being first on the block.

  8. my brother received his today. he pre ordered it months ago. i just helped him put it on ebay. the prices are ridiculously high for this thing right now. people are dumb

  9. funny too, i was planning to flip xbox but I didn’t bother coz of work and I didn’t want to camp outside the stores too. happy thanksgiving

  10. Brent, all of the software developers are now working with MSFT. There are going to be a ton of games available on 360 and people will buy them. This is a pretty visible grand slam.

  11. look how many listings there are on ebay now. You think it’s still worth flipping?

  12. M$ hype machine, aka Xbox 1.5 is here! Run you consumer whores run!
    An inferior and flawed product + M$ unlimited hype machine budget = splendid idiocy.

    lets pretend this is an actual competition for Sony’s PS3…

  13. Yeah well, its 2006 now…

    Xbox360 looks to be a little chimp now. (to the big Jap’s Sony and Nintendo)

    This 360 has failed. Now, the specs do look nice. But as a gamer we know its all about the games. Im no fanboy. But Micro$oft really f**ked it up this time. By the way: 360 means “going in circles”. Perhaps this has been fortold. It’s meant to go downhill.

  14. Dyna Might *Tight* says:

    Yeah, agreed post above. Looks like Micro$oft is getting a visible “Stackin’ Smack-Dad”. They’re REALLY in Heavy Sh*t now. You are right P, it’s been fortold…

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