What’s your Money Mind?

Here is an interesting little quiz from Checkfree, a popular provider of online bill-paying software. It’s basically about how you handle money. My results: 63.6% Controller, 18.2% Traditionalist, Trend Setter 9.1%, Adventurer 9.1%. I think I’m actually even more controlling, but I rent and I hate doing my taxes so I put it off.

There is a little form at the end (I put in junk) and then they give you some “strategies” to help your finances, which look a lot like company-sponsored links to me. I suupose it’s worth a read. There were a couple of sites I’ve never heard of before, however, such as ThinkGlink.

Here are their Controller Traits:

Controllers are all about balance. Your checkbook doesn?t have a penny out of place. Bills are paid promptly. Credit cards are convenient, but you keep close tabs on what you buy, and pay everything that?s due each month. Paying finance charges are out of the question!

Mortgage payments? You?re quick to refinance whenever the rates drop low enough to make it worth your while. Investing is central to the way a Controller looks at money. You have an IRA and 401(k) and have mapped out a reasonable path to paying for your children?s education. Your family?s future is carefully mapped out. And that?s a source of real pride for you.

Pretty much correct for me, besides the mortgage stuff. It’s interesting (worrying?) that I know people on the other end of the scale as well. So, what your Money Mind?


  1. Great site! Your results were almost identical to mine but I stopped at the form so I am glad you posted some of what you found beyond it.

    Ilyce Glink’s book on first time homebuying was indispensible to us 3 years ago. Lots of detailed info and accessible (but rather large!). A great read when you are ready to buy. I’m interested to see what she has to say about personal finance in general.

  2. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to look more into Glink’s stuff.

  3. I think I saw this on a post at Fatwallet but didn’t take the quiz until I saw it here, scored the same and probably the same reasons (rent and taxes).

  4. I signed up for Vonage 2 months ago. Basically trouble free. I kept one Verizon line for local and inbound use, and have Vonage as a 2nd line for outbound. Unlimited US & Canada. Feature control by PC is a great idea.

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