What Cars do PF/Money Bloggers Drive?

Here we are, all trying to either retire comfortably or be filthy rich. But what are we rollin’ in now? I just bought a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. It’s got a somewhat peppy V6, and is a great highway cruiser. My wife drives a ’95 Nissan. I’m always lookin’ at other people’s cars. So what’s everyone else driving? In no particular order:

Michael rolls in a ’95 Accord & a ’95 Nissan pickup.
Hazzard has a ’97 Toyota Tacoma pickup for his ride.

Monty Loree cruises in his ’03 Cadillac CTS.
Kate and her husband propel themselves in a ’03 Honda Accord and a ’04 Ford F-150.
MM motors in a ’02 BMW 525i and a ’00 Toyota Camry.
Savvy Saver tours in a ’01 Honda Civic EX coupe.
Murray traded in his “German sports car” for a “cheaper Japanese import”.
Flexo has a ’04 Honda Civic LX grocery-getter.
B is jeepin’ in a Cherokee.

…there’s more, but Blogger really needs to add search functionality! I mean, come on, it’s owned by Google! Anyways, my apologies if I messed up your car type, it’s late and I was bored. I just spent 30 minutes looking up synonyms for driving. And not very well. Post a comment if I missed you!

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