$20 off $79: American Express Offers

If you have an American Express card, log into your account online and scroll down until you see the “Offers For You” tab. Many (but not all) will find a offer where you can simply buy a physical or electronic gift card for $79 and get $20 back. (Looks like this, but for If you ever shop there, that’s an easy $20. I believe you can use Wal-mart gift cards at Sam’s Club and also their gas stations.

Get a one-time $20 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a total of $79 or more online at by 12/31/13.

After you make the purchase at, you should get a confirmation e-mail shortly thereafter. There may be some other deals worth a shot as well such as $5 off $25 at BP gas, $5 off $30 at ExxonMobil, or $10 off $50 at Lowe’s.


  1. Unlike the other offers, the BP gas offer is not one time only, it’s every time you buy at least $25 worth of gas for the rest of the year.

  2. Thanks for the tip

  3. Ya, just read the BP terms, it doesn’t say anything about not being able to get it more than once in a day, so if you know you are getting over $50 in gas you might be able to split it into two 25$ purchases. Also, with Black friday coming up, will be another opportunity to use the 20$ credit from a transaction or 25$ for 250 at Best Buy.

  4. Thanks for pointing this out! There were actually several Amex offers there for planned purchases that I’m taking advantage of.

  5. Louloubelle says:

    Thanks for your hints. I’m taking advantage on that Walmart $20 credit. There is a 3.6 cu ft $139.00 Igloo freezer I was going to buy, because it has a $40 egift card plus a $6.95 shop at home cash back. It will make my deal sweeter making it around $73.00 shipped. Amazon price $269.00 with no gift card. Thanks!

  6. Is there a hashtag you can use on twitter to get this from Amex for those that don’t have this offer in their account under offers?

  7. @Steve, Dan – Yes you’re right. I guess you just gotta remember to stop at $25, as filling up my tank is a $50 deal these days…

    @Beale, Brian, Louloubelle – Very welcome!

    @Mark – Sorry, I’m not aware of one at this time. They might roll one out later, but they didn’t with the previous Staples deal.

  8. Would this work for purchasing a gift card (say Amazon) from Lowes?

  9. Hi Jonathan – Is the American Express Small Business Holiday Promotion still on? Or the signup has already over?

  10. Unfortunately my AX Blue Cash Preferred card does not have the Walmart offer…

    I might take advantage of the BP offer… that’s like $10 saving every time!

  11. Theo – found this reply on the Small Business Saturday Facebook page in one of the replies:

    Similar to last year, consumers can register their cards the week of Thanksgiving. We’ll have more information soon. Thanks!

  12. I went to AE but do not see a tab that says ‘offer’s.

    Where to find? Thanks.

  13. Does anyone know if 76 Gas Stations are BP ones eligible for the Amex offer? I don’t seem to have any BP Gas stations in my area and google maps keep taking me to 76 Stations when I search for BP…

  14. This may seem dumb, but can I purchase a gift card for $79, or is that what is meant by “Not valid on gift card reloads and prepaid cards.”

  15. reply to dan says:

    Dan, I am wondering the same thing. Has anyone tried the gift card thing for the walmart offer?

  16. I enrolled card and used card online to order $100 Walmart gift card. Although I immediately received “Thank you for using your enrolled card”, I haven’t seen $20 credit. So I am not as lucky as Jonathan. (I have received credits using similar procedure buying Amazon gift cards as physical Lowes and Staples stores before.)

  17. I bought a $79 basic blue Walmart gift card on with this offer and got $20 credited to my Amex card today.

  18. Thanks for this post. I used my card at Exxon. Amex emailed me a “thank you note” before I finished pumping gas.

    Pam – 76 stations are not BP. They are affiliated with ConocoPhillips.

  19. Has anyone tried buying a non-Walmart giftcard and has that worked? I tried it with a $79 walmart card and already got my $20 credit, but not bold enough to try buying some other giftcard off the walmart giftcard.

  20. I added the BP offer to my account last month. It had a Dec. 31 expiration date. It didn’t state one time only. I used it three times. The offer mysteriously disappeared from my account after Dec. 9. I noticed because I bought gas on Dec. 17 but didn’t get the $5 credit or email.

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