VirtualBank up to 4.60% APY Interest

VirtualBank recently released that their eMoney Market Account is now paying 4.60% APY. New accounts can get a $20 bonus. My Rate-Chaser Calculator may also come in handy.


  1. wow… From 3.55 up to 4.6 in one move and it doesn’t appear to be a teaser rate either! I actually have an acct with them and it was sitting with just a couple hundred $ in there, but now they’ll probably get my ING money in April after the 4.75% teaser expires.

  2. Just moved everything to HSBC, so I’ll let that simmer for awhile. Hopefully they won’t drop way back when the promo ends.


  3. They also raised their CD rates. The new APY of the 1-year CD is now 5.10%.

    VB has done a good job at keeping the CD rates competitive even while they had seriously lagged in the MMA rate. That was the reason why I opened an eMoney Market account last year. You can easily fund a CD with money from the eMoney Market account. Only problem with their CDs is a high $10K deposit requirement.

  4. I don’t beleive neither ING nor HSBC will decrease their rates after the promo period. FRS is likely to continue rising the rates, so are banks.

  5. Jonathan: I really enjoy your blog and I’ve taken up a lot of the offers you’ve mentioned. Before I open up this money market acct, do you have one so that you can get the referral bonus? If so, what should I enter?

  6. Please see the ‘$20 Bonus’ link above for more details. Thanks!

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