VirtualBank Promotion: $20 Referral Bonus for New Accounts

VirtualBank is currently running a promotion that gives new clients a $20 bonus if you are referred by an existing member, and open with a minimum of $100. The referrer also gets $20. I’ve referred my entire family and many others, amazingly still without any complaints as the bonus shows up quickly and they have solid customer service. You must keep the account open for 180 days to avoid an early-closure fee. But since there is no minimum balance, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Interested? These referrals are limited, and if I send one out and it is not used, it is gone forever and is basically a lost $20. So, so please only ask if you are serious about opening an account. Just send me an email mentioning Virtualbank along with your First and Last Name, and I’ll get a referral e-mail to you promptly. Again, you must send your correct First and Last name and it has to match your bank application or the bonus will not go through without an extra phone call and manual entry.

Be sure to keep the referral e-mail and note your referrer’s names, in case you need to follow up on it.

[Updated 5/10/07 – Still have referrals available]


  1. VirtualBank now at 3.4% APY.

  2. So, I opened this account with $100 and your referral, an got the $20. Of course only $100 of the $120 is available, I assume you’ve got to wait a month or two to get it. But does anyone know if you need to leave the $100 (or any other amount) in the account during that period? It kills me not having it in Emigrant. πŸ™‚

  3. I think that you can just take it out (not that interest-wise it makes much difference =) ). The $20 I think stays there 30 days before you can withdraw it, but it’s still earning interest.

  4. Ah well, I just didn’t know if they required that $100 to stay in there. Yeah, I know the interest won’t make much difference, but it’s the principal of the thing .. πŸ˜‰

  5. Jonathan,

    Do you have any more of these referrals available?

  6. sffreak says:


    Any more of these left?

  7. JoshuaRyan says:

    I am wanting to sign up and am in need of a referral code as well.

  8. I need referral link to earn $20 to open account as well. Please send me the link.

  9. DavidGrimes says:

    Hello, can you send me a VirtualBank referral email? Thank you.

  10. Requested referrals sent.

  11. Do you know if the time to keep the account open is still 180 days to avoid fees?

    Thank you.


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