Vente-Privee $20 Credit With First Purchase Using American Express

Vente Privee is kind of a fancy Groupon-like deal site that sells designer things in 72-hour sales. That doesn’t sound like something I’d normally be interested in at all, but they are offering a $20 statement credit with your first purchase with an American Express by 12/31. (American Express is an official partner.) Check out this application page (my referral link) and you should see the offer. “American Express Cardmembers get a $20 statement credit with first purchase*”. Referring others to the site yourself after joining will also get you $20 in store credit.

As mentioned the sales rotate each day, but I was able to find a nice sugar shaker for $10 + $5.95 shipping and some kid’s clothing for $6 + $5.95 shipping. Not bad for some free stocking stuffers. Many of the cheaper items sell out fast… go figure. 😉

Fine print:

* Terms and conditions: To redeem this offer, you must use any eligible American Express ® Card to make your first purchase at ( through 12/31/2011. An Eligible Card is defined as a valid American Express Credit or Charge Card, in good standing and not in default, issued in the U.S. either by American Express or by a licensed third party bank issuer of American Express-branded Cards. Certain Cards are not deemed Eligible Cards, including American Express Cards issued in the U.S. by Department Stores National Bank, Prepaid Cards (including, without limitation, American Express Gift Cards and Serve cards) and American Express Corporate Cards. If your Card is replaced during the promotional period, please call the customer service number on the back of your Card for assistance. Statement credit will be issued approximately 6-8 weeks after the qualifying purchase is charged to your Card account. Your ability to earn rewards may be based on the amount of your purchase after the statement credit has been applied. Individual rewards program terms and conditions apply. If the purchase(s) is subject to finance charges, finance charges will accrue on the total amount of the purchase(s) prior to the application of the statement credit.

American Express press release.


  1. Pretty good deal on a wine set. Selling for over twice as much on amazon before the discount. Probably not something I’d normally use but kind of interesting.

  2. Do you know if you can double up on the referral – ie get the $20 Amex credit for the purchaser and the $20 referral for the referrer for the same initial purchase?

  3. I got my $20 with no issues. There is currently some cheap stuff on the site, well under $20.

  4. Just registered. Another $20 in the bank for you Jonathan! 😛

  5. Actually, I haven’t gotten a penny yet, even though a bunch of people have joined. I guess there hasn’t been much stuff to buy. I did see that tomorrow 12/24 there will be some coffee stuff that should be reasonably priced.

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