Savings Growing at a Glacial Pace?

Hello from Alaska! I’ll be back to regular posting shortly.



  1. When you get back, post some Alaska photos! Please.

  2. Nice! this is the mendenhall glacier…..we were just there a couple of months ago…

  3. Glaciers are shrinking around the world, for the most part. Is that commentary? 😉

  4. Hey this is my hometown! Yeah I live in the most beautiful place on earth! Alaska is also one of the places where home prices and jobs have not suffered much at all during the recession.

    Hope you escaped the rain- we’ve had a lot of it the past 2 weeks.

  5. Oh and the glacier is actually shrinking each year… It melts more than it grows forward… NOT a good analogy for savings!

  6. Debbie M says:

    It is a good analogy if the interest rates are lower than the inflation rate!

  7. Alaska is beautiful! Yes, the glacier is shrinking faster than it is moving, don’t get too down about it! The weather has also been fantastic, some of the best hiking I’ve had in a while.

  8. Wow…thanks for the amazing picture…God has blessed us with His beautiful creation!

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