Promo Codes – Free Lifetime Premier Membership is a website that tracks your various frequent flyer miles and other loyalty points. Like other aggregation sites, you must trust them with your logins and passwords so that they can monitor things for you. I don’t know much about this company personally, although they have gotten nearly $3 million in venture capital according to TechCrunch and are endorsed by Flyertalk founder Randy Petersen.

There are a few competitors in this space such as, but most of them require some sort of annual payment in exchange for letting you know if your miles are about to expire. So it’s good news that right now you can get free lifetime Premier membership (otherwise $29.99 a year) via one of these links with a promotional code embedded:

  • LFLYER via LufthansaFlyer
  • MIL1CLICK via MilitaryOneClick

Premier membership includes the miles expiration alerts and also the ability to search for award seat and hotel room availability. I’d grab it now, as expiration date is unknown. Keep in mind that certain airlines like American Airlines and Southwest tend to block these tracking sites even if you provide them your login info. I’m trying it out right now and the user interface does provide a polished feel.

If you already have an account, you should be able to upgrade using one of the above links, or try using the promo code TBP.


  1. Possibly a PR move to distract attention from this?

    “Boulder businessman Austin Veith pleads guilty to theft, securities fraud in $450K scam”

  2. Possibly, given the timing, maybe they’re happy he pleaded guilty and they can move on. I doubt he has anything to do with the company anymore.

  3. Russ@UsingMiles says:

    We are incredibly happy he pleaded guilty and are relieved to move on. He has not been a part of our company for years. As for the promotion, we are doing a limited time, free premier membership before we release a few breakthrough changes to our website. This will be taken down soon, so sign up now.

    Russ H @ UsingMiles

  4. @Jon, thanks for the heads up. Went ahead and signed up to test it out.

    @ron and Russ, thanks for the link and clarification. Doesn’t deter me from trying it out and glad to see the company moving forward.

  5. Wow, they have so many programs! I’d forgotten I’m participating in some of them. Thanks for another win Jonathan!

  6. Troy Brown says:

    Russ – It would be great if you could include casino accounts like Caesars’ Total Rewards and MGM MLife

  7. Krista Paul says:

    Troy, Thanks for the program suggestions! Our program additions are largely determined by customer requests, so keep them coming! I have added your two requests to our lists. If you have others, please email them to Thanks for joining the site!

  8. I signed up for this, but none of my log ins will work on the site; get the connection error message for every single program.

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