Updated “About Me” Page

As part of fixing things up for an upcoming site redesign, I have updated my About Me page. Long overdue!


  1. Nice. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, Jonathan!

  2. Thanks for doing this blog, Jonathan. I find it to be very helpful.

  3. Your update looks good. Cute kid!

  4. Not that any of us following this blog for over 5 years need an ‘about me’ page 🙂

    But seriously, this has been one of my go to blogs for the longest time, keep doing it – its an inspiration!

  5. you sounds almost identical to me except I’m trying to get married! And find the right blog

  6. Right on, Jonathan! Love that you’re making this blog continue to work for you and your family as you evolve. Your writing has been a primary inspiration and education to me and my husband on our own financial journey. Looking forward to the future. And congrats to you both on your sweet baby girl, though I think she might almost be a year old by now?

  7. my daily digest bro! keep em going

  8. Long time follower (five years)! Keep up the great work. For the longest time I thought this blog was written by a team of people pretending to be one anonymous man. And I thought you were white too. Mind officially blown!!!!! =)

  9. Keep up the good work.. You are doing fabulous job.

  10. Thanks everyone! 🙂 I have no plans on stopping yet… I’m still not retired!

  11. @Darlo – Nope, except for the maybe 2-3 guest posts a year that are clearly marked, all the posts are written by me… for better or worse. 😉

  12. Another long time reader here. Practically from the beginning. I don’t contribute much at all to the discussions, but I do want to echo the comments of others that I highly value your blog. I’ve learned a ton, and make sure to check in regularly via RSS. Thanks for what you do, Jonathan!

  13. I love that you are still writing your own blog. I’ve stopped reading the ones that have been farmed out to guest writers. Yours is my favorite PF blog by far!

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