MyCorporation Free Corporation/LLC Coupon Code

Update: MyCorporation is now running a promotion where they have free filing services for all of December with coupon code MYGIFT!

The coupon code for a free LLC or Inc filing from MyCorporation is FREE149. More information here. Again, this is only valid 11/11/08, 6AM–6PM PST. A reader writes in that there is a “delayed filing” option where you can check out now but have the filing done for 2009.


  1. Trying to check out, but getting “Coupon is not valid or cannot be applied.”

    Also, they really try to upsale you on their other services… not very impressive. $19 required shipping fee for the documents? Wow!

  2. Yep, I’m getting the same error message. Lame. Looks like “bait and switch” to me.

  3. Glad to know I’m not alone. It’s now 6:45 PST (45 minutes after promo start) and the error is still showing. Phone support opens in 15 minutes, and I’ll call then.

    P.S.: thanks for your “iron skillet” post from months ago, I went ahead and purchased one. I love it! I’m doing cornbread with pinto beans today, and my wife loves that I’m cooking for her, too. See Jonathan: your blog helps with marital bliss, too!

  4. Well, they just lost a customer. The phone support was extremely nice; however, they could not figure out what was wrong. They suggested checking out and putting the coupon code in the comments section. The rep assured me that they would honor the coupon code before billing the credit card.

    I think too many things could go wrong, so I’m closing out my application. I can see them coming back, saying that I agreed to pay the extra $150. As such, I’m going to file the paperwork myself. This is the only way I’ll know that I’m doing it correctly and for a fair price.

    If the coupon code starts working later today, I may reconsider.

  5. oops, ignore

  6. Good morning…If the coupon code does not work for you, just call in, or type it in the comments section. It will be granted. MyCorporation is backed by Intuit – they’re trust-worthy and will honor the promotion. While it seems too good to be true, it isn’t. Give it a try.

  7. The shipping fees aren’t too bad, especially when you consider they documents are going to the secretary of state, back to MyCorp, to the customer for execution, and back – and then the final corporate kit ultimately back to the customer (all via UPS)…Imagine what you’d pay a lawyer…

  8. Great experience, will come back to use MyCorporation services. T

  9. anyone get it to work yet?

  10. Michelle Hue says:

    I just placed an order with MyCorporation, the process was easy, the coupon worked and I had live help.

  11. No luck either, getting the same error. I read on another blog that you can call it in… I’m going to give that a try.

  12. I was in the middle of filling out the online paperwork when the Website timed out. Heavy traffic, they later said. I called the customer service number and completed the process over the phone. But my total — with the discount — was $367. Not sure how good of a deal this is.

  13. Not working for me, either. West Coast, noon-ish

  14. The deal is for real. I called them up yesterday and did it over the phone. They were anticipating heavy business today so they gave me the discount to do it early.
    Oh yeah, the newly designed website doesn’t support Safari so phone may be the better option for some people anyway.

  15. Not sure what’s up. I was told the coupon code “FREEBIZ-149D” yesterday, but FREE149 is what shows up on the site. I can’t see bait and switch since it’s right smack on the home page. More likely technical issues. Maybe phone is best? Or at least have them annotate your order?

    Keep in mind the state filing fees do vary by state, and you would be paying these to the state no matter what.

  16. Jonathan, they are doing some things that are sending red flags up:
    1) LLC state fees for Alabama: $75, yet Intuit is trying to say it’s $90 + $19 shipping (source: I think I’ll trust the Secretary of State’s webpage more than Intuit’s.
    2) You have to agree to let them charge you for the full price of the service, and then trust that they’ll apply the discount you mention in the comments section. I do not agree to let them charge the full amount. They say they won’t, but it’s then their word against the agreement you enter into when entering your billing information. Again, phone service may be better here.
    3) You must uncheck all the extra options, such as the expensive automatic EIN application, and having Intuit autorenew itself as the registered agent every year.

    Yes, it’s a good deal, but be careful that you don’t accidentally agree to something you don’t really want.

  17. MyCorp promo worked fine. live help and very help. We are in business !!

  18. This was a scam. I opened an LLC in MI and the entire state “costs” to startup was 50 bucks. This scam says it’s over 150! Puleeze. Oh and 60 bucks to get an EIN when it’s FREE? Boy there are some really dumb people out there.

    Shipping costs too? I did it all via fax last year for free.

  19. I was wondering about that too, thank you, Rob. Anyone else agree with what Rob said?

  20. Needing help says:

    Do tell me more.
    How can I do this for Free from Arkansas?

  21. J. M. Cowen says:

    INCORPORATE FREE THROUGH ALL DECEMBER. is offering free incorporations for the entire month of December now…check it out. I wonder if they can afford to do that because they’re backed by Intuit. Having them be owned by Intuit helped me to trust their offering. I think Intuit offers other free products, like a version of quickbooks and maybe now the federal part of turboTax (not sure about that). Anyway, it might be helpful to know that if you didn’t catch it in time, they’re free through december now.

  22. wow what a scam. the shipping is $29 and the discount didnt even apply itself. Be careful i tried to start my llc and it tried to bill me the full amount.

  23. Save Yourself The Trouble says:

    I had formed a LLC through MyCorporation during one of their promos. Although their shipping cost was astronomical to receive their information, I went ahead and went with their service.

    Everything was o.k. till they had forced to auto renewal if I didn’t provide information that I had switched service. I had called and e-mail a number of times telling them I had switched services, and offered to fax them my information. They said they needed to hear from the state that I had switched. I even offered to pay for the couple of days if it were to keep the service running while they hear back from the other party.

    Save yourself the hassle and go with a firm within that state. You’ll get personalized service rather than these poor customer service. Not only do they lose future business but they lose future customers who might have joined their service through referral.

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