Unwired Buyer $20 Bonus Ending Wednesday 9/6

Just a quick note while I have some free WiFi on the road – the popular $20 Unwired Buyer bonus will be ending as of Wednesday, September 6th. That means if you want to sign up, do it by the end of Tuesday, September 5th! You just need to register by then, after which you will still have 30 days to complete a phone bid to qualify for the free $20. More details and helpful tips in my original Unwired Bonus info post.

I looks like I might not get back until Tuesday evening, so I’ll be catching up on e-mails then.


  1. Thanks for the information but I do not want to disclose my cell phone number to any one, not even to my banks.

  2. This is a really bad marketing campaign. The person in charge of marketing should be fired.

  3. I wasn’t sure if “ending 9/6” meant Tuesday at midnight or Wednesday, but it looks like it’s still up today.

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