Two Movie Tickets for $9: Fandango + LivingSocial

LivingSocial is offering up two movie tickets from Fandango for $9 today. Thanks to those who alerted me to this; Over 600,000 bought already. Looks like a good way to add new users before their own IPO…

Limit 1 purchase per customer only • Promo Codes are valid only for Internet purchases made at and are not redeemable at theater box office, via Fandango’s telephone or mobile services or through any other website operated by third-party merchants • Not valid on IMAX or 3D showings • Limited to tickets with maximum face value (including Fandango’s convenience fee of up to $2 per ticket) of $15 • Both tickets must be purchased for the same movie and show time in a single transaction • Promotional value of Promo Codes expire September 9, 2011.


  1. Wow. Is this really a good deal? The theaters around here price all their shows for $5 on Tuesdays (it’s been a while … I think some charge $1 extra for 3D and some don’t) and $4 on Wednesday mornings. The morning shows are tough to get to but the Tuesday price is all day. There are also dollar theaters showing recent-runs but I haven’t been to one of those in years; I’m not sure if the price is still $1 or not. I suppose no matter how you slice it, $4.50 is less than $5 but unless you’re already a member of LivingSocial and an avid movie-goer this trade is rather dubious.

  2. I love dollar theaters, but here in Atlanta, they’ve all pretty much dried up. I’m pretty sure there’s not a dollar theater within 15-20 miles of my home.

    And when gas is $3.50/gallon, even if the travel time is worth it, the fuel expense can quickly cancel the value of a cheaper theater.

    Still, the last time I bought one of these Fandango/Living Social offers, I screwed it up by buying a single ticket. Gotta buy both at the same time, or you forfeit the second ticket.

  3. This is a FANTASTIC deal! I believe they’ve offerred it before, and when they did, I took full advantage of it. Matinee movies around here (Greater Philly area) are $9.50 each and $11 for non-matinee. Easily a $10 savings for matinee or $13 savings for non-matinee. Gotta snatch these up when they come around. (There are some decent movies coming out this summer, e.g. Harry Potter, and going to a movie for $4.50 a person is a good deal to beat the heat.)

  4. I purchased 2 tickets for $9. My family of 4 wanted to go to a matinee. I purchased 4 tickets in one transaction and they took $9 off of my total. If I had walked up to the box office window, I would have paid $8 per ticket for a total of $32. By using the Living Social Deal I paid $8 per ticket + $1.25 service charge per ticket for a total of $28 at checkout. Add to this the $9 I already paid and the total cost was $37. This is $5 more than the box office price. Not a good deal. Did I do something wrong?

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