Two Movie Tickets For $4 Each – Sprint Promo

Sprint has some sort of group-buying promotion called Sprint Ticket Takedown (expired) where the more people register their e-mail and cell number, the lower the price of a movie ticket you can get from either Fandango or You can register any time before 8/14, but you must come back on 8/15 to buy the tickets. One day only.

According to the fine print, only 100,000 tickets will be available, and each registrant can buy two. As of 8/9, there are already over 87,000 registrants. If that number reaches 95,001 then the ticket price will reach the lowest possible $4. I think that’s a pretty safe bet, so you’ll probably want to come back pretty early on 8/15 (opens 12:01am Eastern, so even late Sunday night for some). (Update: It worked, I got two tickets for $4 each at Sweet!)


  1. Never ended up receiving a code for this. Not surprised at all though considering it’s through Sprint.

  2. You must visit the website today 8/15 to buy the ticket. After purchase, the code will be given to you. The site was slow, but worked for me.

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