TurboTax Desktop Software 2015 Deals, 40% Off at Amazon


Tax prep season is coming up soon, and Amazon has some deals going on for desktop versions of Intuit TurboTax for Tax Year 2015. Here are some reasons that you may choose the desktop software version (CD or download) over their more-popular TurboTax.com online version:

  • With desktop software, you keep all your sensitive data (Social security number, income, etc.) on your own home computer instead of on someone else’s cloud server.
  • The desktop software allows up to 5 Federal tax returns (including 5 separate e-Files) per product purchase. So if you have extra family members or close friends, you can share it and save money.
  • Depending on the promotion, buying the download/CD version can be cheaper than using the online version. Note when comparing prices: If the download/CD version only says State download is included and not explicitly State e-File, then you can complete a state return, but the State e-File will be an additional cost of $19.99 per return. (By contrast, the TurboTax.com online version charges $36.99 for the state software add-on, but it includes one state e-File.) My suggestion is to simply print out your return, mail it in for the cost of a stamp and envelope, and pocket the savings.

There are two separate Amazon promotions going on right now. First, receive up to 40% off the desktop software versions of Intuit TurboTax 2015 (either Mac or PC, download or physical CD). You can get only Federal or Federal + State. Promotion link. Expires January 30th, 2016. Example prices:

Buy a bundle including both Intuit TurboTax and Quicken on CDs, and save $20 on the entire bundle. You have to add to cart and go to Checkout in order to see the discount. Note that this is physical CD only, but both Mac and PC versions are on the TurboTax CDs. However, Quicken for PC and Mac are different prices. Promotion link. Example prices:

(Note: Please verify prices, as they have been changing. Pretty annoying actually, as only the $20 off is set, but they keep changing the original price of the bundle instead.)

At the time of writing this post, it works out to getting Quicken 2016 PC for about $10 extra. If you turned around and sold the Quicken on Amazon Marketplace or eBay, you’d probably get more than $10, which means your net price for TurboTax would be even lower than the first promotion (in exchange for some extra work).


  1. Not such a great deal same price At Costco and several other places at least for just turbotax premier

    I did buy at this price but I am hoping for it to go down and if you buy at Costco you can return it if you don’t open it

    • Thanks, I see Costco’s price for TurboTax Premier at $59.85, which is $5 more than Amazon’s but Deluxe is the same price at $39.85. Nothing wrong with buying at Costco if you are a member.

  2. It recommends Premier for stock and bond sales. Each year I have 1 or 2 fund transactions when I have to take a RMD from an inherited IRA. Can I do that with Deluxe or would I really need Premiere?

    • Does any1 know if TT Deluxe for 2015 will allow you to fill out forms for selling stocks, like Schedule D and the other Form? Is it like last year..where TT Deluxe 2014 did not include those forms at all? Is TT forcing customers to pay an extra $15-20 for features that we were always accustomed to in the previous years’ TurboTax. Now that the prices are higher, will Deluxe allow me to fill out forms for selling stock and receiving capital gains and losses? If not, it seems again H&R Block Deluxe might be the better choice?

  3. I used to use Taxact. FYI, TaxAct (free version) used to do schedule D sale of stock/funds, but now, they do not. I may have to get in on this deal.

  4. Starting prices for the bundles (TT+Quicken) are $10 more than what you quoted. For example, Premier is $94.70, not $84.70.

  5. juggler314 says:

    prices up already…$10 more for the deluxe bundle this morning vs last night :/ Should have bought it on my phone when i first read this e-mail I guess.

    • juggler314 says:

      well that was weird – the saved bundle in my cart went through for the old price…tried adding it to the cart again just to see what happened and it’s the new price…maybe they slightly changed the sku or something. $54 for both is a pretty good deal. Particularly since I need to file the schedule D…

  6. The bundle Amazon deal seems to be expired. For TurboTax Deluxe 2015 CD/Download, Fed w/ E-File + State the price in my cart is $79.70. Did I miss doing something?

    • I still see Deluxe w/ State for $39.85. The bundle did go up $10 as noted in previous comments, that must have happened very recently. I have updated the post to reflect that prices are changing. But the $20 off should still apply.

  7. Joshua Katt says:

    No offense to the deal but the simple fact that it’s from the same horrible company that makes Quicken makes me cringe just thinking about it. Was forced to convert from MS-Money in 2011 and I still lament its demise to this day after 2 forced “upgrades”. I got the H&R tax product right after New Years for about $20 (with state) on special as I’ve been doing for years.

  8. Per Deluxe’s detailed breakdown on Amazon, it WILL do Schedule D/Capital Gains/Losses. Intuit is still not being straightforward with all feature options at the top-level.

  9. Joshua Katt says:

    IME all versions will do everything, schedule C & D are very basic forms woven into the tax code since day 1. The “lesser” versions may not have the wizards and geneies to walk you through with a lot of unnecessary fluff and advertising but it all calculates the same in the end. But of course marketing fluff and shortcuts to quality is Intuit’s way…

  10. I have never used Turbo Tax and have instead been an H&R Block software user. I can generally find their Deluxe Version less expensive than Turbo Tax. I may have to do a little research to see what the real differences are. So far I have had no complaints as far as what I need to file with. Great news on the prices and the comments offering their 2 cents on Costco, etc. It is time for me to get off of my Keister and start thinking taxes.

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