Tuesday 10 Links: MonaVie Scam, Estate Docs, Free Disney, & More

More quality links for your enjoyment:

Free Day at Disney For Volunteers [WalletPop]

Disney will give a free day of admission in 2010 to 1 million people who complete a day of volunteer service. As with its free birthday promotion, which is in effect this year, people must register with the parks’ Web site before embarking on their day of service, which must be handled and certified by the widely operating HandsOn Network.

MonaVie Threatens PF Blogger [Lazy Man and Money]
As much as I enjoy $50 bottles of MLM-flavored juice, I don’t like it when they threaten lawsuits against my blogger colleagues. Naturally, this means that we link to his site in an effort have his page show up whenever people want to learn about MonaVie. He’s currently 4th in Google.

Top 10 Consumer Complaints And How to Protect Yourself [CashMoneyLife]
I guess buying $50 juice didn’t make the list. #11 perhaps?

iPhones and Peer Normative Behavior [Well-Heeled]
AKA, you don’t really realize you want something until a friend gets one and plays with it in from of you. Story of my life. Must. Resist. iPhone.

Anyone ever make fun of you for being frugal/crafty? [Budgets Are Sexy]
I one-up cheeseburgers by stating that I have brought in entire bags of Act II 25-cent microwave popcorn + a tub of ice cream into a movie theater when I was a teenager. I must have smelled aweful!

4 Estate Planning Documents You Need Today [Moolanomy]
Not a happy thought, but I view these documents as helping out your family and not just yourself.

Frugal alternatives to school pictures [MSN SmartSpending]
I don’t think my parents ever bought the school-sponsored ripoff pictures. We just kept the little purse-sized samples!

How I Lived for 3 Months on $450 [TightFistedMiser]
Found this nice story in the archives, and apparently you can still rent a room for $100 a month in Central America.

Finding and Selecting a Tenant [Four Pillars]
Mr. Cheap shares his thoughts on an important part of being a landlord.

Free Printable Grocery Store Price Book [NoCreditNeeded]
Handy dandy, or just use as template for your own notebook.


  1. Thanks a lot for the link!

  2. How the hell do you bring a tub of ice cream into the theater?! haha….omg you are funny. and i’m going to remember that for a future interview, you better believe it 😉

  3. Very carefully! Unfortunately, it ended up quite messy… 😀

  4. Thanks for the link.

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