Transfer Between Delta and Northwest Frequent Flier Miles

Delta and Northwest Airlines are merging, and right now you can go ahead and transfer frequent flier miles between the Northwest WorldPerks and Delta SkyMiles programs with no fees. You can even move them back and forth as you like. This is nice if you don’t have enough of either individually to get an award, but after combining you do. Also, if you link your Northwest and Delta accounts by May 31st, you’ll get 500 bonus miles.

According to this timeline, they will eventually all be merged into SkyMiles anyway in December 2009.


  1. Don’t forget, transfers from Delta to NWA reset the expiration clock. The reverse is not true, however.

  2. Good to know, thanks!

  3. The deadline is actually June 30, 2009 for the 500 bonus miles.

  4. It’s bad to see the demise of NWA and WP (probably the best FFP in the world). I was surprised the post-merger company did not assume the name of NWA — in some parts of the world people have never heard of Delta.

  5. how do I transfer my nwa miles to delt

  6. NWA doesn’t have any mileage expiration; Delta, however, has. That’s what I noticed when I was about the link two programs. Does anyone know if the “new” Delta will have mileage expiration date. This was one of the good things about NWA’s WorldPerks program.

  7. I just noticed the following conflicting statements at NWA website:

    “The last day to transfer miles between your linked accounts will be August 31, 2009”


    “Or you may choose to only link your accounts and not transfer your miles at this time. You can return as often as you want to transfer miles between accounts.”

    Does anyone know what’s going on?

  8. I received an email from Delta saying the last day to transfer will be 8/31/09. I think after that you have to wait for the programs to merge.

  9. Jaime Queiroz says:

    I am an old Northwest Platinum member and used to get 95% upgrades in NW DOmestic flights and in many occasions in International flights. AFter the merge and still being a SkyMiles Medalium, the domestic upgrade rate has dropped to lower than 10%. Clearly Delta is give much more preferences for their “old” Delta SkiMiles Members. This is just no acceptable

  10. All the mileages (100%) I accumulated from NWA’s WorldPerks program were by flying between Europe and Asia or Europe and South America. (direct flights of KLM)
    Now after the move to Delta, if I want to use the miles. Does someone know if I can still fly KLM? If not, do we have the option to move the awarded miles to the KLM program?
    Due to visa constrains it is difficult to fly via USA from Brazil to Europe.

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