Tinkering With Site Design

I changed up some of the design of the website last night, not really sure why, I had some free time and have been meaning to try some things out. I don’t have the motivation to do a complete redesign, but wanted to update things slightly to account for modern screen sizes and resolutions. I’ve made the content a bit wider (this also allows for larger embedded images), widened the sidebars a bit, made the text a bit bigger, and changed the spacing a little. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


  1. Jonathan, when using Firefox 5.0 everything that was formerly on the right side (basically everything but the posts) is now at the bottom below all the posts. This is regardless of what I set for “font size”. Nice and clean but I don’t think that’s what you want. Not sure if it’s just me. Internet Explorer does not show this problem.

  2. Darrell says:

    Same with Chrome – everything’s at the bottom.

  3. No problems here… I’m running Firefox 5.0.1 as well.

  4. Same deal with FF 3.6.18 … all content that was on the immediate right-hand side of the page is now at the very bottom.

  5. Sponsored ad images are not showing up on the right on Safari. Instead I see question marks instead of images. I do like the new look, but you may want to address some of these small issues.

  6. Hmm… thanks guys. I need to run some screenshots with different OSes since it still shows up in Firefox and Safari fine with me.

  7. Same here, agree with Warren and MJ. Also, looks strange in IE8. Last post image is above the ads on the right side.

  8. Is there any way you guys can give me your OS version, browser type and version, and screen resolution (whatever you have is fine)? I’m using Browsershots.org to generate screenshots and they’ve all come out fine so far. I’d like to figure this out, I think an image might be too wide or something.

  9. Leonardo says:
  10. Windows XP, Firefox 3.6, 1440×900. The three progress meters and the two right side bars are shown on the bottom.

    No problem with IE7 or Chrome 9 on the same OS and resolution.

    Try removing the progress meters for now and see?

  11. It’s fixed for me now. I see all content on the right-hand side as before.

    I’m using Win7 64bit, FF 3.6.18, screen resolution 1920 x 1080.

  12. It’s fixed for me now too. Windows Vista, FF 5.0, 1280 x 800

  13. Thanks, I made the progress meter less wide and I think that helped.

  14. Yep, that fixed it for me in Firefox as well.

  15. My Money Blog has looked the same for as long as I can remember…at least a year or two before I even started a blog….its like that constant in your life you can count on!

  16. hey there! good work, I would suggest that YOUR copy on the right side gets a light grey background or some boundary lines to help build a boundary of sorts. Currently, it is difficult to tell what is YOUR copy and what is an advertisement. When I look at first glance, I feel its all ads, and don’t both reading any of the links.

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