Time Warner Everyday Low Price Internet Review: $14.99 a Month

In late 2013, Time Warner Cable announced a new tier called Everyday Low Price Internet (ELP) for $14.99 a month + taxes. Speed is 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. The $14.99 a month is not a sale or promotional rate, that is the retail price available to anyone. If you are located in a Time Warner service area and are looking to save some money on your monthly bill, this is an option to consider. You won’t be able to stream HD Netflix on it, but it should work fine for e-mail and web browsing.


Things that are not included in the plan:

  • Cable modem rental (additional $5.99 a month) – Get around this by purchasing your own modem from their qualifying model list. Example is this for Motorola Surfboard SB6121 for $68.99. More details on buying your own cable modem here.
  • Home WiFi (additional $4.95 a month) – This feature is nothing more than a WiFi router that may be integrated into your cable modem. Either buy a cable modem with WiFi, or better yet just buy a separate router for under $20. Example is this well-reviewed TP-Link Wireless Router with lots of customization features for $19.99.
  • Installation. I was quoted $29.99 for installation, but it may vary by location. You can also try to “self-install” for free if you have had the service at that address before. Existing customers can downgrade to this plan by calling in, there should be no need for a service visit.

Note that the above are not included on their standard high-speed internet plans either.


  1. Unfortunately, it is not available in Lansing, MI. Just last week I signed up for Comcast for $19.99 per month for 12 months. I know it will more than double after 12 months, so I need to find an alternative.

  2. This is something that I may have to look into. Currently I pay around $80 for what Time Warner refers to as “ultimate” Internet or something along those lines. I can tell you first hand that, in my area anyways, it is not worth nearly that much. It’s my own fault that I pay so much because I haven’t tried calling them and working down my bill, but I figured this would be a good place to contribute some input. Any tips for negotiating a better deal on service that can handle streaming on multiple devices as well as other intensive usage?

  3. Time Warner is # 2 behind Scumcast in terms of deceit…I would never have their service even if they give it for free….And I stay in a Time Warner dominated area :)

  4. With the way Comcast treats people, this should be available to everyone. Plus, what if you don’t have kids? You don’t quality? Doesn’t seem fair toward childfree couples.

  5. Thanks for this post. I was wondering if I should change to the $14.99 option but since I want to watch Netflix/Hulu etc this will not likely be a great option. I used to have AT&T where I lived and had my cell phone AND internet for $60-some a month. Loved that!

  6. Corinne Lanphear says:

    TWC are a bunch of thieves….. I’ve been paying $40.50/mo – a $3.00 increase from March 2014. All this time the were offering the same service for $14.99 month since 2013. So not only were they ripping me off, the increased the rate of rip off in April 2014. What a bunch of DIRTY THIEVES!!!!

  7. I recently switched to this offering from TWC. Just got my first bill and it was actually $14.99. I was expecting them to sneak in some type of up charge. It does say that you’d likely not be able to steam video but I figured I’d try it for a month. I’ve been able to stream Netflix and other streaming sites with no issue at all. Give it a shot – I’m saving $40/month with this switch!

    • Elle,
      Are you still paying $14.99/month? I was speaking to a rep today and he implied that that’s just a promotional rate. I’m curious what you switched from and how the 2mbs is working for you.

  8. I have the $14.99 internet from TWC. I cannot use my computer for internet AND MagicJack (plugged into a router) at the same time. I can use the Magic Jack if it is plugged into the computer and the computer is on the internet.

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