The Art Of Regifting

I’ve regifted. I’ve been regifted. Now there’s, complete with a helpful Regifting 101 guide.

Is the gift regiftable? Never regift handmade or one-of-a-kind items. Signed books and monogrammed items are off-limits. Do you have to be told not to regift free promotional items? Some gifts that are good candidates for regifting include good (unopened!) bottles of wine, new household items and inexpensive jewelry.

How is the condition? Only new, unopened gifts in good condition should be considered for regifting. Never give partially used gift cards. Don?t give items that you have owned for a long time. A general rule of thumb: if you have to dust it off, it is not regiftable.

There is even a repository of some awful regifting stories. They should start a photo gallery of examples of hideous un-regiftable items. I’m trying to find this tacky jumbo-sized Bass Pro Shops cup that a friend must have gotten free with their large drink!


  1. “There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other.” ?Johnny Carson

  2. Mmm… fruitcake.

  3. What about regifting gift cards? would that be a no-no?

  4. According the site, “Never give partially used gift cards.” I would probably agree, unless it’s a very good friend. I, for one, would happily accept them šŸ™‚

    I would have no problem at all with regifting new gift cards.

  5. The wife and I have numerous gifts from our wedding that we have not gotten rid of because we were planning on regifting them all. Unfortunately, every wedding we’ve been invited to over the last 3 years have had a note at the bottom of the invitation “No boxed gifts.” Now we’re stuck with a bunch of crappy gifts and now we have to virtually pay for going to someone’s wedding.

  6. No boxed gifts? That sounds pretty lame. How about having an ATM machine next to the reception?

  7. Junaid,

    Sell them or trade them on, or you can even just sell them TO I bought a couple of gift cards from them (discounted) for Borders back in the summer – free shipping on the cards that they own and sell.

  8. No boxed gift????

    I once went for a wedding where the invitation said something like this…

    “While your presence is the most important thing, if you are considering a gift, cash is the best option…”

  9. according to all the wedding books i have read, the wedding invitation is not suppose to mention what type of gifts are prefered or where they are registered at. it is considered tacky. however, if you are registered at Target, they give you these little cards to stick in the invitation. that is still a no-no. however, the guest can contact someone close to the nuptials and ask where are the registered or what would they like.
    we have been married 10 years and we still have a closet full of gifts we cant get rid of or just dont care to use. this year’s resolution is we are just going to get rid of the closet full of unused wedding gifts. we are going to donate the appliances to a homeless shelter.

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