Taxes Are Done + Some Useful Links

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! Ugh. At least now I’ve figured out that I can contribute $2,500 to my 2005 SEP-IRA. I plan to open one up at Vanguard by the April 17th deadline and then merge it with the rest of my Traditional IRA funds. Am I supposed to mail my returns via Certified Mail? I’m not – If they cash my check then that should be proof enough.

Here is a useful SEP-IRA contribution calculator (Thanks Wes). If you had Google Adsense revenue in 2005, don’t forget that it’s taxable income! Check out Adsense Taxes for more information and tax-minimizing ideas.


  1. Congrats on getting yours done! You are a better man than I.

    For the past few years, I’ve paid to have mine done. The more investments I have, the more complex they get. I figure that their fee is worth it if I avoid a mistake that could cost me an audit or a missed deduction.


  1. […] account, and still need to invest it. We also filed and paid our taxes, which also included contributing $2,500 into a SEP-IRA (we already maxed out our Roths earlier). Finally, the stock market was bullish in […]

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