Target: Free $10 Gift Card with $50 Purchase

Back again… Target has a “Friends and Fans” promotion offering a $10 Target Gift card with $50+ purchase. Expires Saturday, 12/15/12. See all Target coupons here. If you are having trouble getting to print, the bar codes appear to be the same for everyone and Fatwallet member happysave shared a PDF version here.

Heavy Target shopper? Did you know that the Target REDcard debit card gives you 5% back on all Target purchases and sucks money directly out of your existing checking account?

Also: If you do cheap prepaid phone service, you can buy cards from many services at Target and lower your effective monthly rate.


  1. if you don’t want to run the java applet, here’s a pdf version of it.

  2. Ha, well I can confirm the number on that PDF is the same as the number on my printed coupon. You’d think they’d generate a unique coupon code after all that, not very sophisticated!

  3. Target has been known to flub their coupon offers. There was a serious effort in Minnesota within the past few years to possibly take legal action againest the company for not honoring coupons in general and their own in particular.

    Very slippery business practices around Target and their coupon policies! Beware.

  4. I might need to unsubscribe from this blog soon, instead of posts with substance, its one $10 offer after another, who cares…

  5. ^Don’t let the door hit you on the way out jorge! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I used this coupon with no issues.

    @jorge – Some people do care, have you considered that? If you are unable to ignore posts that aren’t of interest to you, then I’m afraid that is your problem and not mine.

  7. @jorge – This was one of the hottest deals yesterday on every deal website that I read. A free $10 at a national chain where people already shop… everybody’s in on this.

    You can only save so much through mortgage refi, tax avoidance and credit card promotions. At some point, people need other strategies. And making $10 a pop is a valid one.

  8. Good deal … 20% off. I’m in Target all the time anyway.

  9. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars over the last few years with very little effort on my part just by taking advantage of some of the simple items posted on this blog.

    Thanks, Jonathan, for providing such a useful service.

  10. Newlyfrugal says:

    Jonathan, I find it’s best to ignore commentors who don’t appreciate your posts. They really don’t deserve a response. If you/we ignore them, they fade away and go to other sites.

  11. Due to widespread negative response to my previous comment I withdraw my comment and apologize.

  12. As always, Jonathan, thanks for the updated post about the Target coupon. I missed it the first time. My coupon worked fine on 12/10.

  13. @jorge – I’m a year late, but apology accepted ๐Ÿ™‚

    Promo is back for 2012!

  14. @Josh – it’s really 10 off 60, i.e. 16.7%. You get $60 worth of merchandise for forking over $50.

    I like to clear this up whenever possible.

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