Sunrocket VoIP – 2 Years for $199, No Code Required

Today (11/21) only, SunRocket is offering 2 years for $199. This “special” seems to come around every other month or so. I’ve been using SunRocket instead of a landline for over a year now now and I remain very satisfied for the price – check out my SunRocket Review for details. My faxing now works 95% of the time.

Added: You can also get two years for $199 from ViaTalk VoIP.


  1. You can get a similar deal from ViaTalk and they have been running their offer for more than just one day.

  2. I switched from vonage to sunrocket and it took 3 months to bring the phone number over. I recommended sunrocket to about 4 people and I don’t think one of them was able to move their number in 30 days like it’s supposed to take.
    I’ve had trouble with their customer service as well that they charged me an extra 82 dollars, but after mulitple calls and emailing certain people it is supposed to be credited to my account.
    I’m locked into 2 years, but besides the problems I’ve experienced the service isn’t bad at all compared to other VOIP.

    If you go to fatwallet, they will give you like 25 or so dollars off, bring the price down even more. So your looking at paying 8 bucks, which isn’t a bad deal. I think they charge for equipment now, in which in the past they never charged for equipment.

  3. be sure to link through before you register as they will give you $100 cash back.

  4. sillycat,
    did you get $100 from yet? i wish i knew about that deal…anyways, i think the sunrocket 199 1 year plus 1 year free work on any day. All you have to do is call them and sweet talk them a is what i did about two weeks ago and i got the deal:
    1) call 1-800-786-1384
    2) act like you don’t know about voip and let them talk to you about what they can offer…blah blah blah.
    3) when the csr done with talking, tell them that i got a friend that just got 199 for two years.
    4) csr will ask who is your friend…make up a name…try jonathan moneyblog..hehe
    5) csr will then say ..i will check with the less 15 seconds, i got the offer.

    again, this should work on any day…or maybe iam wrong.

  5. Using the link to sunrocket did not offer me the 2nd year for free-plan. So it’s either using the standard link on the website to save $199 (second year free) or using the link to save $100. I went with the first option.

  6. Sunrocket is great until something goes wrong. My service just stopped working one day (probably a bad box), and I called tech support. None of their troubleshooting techniques worked so they had to send me up to the next level of support. Well everytime I did this (3+ times), they were too busy to take my call, and told me they’d call back. They never did…..I had no choice but to drop them.

    Even if you have the two year service, you can drop them and they’ll give you back the credit for the balance of the contract.

  7. Does anybody know if Sunrocket will work with fiberoptic internet service such as Verizon FiOS?

  8. I ordered it in April, at that time, Bountyzoo gave me $60 and I have already cash it out.

    Mike, you have to click “sign up” and when you see something that could link you back to the homepage, just click and when you get back to the homepage you could see the free year link available. (not for now) This works for me. Although you can not put down another referral phone number or that would make bountyzoo invalid.

  9. This is how to access the 2 yr deal link with Bountyzoo…
    after you login to Bountyzoo click on the SR link , click on the blue “take me there” arrow, then click the “sign up now start saving today” box, then click on the “home link” upper lefthand corner and there you go the two yr deal link!
    I signed up in the beginging of August and got my bounty (at that time $60) this week! Hope this help’s everyone!

  10. Matt – Yes, Sunrocket will work with FIOS or any other high speed internet connection.

  11. Internet-based VOIP phone services is not worth the risk or trouble for my needs. I like my quick connection to local 911. A lot.

  12. I have Sunrocket and I enjoy it. Thanks for the tip, Jonathan.

  13. Cheryl Lerner says:

    As many have heard, sunrocket went out of business in the last 24 hours
    shutting off phones of everyone (at least according to the ny times). My
    phone got shut down this morning too with sunrocket so I was forced to find
    a new company, and just found one an hour ago with this small company called
    Voiceral. Looks like they have been in busines a few years, and have some
    positive press and the thing that hooked me was the special deal for
    sunrocket customers who have to switch due to sunrocket going out of
    business. Seemed like a good deal with free priority shipping upgrade for
    sunrocket switchers, with a waived activation fee. I will post later to let
    you know how it goes. The special offer was

    – Cherly Lerner

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