Success Linking Capital One 360 Directly to Emigrant Direct

Yes, I used ‘Direct’ three times in the title. Many people have wanted to link their new Emigrant Direct account with their existing Capital One 360 accounts. However up until recently, unless you used your Capital One 360 account as your initial funding account, you couldn’t do this, as both required checks to link additional accounts. But thanks to a new check-less linking feature, it has been done! I got this idea from Consumerism Commentary.

First, log in at, and click on the link about Externally Link Accounts. Then click on the Add Link button. You’ll need to know the name of your bank, the routing number, and the account number. For Emigrant, the name is Emigrant Savings Bank, and the routing number for Emigrant is 226070319. They’ll then send two small deposits to your Emigrant Direct account (free 43 cents for me!) which show up in a couple days and you confirm them again back at ING. I just confirmed my deposits and they’re all linked up. I’ll also send a couple bucks back and forth to amuse/assure myself, but I think it’s a go.


  1. wannabe ceo says:

    Good to know. Now if only Emigrant would open my account. I’m starting to think my check must have gotten lost in the mail. Do you remember how long it took to open yours?

  2. I’m working on doing the same now with HSBC, since HSBC doesn’t recognize ING in their similar account linking component.

    Life was much simpler when I kept all my money in one account, but the extra hoops you have to jump through are all worth it when you see the interest line item on the statement each month!

  3. Netbank offers a $75 bonus for oprning an account. Any info on that? Do they do a credit check? Hard/soft? Worth it…?

  4. Any idea on how to link the HSBC Savings account to the ING DIrect Orange Savings Account. Even I am still trying to figure that out … I know you dont have an account at HSBC, but may be you can give us a few pointers … 🙂

  5. Matt Hartrich says:

    Good to know!

  6. how safe is it to put over 100K (FDIC limit) in emigrant direct?

    is it common for banks to go bust? just wondering

  7. Michael Blades says:

    I just recently opened an account with Emmigrant Direct. It was kind of a slow process but I did figure out one trick to speed up the process.

    After they make two small deposits into your linked checking account and you verify the amounts, they then send you a letter through postal mail that gives you the infomation needed to get access to your account through online banking. It took me ten days to receive this letter; however, I discovered a trick that allowed me acces to my account before receiving the letter.

    When you look at the two deposits Emmigrant makes into your checking account, their will be a reference number describing the transaction (I found it just buy looking at the transaction through my online banking web site). This reference number, minus the series of zeros at the beginning, is your account number which is the information you need to start your online banking with them.

    Hope this can help!

  8. Great article. Now I will open ED and link with ING.

  9. i was wondering if someone who already has an emigrant direct account could email me and let me know exactly how it works. i am planning on opening up a checking & savings within a few days. really all i wanted to know is do they pay you 4% interest daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?
    thank you!!

  10. How do you push money out of Emigrant to ING?

    I just set up Emigrant as a link in ING and got the two small deposits in Emigrant. Thanks for the info. BUT I did not see any way to push money back to ING if I wanted to from Emigrant. Do you have to pull from ING to Emigrant? Have you done that? Am pushing $300 to Emigrant from ING today. P.S. I did not use ING to fund Emigrant initially.

  11. Yep, you need to push and pull all from ING. It has worked both ways for me with no problems.

  12. Jonathan,
    Thanks for the response.

    To answer ‘wannabe ceo’s’ question. It took me 16 days until I was able to do external transfers. Applied on 10/16 and it was 11/1/05 before I could do external transfers. CA to NY. 6 days for the account number letter. I funded from a checking account and not by mail. If I had found your site a week or two earlier I might have gone with the ‘Michael Blades’ approach once I had the deposit verification. That would have cut my time by about 2 weeks. However, not every bank provides online the ACH ‘REF’ field required for this method.

  13. this is a great tip, however you should definitely keep in mind the way they pay interest. if you read their terms, they pay interest at the end of the month even though the interest is compounded daily which basically means ONLY withdraw/transfer out ONCE you’ve been paid your previous month’s interest.

  14. “this is a great tip, however you should definitely keep in mind the way they pay interest. if you read their terms, they pay interest at the end of the month even though the interest is compounded daily which basically means ONLY withdraw/transfer out ONCE you’ve been paid your previous month’s interest.”

    Huh? I must be missing something. Since when do banks pay interest only on the final balance at the end of the month? Which is in effect what is being said.

  15. Unfortunately, you cannot do this electronically anymore. I linked my ING to my HSBC account a few days ago, and then tried to link the ING account to my Emigrant account a day later, but was unable to do so as the option was not in the “My Links” section anymore. I called ING customer support and they told me that they found a glitch in the system and disabled electronic account linking. You can only use physical checks now.

  16. Ray Blasser says:

    HSBC Direct now pays 4 1/4% interest with no minimum deposit & no minimum balance. I have it linked to my HSBC checking account & get online immediate transfers back & forth.

  17. so which one is the best when it comes to interest and online banking?

  18. Mary Ellen Reda says:

    Can you link Emmigrant to a credit union savings account?

  19. Anonymous says:

    There is no box to allow a link without sending a check. Has the option been removed??

  20. mildred says:

    What is the advantage of having two or three on-line savings accounts?

  21. How’s this for an idea? Say you have an unpaid balance on one credit card — lets say $300. Do a balance transfer at 0 % for $500. Keep the extra $200 to invest. Would that work?

  22. does this not work anymore?

  23. No, this does not work anymore. ING has pulled this feature.

  24. FNBO Direct now has 6.00 APY.

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