Submissions for Carnival of Debt Reduction

I’m hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction next week. To learn more please see the guidelines and schedule at MightyBargainHunter. I’ve only got one entry so far, so let get those debt-reduction posts coming in! (Just e-mail them to me). I need to come up with a good post myself. Unfortunately I may actually be getting further into debt as we speak. Good debt, of course.


  1. Hey Jonathan curious to see if you have noticed a reduction in you credit score as a result – I have recently been dinged much harder than expected – although it may have been too much too soon (i have 4 0% BT offers going and this came to light trying my 5th)

  2. Your reduction seems about right – you have 3 lines of credit maxed out at way over 50% utilization, and $30,000 in balances. A credit score of 687 that you have is pretty good with that. You also moved recently.

    I have about $20,000 in debt, and about a 690-700 credit score. I only have one 1 over 50% utilization now though, so it should be higher now. Of course, I am going to get two again shortly.

    As long as you’re not going for a home loan or anything else that benefits from 700+ score, that score is still the average for all consumers. (Think about that for a bit!)

  3. Thanks Jonathan! Good to hear that its inline with your score – I am in the process of paying off 2 BTs that are expiring next month so I hope that will bump my score to a more comfortable level.

  4. man, I don’t have debt but will soon do, my tv died so will use bestbuy 0% for a year. The only debt we have are mortgage debts.

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